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  1. Originally named Mount Ellis, built for Joseph Ellis in 1865, and was reverted to Westmount College, a Dover College junior branch, in 1898. Shan't bore you with the full history as there have already been posts on this location before. Hope you all enjoy... Opinions welcomed!
  2. I haven't logged in years, but I felt compelled to, just to comment on how good the light rays are in these shots, so so nice!
  3. A few film shots I've taken from Oil Mills West: I won't bother with the history as its been put on here enough. Top 4 taken with a 8mm Samyang Fisheye, using a 35mm film it was true 8mm as opposed to my crop sensor dslr giving a reading of 12.8mm, this meant I had to crop into the centre of the photo due to the lens hood of the lens creating a vignette around the entire image. Bottom 2 taken with a Canon EF 35-80 F4-5.6
  4. Nice mate - the tunnel is golgotha tunnel just to let you know keep the reports coming.
  5. Solar P its a walk in the park here mate I wouldn't worry. Chilled explore.
  6. I'd love to see that research Wevsky - I am sure it's taken at least an hour to compile? For me its nothing to do with who gets in first - its about having the decency and common sense to think that maybe others would like to have a look when the times right, instead of posting on 3 forums publicly as soon as you explore it. I'm glad you have been able to tick it off your list. Sadly I, like others, had been waiting quite a few months to tick it off mine, and it seems I'll be waiting a lot longer than anticipated now.
  7. Mike hit me up sometime i'll go with you.
  8. Nice explores mate well done - however again, due to the nature and location of these places i suggest the topic is moved into a private part of the forum Admins?
  9. Hospital Postern, lots of fun to get into. Burnt out rusting VW car down near the entrance. EDIT: Didnt realise the name had already been mentioned, ignore me lol
  10. Guided tour sometime someone? Excellent pics mate, well composed.
  11. Unbelievable place and the photo's are great as always mate! U.S road trip definetely on the cards at some point in my life i think
  12. I'd love a look round this place in the near-future if anyone fancies giving me the guided tour?
  13. Sparklers? What are the blue things? Wicked pics mate
  14. The line from Shepherdswell to Eythorne was originally going to be a line running across flat land around a small hill, however due to disagreements with a landowner, the 550 yard tunnel was excavated to make the connection between the stations. Approaching from Shepherdswell, you find yourself in quite a deep cutting, and the tunnel itself has been bored wide enough to accommodate a twin-track, however only half the chalk was excavated inside the tunnel to save on costs. The tunnel officially opened for business in 1912, and closed 75 years later in 1987. The purpose of the line was to serve the freight purposes of the local collieries in and around the area, however passengers were also conveyed between Shepherdswell on the London, Chatham & Dover Railway’s Canterbury to Dover main line, to a junction at Eastry, from whence ran lines to Richborough Port and Canterbury Road. The line from Shepherdswell to Eythorne has subsequently been reopened by a train preservation society, who in the summer months, run trains from Shepherdswell to Eythorne. The train graveyard I presume, houses the trains that the preservation society drive to Eythorne and back. Sadly, some of these trains have seen better days, with grease still covering the wheels, they stand dormant, slowly depreciating hidden out of site behind Shepherdswell Railway Station. Others still seem in useable condition, and one of the trains had scaffolding up the side of it and was getting a new lick of paint. It is nice to see some people are not letting these fine examples of transportation go to waste. I dont think I could ever forget a trip to London as a child, starting off at Dover with the sound of 40 odd doors being slammed all at once.
  15. I was using a 8mm fish eye lens moley, this distorts the photo to give a curved effect, but fits in pretty much everything my eyes fit in! The bunker is in terrefic condition, I'd like to see it reconditioned, stickman was left at home this time, feeling a bit under the weather, he's lost a lot of weight, he's just skin and bones now! Well.... Lol