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  1. great shots steve, i do like a nice mine :-)
  2. excellent find jo, another one to add to the list when i come upto you for a whirlwind tour ;-)
  3. lovely looking photos and place mate, will have to put this one on my radar for the future :-).
  4. yes mate upto our shoulders lol, its somewhere i will not be returning, the one manhole we did find from below that would move had cars driving over it every few minutes so i dont think that way will ever be doable ;-)
  5. Thanks mate, it is an amazing place but it is also massive, ive only seen probably half of it, cant wait to return :-)
  6. I loved it Steve, might just go and live there in one of the slate out buildings lol. Haven't you been in some of the underground bits that I want too see next time? ;-). I've got a lot of higher level stuff still too see as well. Can't wait :-).
  7. thanks again for the comments, i too wish i knew how to dive as watching some of the videos of underwater makes you realise just how much is under there :-(. also the couple of big triangle slate formations that they call pyramids have many rooms inside them but i could find no way into them as well and truly blocked, ill have another good look next time,
  8. i honestly love this place so much, cant wait to go back as there's so so much still too see, thanks for the comments :-)
  9. thanks everyone, it really wasnt fun getting in but it kind of made up for being soaked through up to my shoulders in drain water lol.
  10. It's a lovely place, going to go for a nights camping up there next year :-).
  11. This was the 2nd quarry i visited on this weekend away and all i can say is wow, the place is absolutely huge like nothing ive seen before, i spent 10 hours on site and i dont think i saw even a 3rd of it, didnt get too see any of the low down underground levels as i just concentrated on the overground stuff on this visit, absolutely loved the slate buildings, pump houses, old rickety ladders everywhere, the scenery and just everything about the place, cant wait to go back again and explore the other levels and go right to the very top as there is so much that i havent seen, i think it will take me at least another 5 visits to see all that i want too see there. sorry for the 20 pics but i took so many its hard too choose the ones i like the most. enjoy. small bit of history: The Dinorwic Slate Quarry is a large former slate quarry, now home to the Welsh National Slate Museum, It was the second largest slate quarry in Wales, indeed in the world,It covers more than 700 acres (2.8 km2) consisting of two main quarry sections with 20 galleries in each and a number of ancillary workings. Extensive internal tramway systems connected the quarries using inclines to transport slate between galleries. The first commercial attempts at slate mining took place in 1787 and continued through different ownerships up until 1969. it was producing 100,000 tonnes a year in its peak and employing over 3000 people.
  12. Thankyou mate, as i say not that much to take photos of but managed to get a few :-)