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  1. Same here always seeing people leaving websites ect and think that its a shame and going to a recent explore where I have seen a local group leaving thier mark in most of the rooms where as ill only take photographs and leave nothing behind. Lol at being stuck in the fence haha
  2. great first report mate thanks for sharing
  3. recently ive been exploring a lot of local places and noticed one of the groups seem to be tagging their name on the walls doors and white boards and was wondering :- what are peoples opinion on tagging in places ?
  4. nice report mate love the teddy hanging out the window
  5. yeah i get a few usually when ive not been exploring for a while
  6. Thanks mate trying to find places down here is hard so looking to expand outwards a bit more
  7. Was a bit wierd walking around it seemed somewhat creepy as all that survives of the once crinkley bottom theme park is mr blobbys house and the old railway
  8. Thanks buddy sadly I think this place is on its last legs the chimney stacks are leaning sideways about to fall over and the floors inside are rotted badly. Although im hoping that someone will restore it back to its once amazing state
  9. The Salston Manor Hotel is set in the beautiful Otter Valley, only a short distance from Ottery St Mary. For many years guests came to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Devon countryside with all the convenience of modern living in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Salston Manor Hotel Its beautiful location and comfortable rooms allowed visitors to enjoy all kinds of benefits and its convenient location, almost right in the centre of East Devon made it an ideal base to explore the delights of the area. As a family run hotel, it started life as a family home and retained all the charm of a country house and comfort of a home. There are five and a half acres of grounds that guests could enjoy and the hotel also benefited from an indoor swimming pool, a sauna and solarium for days when it was raining. At one time it was the home of William Hart Coleridge, nephew of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. William was the retired Bishop of Barbados and the Leeward Islands where he had worked hard and zealously for sixteen years. In 1841 he became ill and was forced to retire so he settled at Salston House, which later became the hotel. William died suddenly at the house on the 21st December 1849. In more modern times, Elisabeth Svendsen moved here with her husband in 1966 to run the hotel and in 1969 she purchased her first donkey. One thing led to another and she set up the Donkey Sanctuary to help to care for neglected donkeys. For a time the squash court was the home of the Ottery St Mary Heritage Society's Museum but when the hotel closed in 2007 the museum became homeless. During this period there was a fire engine rally held in the grounds where beautifully restored and cared for vintage fire engines were on show. Nowadays, the rally is held at Escot. Now, sadly, the hotel is closed and it's really sad to see the security fencing that blocks the entrances. It's a shame that such a beautiful, historic building is standing empty. At one time there were discussions about turning it into a residential care home but these plans seem to have stalled in the current economic climate.
  10. Probably has been done to death but here goes :- Mr Blobby's house, named 'Dunblobbin' is situated at the rear of the park. Mr. Blobby, the house and its gardens appeared as an attraction in the park in 1994, but it closed within five years, shortly after Noel's House Party went off air.
  11. The present-day Convent of Notre Dame is situated in Derriford, Plymouth, and the chapel was built in 1971 to the designs of a Mr Lane. It contains a stained glass window Father Charles Norris of Buckfast Abbey, Devon, who sadly died in Torbay Hospital on Wednesday May 12th 2004. Cardio Analytics was formed in 1994 by David Morris, still the managing director, and Jeff Batson, still pharma services director. Mr Morris had been senior chief cardiac clinical scientific officer and cardiology manager at Derriford Hospital, while Mr Batson had been the hospital's chief cardiac clinical scientific officer. Both were joined by Ian Jarvis, a chartered accountant who joined the board as finance director in 1999. The company, then based at Richmond Walk, began by providing cardiac investigation ECG services for GPs, but soon expanded into analysing heart scan data for major pharmaceutical firms and clinical research organisations worldwide. After a 1997 move to the former Old Convent of Notre Dame school, in Derriford, the firm expanded again, this time into clinical trialing. The business expanded and moved to rented space at TSP, in 2001 The Original Convent was completely destroyed during the bombing of the Second World War. *sorry about pics were taken on my phone*