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  1. I've added the details to the title and changed the tag to US for you. It just makes it easier to search for on the forum . Looking forward to seeing other places from over there if you have any
  2. Crikey that place is amazing! The desk with the glassware and that staircase with the wall missing 😼. Cracking report
  3. Damn shame they flattened this, like your photo style too
  4. That's some intricate stonework, and somewhere new on the forum too so thanks for posting
  5. That's an amazing looking place, that level of derpiness is perfect and great shots too
  6. Looks difficult to access . Awesome place and well shot as always @Andy
  7. Pretty cool looking place and as @Dubbed Navigator said, a perfect spot for a rave Control panels are nice too
  8. Dayumm that is nice, top work there @SpiderMonkey
  9. Looks alreet that in places, some bits and bobs lying around. You well to whip around it in 20 mins too
  10. Although its in quite bad shape, it looks like you can still grab quite a nice photo of the place I like number 4 in particular, and 7 too
  11. Picture 3 is a belter, another nice collection
  12. Thanks for adding more pictures, looks like an interesting place indeed
  13. I'm in the "more pics please" club too . Welcome to the forum
  14. Great to see some more pics from here, looks cool in the snow too 😎
  15. Awesome work mate!! Glad to see you made the long journey up and well worth it by the looks of it
  16. Usual great set of shots @Ghost-Scooter, thanks for posting
  17. Hi, unfortunately the first 6 pictures are not appearing correctly. Can you have a look? If need be just post the pics in the comments and i'll add them into the report
  18. Welcome to the forum @Tanya Rees . Nicely shot there, especially that last one
  19. What a lovely old pub! Must've been a real stunner inside in its day with that dark wood panelling and stained glass. Shame to see it so dilapidated
  20. Definitely an unusually cool staircase for a modern-ish hospital. Nice report @teddybear
  21. Much prefer the still photos buddy But thanks for uploading the video.
  22. Wonder where the tanks ended up? I did enjoy having a look around those a few years ago
  23. Interesting read that was, cheers for posting
  24. Looks great mate, i'm amazed all those religious artifacts and bits and bobs are still intact. Nicely shot too @Andy as per usual
  25. @hmltnangel Your last couple of pics have gone, can you fix? If not just repost them below and i'll tidy it up again