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  1. Pretty cool Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting
  2. Brilliant looking place @The_Raw and what a location. Particularly like that old-school steel ring sight Shame the guns/barrels have been removed.
  3. Crazy that it was full of other explorers given its poor state of repair/graff etc but thanks for the update @Landie_Man
  4. Got any internals? Looks like a load of bricks
  5. T'was a banging poo indeed Great pics as per Amazed it was all natural derpage too with little, if any signs of the local youths.
  6. Wow love that first pic. Ruinous indeed but very photogenic
  7. Nice one, thanks for sharing Haven't seen pics from the chapel for a while. Looks like they've taken the boards off downstairs in that main building too?
  8. Derp Cars We've all seen them on our travels so i thought i'd start a little themed thread for them. Heres a couple from a few derp-houses that i've snapped from Calcott and Worthen Farmhouse i think. Feel free to add yours too! Now lets see yours!
  9. What an amazing looking place!!
  10. Nice mix of old and new there and shot excellently as always mate
  11. Love that 4th picture also Thanks for posting mate
  12. A trip down memory lane for me there Mikey, thanks for posting these up. Been in most of these buildings when they were very much in use
  13. Top place this is and great shots as per Personally think it should do a stint in NP too IMO.
  14. Nice one mate Looks cool
  15. Was there any beer in those crates? Quality place that is thanks for posting
  16. Pics are still fooked on this @Fekneejit, can you fix?
  17. What a little gem of a place! Agreed about the documents too! Should be in a museum
  18. If you put your local towns into the searchbox on the forums, then have a look though the reports from that area. Start with easier locations first and start posting your reports up hopefully you'll get to meet local explorers to accompany you on future explores
  19. It's definitely taken a battering over the years but good to see theres still a few things left
  20. Hi and welcome to the forum @Khaos. If you need any help just shout
  21. Some really nice shots there mate, thanks for taking the time to post up your report
  22. A shame a building like this has gotten so bad! Looks like a place you could easily die 😮
  23. Looks like a cool wander indeed, thanks for posting your account of the place