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  1. Great set Andy. Not as cool as it used to be but still worth a visit
  2. Wow how cool is that! Love it 👌
  3. That's very nice mate. Also loving that green room
  4. Oh man I wish I'd gone here. So many nice spots in Italy Amazing photos by the way
  5. Wow that's amazing @Andy. Is this the one you travelled across 3 continents to see??
  6. Hoping to visit Abkhazia later this year. It looks absolutely epic!
  7. Oh lordy this is right up my street. Please tell me it's within easy reach of Vienna 😶
  8. Missed this one, what a cool place and pics to go with it
  9. Engedi Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel built was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and modified in 1890. The present chapel, dated 1867, is built in the Classical style of the gable entry type, to the design of architect Richard Owen of Liverpool by Evan Jones of Dolyd and cost £4579. The Classical front is of granite masonry with Penmon stone dressings and a portico. The chapel is now Grade II listed. The interior contains an octagonal pulpit and an ornate organ with classical detailing including Corinthian pilasters and swags. The raked galley is on three sides and is supported by cast iron columns with brackets and foliate capitals. The ceiling consists of 15 square panels, again very heavily decorated with classical mouldings and with ornate roses to the centre of each providing ventilation and fittings for lights. The basement has a ministers room, offices and a schoolroom. The chapel was sold at auction in April 2014 for £45,000 after having been disused for a number of years. At this time it remains disused and in a state of disrepair. One thing Wales has in abundance is abandoned chapels. They're not my kind of thing especially but as chapels go this is a pretty decent one. Andy K found this a couple of years ago and amazingly it hasn't changed a lot bar some extra pigeons and their wicked ways. Visited again with @Andy & @Miss.Anthrope. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Diolch am edrych eto
  10. Loving that mate! Looks surprisingly similar to Streatham megabowl in places albeit far less trashed
  11. Why does it have to be so goddamn far!! Great report mate
  12. Looks pretty good in there mate
  13. Thanks all. Yeah it's pretty special this one. Unbelievable it has been sat doing nothing for so long really
  14. Sorry to be a stuck in the mud but can you give it a more appropriate title please? 'Fuck you house' or something would be better thanks ? Oh Andy's already done it!