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  1. All edited and sorted, as requested
  2. No probs mate, I can't speak for everyone but generally people on the forums prefer the still photograph reports so thanks for posting a selection of both
  3. I was wondering when one of these was going to crop up lol. Not much left eh?
  4. Pretty cool place this is Can you add some narrative/history to the report please? 👍
  5. Still some nice bits there, like the windows
  6. The guy turned out not to be a douche after all lol
  7. Nicely shot there mate, I like the old medical cards etc
  8. Right by the track too! Cool location if anything mate
  9. Nice report, cheers for posting
  10. Impressive its wooden and still standing after 80 years
  11. That’s an absolute beauty of a place, and you’ve shot it to the usual high standard. Enjoyed reading through too
  12. Welcome to the forum @.Gh0ast and a great little selection of pics there
  13. Welcome to the forum Jake and thanks for taking the time to post a nice still-picture report on here Denbigh looking as tired and wrecked as ever but it's still a corker of a building architecturally
  14. Not something you see everyday! Great account and pics, thanks for posting this up
  15. Nice BW's in there at the beginning, you made the most of a plain building :)
  16. I've added the details to the title and changed the tag to US for you. It just makes it easier to search for on the forum . Looking forward to seeing other places from over there if you have any
  17. Crikey that place is amazing! The desk with the glassware and that staircase with the wall missing 😮. Cracking report
  18. Damn shame they flattened this, like your photo style too
  19. That's some intricate stonework, and somewhere new on the forum too so thanks for posting
  20. That's an amazing looking place, that level of derpiness is perfect and great shots too
  21. Looks difficult to access . Awesome place and well shot as always @Andy
  22. Pretty cool looking place and as @Dubbed Navigator said, a perfect spot for a rave Control panels are nice too