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  1. History The business was founded in 1922 and was the longest established producer of 100 per cent recycled newsprint and produced on average 400,000 tonnes of recycled newsprint every year from 500,000 tonnes of recycled waste fibre. On 23rd February 2015, the plant’s 300-strong workforce was dealt the shock blow that the firm, which had been running for nearly a century, would be applying to go into administration. The site has now been decommissioned, and the latest report to creditors suggests the mill itself will be demolished some time in mid-2017. The stock of paper was bought for £8.3m and a sale of the plant and machinery was completed in September for £7.9m by waste management firm W&S Recycling. Commercial director at W&S, Tony Knowles, said: “Over the last six months a considerable section of equipment has been sold for re-use including two 100-tonne pulping machines to an Egyptian client plus the complete PM14 newsprint manufacturing line, sold to Chinese clients. A total of 230 employees were made redundant. A further 60 were kept on temporarily to assist with the decommissioning of the site. Now just 10 people remain, to help dismantle the plant and machinery. Aerial picture showing how massive the site is Main admin building and offices, (these are alarmed by motion sensors as we found out) storage tanks chimneys The building as the very back houses the Pm13 and the at the back left houses the PM14 Fork trucks Kent-urbex & Begood News letter for staff of the PM14 Dismantling the PM14 PM14 machine A before picture This was the final stage of the paper where it was cut to size onto reels then onto the wrapping stage and stored. Before picture of it in action PM13 which we missed on out previous visit Pm13 and control panel Loads bays
  2. Visited with Manica, this had been on the list since February 2014 when the company went into administration making 233 people redundant. Aylesford Newsprint Buildings Silos Npower power plant Old train tracks Pipes http://i763.photobucket.com/albums/xx276/kent-urbex/Aylesford%20paper%20mill%20new/DSC_6799_zpstcwf0xrh.jpg Crane controller and control room http://i763.photobucket.com/albums/xx276/kent-urbex/Aylesford%20paper%20mill%20new/DSC_6834_zpsdnhtzfq5.jpg Two large conveyor belt leading to the machine which gently tumbles the paper, water is added which causes the fibres to swell. This also helps with contaminants such as cd cases and dvd packaging to be removed. Pm14 paper machine this machine is 114m long and 10m wide, the paper travels through this machine at 60mph warning lights Control room Overhead view This is where the reels of paper are wrapped for protection and labeled for the store room This is where the reels of paper are held, the warehouse can hold up to 10,000 tones of paper. It is 105m long and 28m high with 7 fully automatic cranes. crane Track Loading ramps