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  1. I think everybody knows about this area and must not say much about it. We where there for 3 days in February and it was amazing. Enjoy the pics.
  2. In a small Belgian village is this house on the roadside. There are still a few things that are worth being photographed. In the meantime it should not look like the pictures anymore .
  3. Welcome here and have fun
  4. Welcome here and have fun
  5. Welcome here and have fun
  6. I´m for more then 18 years with Sony. At the moment I use a Sony Alpha 7II
  7. Reals good Location and nice pics
  8. It looks amazing with the fog and the sun.
  9. Duga is amazing. I was there in February, but the pics are not finished yet.
  10. It´s a nice location. I was there in January 2019.
  11. I heart that all the staff (glasses and bottles) from the bar are stolen.
  12. A couple of years ago this was a factory to repair trains. Now the factory is closed but the are still a lot of thinks to see.
  13. In the 1950s, this cinema, with its 1,000 seats, was one of the largest in Germany. It has been over 100 years since the cinema opened. Now it has not been used as a cinema for nearly 30 years. Then the lower area was rebuilt and still used as a disco. But that too has been several years now.
  14. During the Cold War, this bunker was built as an auxiliary hospital. The overlying school was opened in the 60s while the hospital was officially inaugurated in the 80s. It offered 2,370 places and never went into operation. At the turn of the millennium, it was relieved of its responsibilities, the inventory transferred to other states, and the hospital will be soon demolished.
  15. This doctor's office with adjoining villa has been empty for almost a quarter of a century. The last records are from 1994.
  16. A lot of old cars were stored in a tunnel. When we arrived there, we met the buyers of the vehicles. They were about to load vehicles and get ready for transport. We were kindly allowed to take photos.
  17. This cooling tower and the adjoining gasometer have been abandoned for some time.
  18. This juwelen factory was build more then 100 years ago. Now its abandoned for around 10 years.