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  1. Hello all! Well after managing to get out for a couple of hours, Tom Sherman decided we should try these flats which have been stripped out, and are awaiting refurbishment from my understanding. Not the most easiest of explores, as the roof is via a "loft hatch" rather than concrete stairs onto the roof. Can't find any history, and i presume they was built in the early 60's as they are a typical concrete tower block. Image taken from google street view ^ I would also like some adivce on how to make my images more "crisp" like a lot of other people manage. Is it me, the lens or everything Thanks!
  2. Hi All! Can't seam to find any information on this building, but it is a grade 2 listed building . . . . . Visited again with a non-member, and despite he has been here before, decided to show me this one. This time it started to rain quite hard, but decided to press on, hence my camera took a few spots of rain on the lens and a little bluring due to wind
  3. Thanks. Yeah i do like a good roof. Good to watch people going about doing what they need to get done, while i just sit back and relax for a little while . . .
  4. Hello, Visited here recently with a Non- Member. Gave quite good views, apart from it being quite windy and raining, which have a little of my photos some lens flare :-/ Thanks for looking in ;-)
  5. Hi All. Visited here back in October 2013. Visited with 3 non members. Was quite a good explore, with good views, a nice cold beer. Didn't bother with any internals, as i've been here before just for the internals! Non member on the mast Thanks for looking!
  6. Good report and good photos! Really need to start visiting some of the places on the "tourist" trail, since something like this will be gone shortly
  7. My first 2 culverts I had no waders and was promised it was good in wellies. First one was just below my privates, second one just below my knees!! Not dropped the camera yet so I'm quite fortunate but I have missed a few culverts where I didn't get my camera out because of bad "floors"
  8. Thanks all, I really enjoyed this. You can see all of Manchester, Warrington, Rochdale and many other places
  9. Hello All After deciding to either put our waders on outside someones house, or try to get them on while the local youth are around us, we made our entrance about 20 minutes after! The entrance was quite easy, upon exit the water had decided to enter mine and and a non members waders - Another Non member decided to take a swim with his camera about 15 minutes previous . . . . . Some tilt - Some people hate, some people like - I like annoying the people who hate by using it Another good way to kill an hour
  10. Yeah i thought that, but i presumed oldham council would leave the building alone, but then again it is oldham council !
  11. Hi Paul. I did head down tivot dale but took no photos. Also chanced another look in dodge and we think a fox is present! Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  12. Cheers for sharing. Was going to pop my head in here the other day, but it appears they are doing some work on the W H Shaw building at the moment . . . .
  13. Thanks for the welcome! Fairly new to this UE stuff, as i have only really been exploring for just around a year but enjoy anything really. Bit cold and wet to do the underground stuff this time of year, but i'll see what comes up in 2014!
  14. Hello ! Another one of my "older explores" but one of the more enjoyable ones. Combine a derelict school with a chance to have some rather good views, and you have the now demolished school based in Oldham. I've had my eye on this one since January, never been able to gain access and then forgot about it for around a month. I then reminded myself and headed up to the school! Started of with a good wander around the site. Around 40% of the site has already been demolished, and the internals have been stripped of anything valuable and trashed. It was still worth a wonder just to gather the size of the place and get a "feel" for it. We then went onto a roof above the clock which give stunning views. The friend who i took with me could see his house, and proceeded to ring home and began waving. It was confirmed his family could see us on the roof .. . . . At this point i clocked a police car approaching up the road. We ducked down and kept having a little look. Next minute there was 4 police vans (transit connect size) and 3 police officers running around the back. We decided to climb down and approach one of the offices at the front gate. We had a quick chat, explained what we was doing and he told us we were trespassing. Two offices went inside and the officer who was with us said "Go on then, show us how you got up". We had a good chat about how we wanted some pictures before it goes . . . . The officers also agreed it was a very good view! They led us back to the front gate and basically said they can't stop us from entering, and if more officers come out we just need to tell them the same thing The views combined with a cold beer, understandable police and good company made the few hours we spent inside fly by