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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum
  2. Haven't seen this one before, surprised it hasn't been looted for those pearl necklaces by now
  3. Wow, that's a great looking place. Especially like the bath/toilet and that spiral staircase
  4. Didn't even know this existed and i've spent years in that area in the past!
  5. Title is a bit random but definitely looks like quite a cool place, thanks for posting your photos
  6. Damn, sad to see the window frames literally dropping out of such a nice looking building. Nicely photographed too
  7. @Benjamin W. hello and welcome to the forum Enjoy having a browse and feel free to post up your own reports when you get the time
  8. Nice report of the place and top pictures there from @The_Raw too 😮
  9. Liking the aerial shots too. Pretty amazing place back in the day i bet
  10. Cool history to the place and that artwork gets a yes from me too
  11. Like the hook photos too Peppa and George are over the moon that this death-hole has closed 🐽
  12. Thanks for the report Did the farmer have a white beard? Maybe Elwyn has retreated to the countryside? 😛
  13. Welcome to the forum @Dale68 Jeez it's still standing! Same as @The_Raw said, thanks for the update mate. I wonder who pushed that car outside? I saw some pics a while back of it all bashed up but whoever it was done well moving that thing!
  14. Derp Cars We've all seen them on our travels so i thought i'd start a little themed thread for them. Heres a couple from a few derp-houses that i've snapped from Calcott and Worthen Farmhouse i think. Feel free to add yours too! Now lets see yours!
  15. I like how they've put all the beer/wine etc prices up by hand lol But from your last pic it's sold so i hope they make something of the place
  16. Nice collection of pictures there Alcohol from 7-9pm? What the fuck? Must be a gaybar
  17. Yeah the graffers have been busy indeed but some really good photos to be had there, like that corridor 😮
  18. You should give a local one a go Would be cool to see what your area has to offer
  19. I had a real good constructive comment in my head whilst reading through the report but it's gone now after the mention of fuckin sausage-water and vodka 🤮😂😂😂. WTF hahahahahaha Great pics anyways lol
  20. Liking the morgue area and the curvy bits and chunky sinks Looks like a pretty interesting place to have a tour around
  21. Cool little piece of history there I wonder how many of these types of places are dotted around the country
  22. Hi Dan and welcome, hope you have a good first explore and make sure to come back on here and share your pictures