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  1. Nah it was probably me
  2. Wow what picturesque surroundings 😮 Cool place and thanks for posting
  3. Some cool snippets in there but the place is unfortunately a derphole 😮, surprised no one has had those spirals away yet!
  4. The lampshades are cool There mustn't be many places on an island so good effort mate @urblex
  5. Just had a look through my old photos, this is from the evening it closed in 2016, what a difference between your shot and this one 😮
  6. Love those old 'merican bridges, very photogenic
  7. Welcome to the forum! Glad you had a good explore, it's what it's all about
  8. @Vulex Some of your pics are f***ed 😮
  9. Thanks for posting the report Cucumber . Looks a bit run-down, did you run into any unsavoury characters during your visit?
  10. Crikey, the first thing i noticed was the state of the ceiling and a few shots reminds me of severalls. Amazing how somewhere can go downhill so fast from closure 😮
  11. The building(s) etc seem to be pretty cack, but a nice bonus finding the old car docs. I wonder what happened to Mr. Trott's Ford Escort GL for them to write it off? £360 squid in the bank though for the old womble
  12. Historic place and nicely shot there @franconiangirl