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  1. During the Cold War, this bunker was built as an auxiliary hospital. The overlying school was opened in the 60s while the hospital was officially inaugurated in the 80s. It offered 2,370 places and never went into operation. At the turn of the millennium, it was relieved of its responsibilities, the inventory transferred to other states, and the hospital will be soon demolished.
  2. This doctor's office with adjoining villa has been empty for almost a quarter of a century. The last records are from 1994.
  3. A lot of old cars were stored in a tunnel. When we arrived there, we met the buyers of the vehicles. They were about to load vehicles and get ready for transport. We were kindly allowed to take photos.
  4. This cooling tower and the adjoining gasometer have been abandoned for some time.
  5. This juwelen factory was build more then 100 years ago. Now its abandoned for around 10 years.
  6. In these buildings was produced from 1900 to 2009. However, the origin of production goes back to the 14th century.
  7. The location combined hotel, bar and cinema. The operation was discontinued in the 90's. It used to be the meeting place in this small, rural community, today the decay continues incessantly.
  8. In a very small French village stands this impressive house. Totally free from vandalism and with a bit of natural decay. In the past, a professor used to live there, which explains all the utensils.
  9. Nachdem er 15 Jahre für Nigeria Airways geflogen ist, wurde dieser Airbus A310-222 zu einem Cafe umgebaut. Zum ende wurde die location dann noch als Nachtclub genutzt. Das Highlight des Cafés, war die Terrasse auf der Tragfläche. Ebenfalls steht noch ein Eisenbahnwagon auf dem Gelände, der als Eisdiele umgebaut und genutzt wurde. Über einem der Eingänge hängt noch eine Cessna 150G. Neben aktuellen Bilder habe ich, aus dem Internet, noch Bilder wie er zu den Zeiten als Cafe aussah.
  10. A church that stands in a small village right on the main street. The condition of this church is still good.
  11. The sun come out in the right moment to get these pic.
  12. No, I find nothing about the church.
  13. A nice and fully furnished Maison in a small village in France.
  14. Industrieller

    Belgium Tram

    In a tram depot you find these unused and rotted trams. It was not possible to make more pics, because the security from the tram depot get us.
  15. This area was a powerplant of a coalmine.
  16. Part II of the restaurant