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  1. I noticed that there were some credits ? Thought stuff like that was frowned upon ?
  2. Just found this online quite an interesting place http://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/584/A-Secret-Ballroom-Built-In-The-1800s-Lies-Under-A-Lake-Guarded-By-Neptune
  3. Was working in the area and thought it would be rude not to nip in here as its not everyday you get to explore while working so a lone visit after some dodgy balancing act on a tree across what felt like a torrential stream ha ha , just nerves i guess ,hope you like Leri / Lerry Mills, situated at the confluence of the Ceulan and Leri rivers produced Tweed for suit making using both water wheels from the river and workers to power the looms and spinning machinery. Little history can be found about the mills but they were built on the site of an old furnace which smelted the lead from local lead mines. Records date this back to 1642. The mill itself stopped meaningful production around 1958-60 in-line with when the UK became a net cotton importer and the general demise of the industry put paid to over 800 mills. At this time the two mills (the one photographed here is further down the riverbank) were purchased by Mr J Hughes – he ran the mills with his wife till the end of 1980 as a popular tourist attraction. In the August of 1981 they put the whole site, including a 6 bedroom house, the two tweed mills, a craft shop and 14 acres of land around the river bank with shooting & fishing rights, for sale at a guide price £150’000. The site appears never to have been sold and has gradually fallen into decay since
  4. strongly advise when approaching to keep eyes peeled at all times ,something I didn't do and thinking back I would of noticed the guy and used more stealth shall we say ha ha
  5. The History of this place as been covered but in a nut shell and from what im led to believe it was built by a farmer whilst tending to his sheep and to take shelter in the bad weather My visit was cut short on the arrival of a man who didn't look best pleased when he saw me so I had to make a hasty run for it through bushes ,hedges and fields so excuse the lack of shots as I hadn't been there long when disturbed
  6. awesome pics , love everyone of them and what a great find , love stuff like this well done
  7. she sang the beer song on the x factor im led to believe ha ha
  8. Found this place on google maps and thought id have a ride out to it Construction began on Huncoat in 1950. The Power station was opened by the mayor on 11 May 1956. 1984 saw the closure of the power station, the cooling towers were demolished on 16 October 1988. Most of the buildings were demolished in September 1990. Now just one building remains and as become a graffiti artiste paradise although some of the art work in here is to a very high standard Since found out through the wonderful world of the web that Lucy Spraggan made a Music Video in this location hope you like
  9. brilliant that mate , some of that artist work in various parts is mindblowing
  10. thanks all ,seem to be finding my way around and finally got my first report on which was simple to do in the end ha ha ,seemed abit daunting to start with
  11. i love these old cars , what a find this is , would love to visit places like this