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  1. Nice one once again Mikey, you've probably got the most extensive collection of photos from this place that i've seen. In 2006 before the place closed, the whole station assembled on the pan in front of this building for a station photograph, which was to be taken from the top. They had 4 Jaguars parked behind us. The Station Commander at the time was, lets just say, a little "round". There was a ladder that allowed you to climb on to the top of the ATC building and when the Station commander was slowly climbing back down, someone made the 'heavy vehicle beep beep beep' noise and the whole station pretty much laughed at the big boss. He was fucking not impressed! I'll see if i can find the photo somewhere.
  2. Top stuff @Ghost-Scooter, I can see why you liked this place
  3. Dome is cool, and yes it's definitely an unusually modern looking building
  4. Brilliantly shot mate, looks like a great place to spend a few hours
  5. What a random place ?. Still, some nice little artefacts in there - i like that old wooden church pew outside
  6. Crazy optical illusion wallpaper in that first room ?
  7. Damn, that is one hell of a place! Hope someone gets it bought before those local scrotes fuck it up!
  8. Somewhere different thanks for posting, and a nice family connection with the place too
  9. Really enjoyed that, some real gems over there - that control panel ?. Cheers for posting @True_British_Metal
  10. Hello and welcome @Youtwoha. Interested to see what you come up with from Indiana
  11. HI and welcome to the forum, glad you signed up
  12. Looks good! Reminds me of CWM cokeworks in Wales
  13. Proper old school wooden bar Did you sample any of those spirits? Looked alreet to me
  14. Wow thats a cracker and love those shots #savepeppa
  15. Nice share that is . Don't think i've seen this one crop up before either, but there must've been loads of these sites back in the day
  16. Looks great in BW . Gonna be the next severalls this place if they don't do something with it soon
  17. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  18. Great set of images there, i like that bendy shelf too
  19. Nice job @Andy, there's surprisingly a lot here for having been closed for so long
  20. Pretty cool Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting
  21. Brilliant looking place @The_Raw and what a location. Particularly like that old-school steel ring sight Shame the guns/barrels have been removed.
  22. Crazy that it was full of other explorers given its poor state of repair/graff etc but thanks for the update @Landie_Man