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  1. Hi Nelly, Thanks for editing, how do I actually add a space - by adding one between the links?
  2. Thanks for that mate! The pics are photoshopped but the place was definitely colourful and worth going.
  3. I have to resort to colour as I couldnt handle the HDR perfection so far ;-)
  4. I posted the moderate version ;-) it was a natural workshop environment, certainly not pc
  5. The web should be full of posts of the RAW (Reichsbahn Ausbesserungs-Werk) probably...was there in Oct 2013, I believe it�s the most colourful abandoned place I ever saw (might have exaggerated just a bit ;-) Lots of construction underway around, maybe high time to see... Cheers, Axel
  6. Hi all, my second attempt to post some, thanks everybody for your patience with my photobucket ignorance the mill is from 1906 with interior quite well preserved. Entrance is through an Art Nouveau administration annexe. Local teenagers opened a club in the derelict building right after reunification - techno club program from 2006 still available :-) the quality is eerie unfortunately, will look into a better camera next
  7. Thanks Starlight I like the "three eye" avatar ;-)
  8. with pleasure, thanks for the Thumbs up next step I ll have to master is posting a picture
  9. Hi all, am just new to the forum, great to be here and good urbex to everyone! I just started 3 years ago and photography 4 years ago, so still around without an entire suitcase of gear, but I´ll grow to it ;-) Look forward to exciting discoveries. Best, Axel