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  1. A very good place indeed. You've been very lucky, I really like the atmosphere of that place. (Almost all of derelict places, but that one particularly). Especially the one with the fireplace and the painting above, stunning belongings.
  2. Good photos. The place looks in an exceptionally good condition ! In which part of Germany it is ? (I'm not asking precise location, of course)
  3. Thanks all. Some precision regarding the access : it was actually not easy because of the steep terrain, and the deep snow, the ice and the strong streams of water. But in summer you'd have to swim across the torrent. I didn't mentionned it, but it was in mountains, italian Alps.
  4. Well, if anyone interested come to Paris, I could enventually organise some visit, just contact me.
  5. Yes, that kind of places is really peculiar, there're very few of them. Right beneath Paris, there are quite a lot of galleries, (called catacombs, but are just quarries) There's also an 'official' set of Catacombs, which is legally accessible (and with a charged entrance). But there skulls seem to be plastic, for being so white and clean.
  6. The first is right beneath Paris, but the other beneath a suburbian cemetery. "] "]
  7. Hi, I haven't posted anything since my subscription, here are my first pictures for OS : Northern Italy, in the Piemont area, a curious abandonned house, built on the other side of a river. Quite in a shabby state, but completely without graffiti or destruction, given that it's in the middle of nowhere, and the access is not so easy : you have to climb down and up, and cross the river (the bridge fell down to the waters).
  8. Ah nice ! I really like that kind of places, and I reallly like your photos. Particularly the one with the tiny little girl and the looking glass, the light is just stunning.
  9. Hi everybody, I just joined the forum, that I discovered on Facebook. I'm a french student and also a photographer, passionate about derelict places, just as much as all of you ! I'd like to share some spots to visit new ones, all around Europe.