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  1. Excellent stuff @Ghost-Scooter , number 8 in particular
  2. Looks like is becoming nicely decayed quite quickly, and great shots mate Shame about that mortuary, didn't take them long to dismantle that!
  3. Looks great, thanks for posting up the extra pictures
  4. Hi and welcome, i'm sure some of the underground guys on here can offer you some advice. @Lenston
  5. Lots of beer available for the explore? Cool place
  6. Thanks for sharing the stills
  7. I watched it up until the point you added the sound of a baby crying. Ridiculous
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. Apologies I don't have a free 30 mins to spare to watch the video but if you have some still exploring photography please share under the appropriate area
  9. What a cool place, thanks for taking the time to share it on the forum
  10. Some cracking photos in that! Cheers for posting
  11. Some weird looking areas in there, bet some mad shit happened in this place over the years lol
  12. Interesting little time capsule there