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  1. Yep they were crazy, and i remember bumping into who turned out to be Lavino and his lad and they made us peg it up those stairs thinking it was security
  2. Looks interesting in places and a bit ropey in others lol. Thanks for posting mate
  3. Pretty cool and a bit different too mate Suppose being on an island it keeps the tourbus away
  4. That’s ace mikey! I’m viewing on my phone at the moment and it looks class. I’ll have a proper look on the computer later
  5. Wow! Definitely looks better inside (more decayed) than looking in the windows a few years back! Nice pics mate, we should’ve went back to try it again but as always never got around to it
  6. Would be cool to see your adventures if you do decide to get a camera . Have a browse around the forum to see the other reports and it'll show you roughly what format to post them in
  7. Damn that's well nice, what a cracking first report 😮
  8. Spectacular shots as always from you @Industrieller 😮
  9. Welcome to the forum Would be brilliant to see some photo reports from your collection!! must be vast after 30 years 😮
  10. Lol, you joined here after I met you at St. Joes Seminary did you not?
  11. Hello there and welcome to OS Looking forward too seeing what you come up with
  12. Ahh I remember the name snapt from ukurbex Good to see you here and i see you know steve the eejit Welcome to OS
  13. Nah it was probably me
  14. Wow what picturesque surroundings 😮 Cool place and thanks for posting
  15. Some cool snippets in there but the place is unfortunately a derphole 😮, surprised no one has had those spirals away yet!
  16. The lampshades are cool There mustn't be many places on an island so good effort mate @urblex
  17. Just had a look through my old photos, this is from the evening it closed in 2016, what a difference between your shot and this one 😮
  18. Love those old 'merican bridges, very photogenic
  19. Welcome to the forum! Glad you had a good explore, it's what it's all about
  20. @Vulex Some of your pics are f***ed 😮
  21. Thanks for posting the report Cucumber . Looks a bit run-down, did you run into any unsavoury characters during your visit?
  22. Nice shots there mate!
  23. Crikey, the first thing i noticed was the state of the ceiling and a few shots reminds me of severalls. Amazing how somewhere can go downhill so fast from closure 😮