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  1. With loads of unknown KMZ files in our map we decided we want to visit them all in The Netherlands. A lot of fails, a lot of coffee in the sunshine and alot of fun. Sometimes you find something new The floors rotten, the ceiling comming down, some details left and dead animals. For the "Ghost Hunters" here, this place drained 4 batteries while we were just here for about an hour. Not just my camera but also that of my partner in crime *spooky* I dont believe in ghosts and think they were just rubbish. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
  2. Nice set! Natural decay, like that alot
  3. Lovely set you got there, great place!
  4. Bit of an odd song, maybe a disturbing video but i love it
  5. Your welcome, guess its linked to your facebook account? Else go to profile (on top) and you should be able to choose another one.
  6. Glad to see you were able to post with the links, nice set!
  7. Is Belgian an actual language, or do you mean Dutch? Anyway, welcome to OS. Feel free to send a PM for questions, share some work and enjoy your stay here! Grtz from The Netherlands.
  8. What a place, cant believe its just left this way Cant be found in the Netherlands, we are putting the dead 6 feet deep. So unless one psycho would dig them up, we just got stones to see.
  9. Love this set and place. Decay, religion and some nature are a great combination!
  10. Nice explore, some pics are just (in my opinion ) a bit to dark, for others it works very well Like the staircase shot!