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  1. I think i've got to dissapoint you.. i got more, yes.. but those shots are on my computer in munich, but i'm currently in cologne (for the next months). So i'm not able to show more, sorry
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback I love this place, it's such a typical german recovery home, now totally covered in moss (like all of them)..
  3. A small but nice roadside find.. Didn't expected much from the outside but got totally blown away when i saw the first rooms with all that moss and mold..
  4. Well, after not posting new stuff on here for about one a half year i thought it would be time for some new stuff Palais musique, a very very nice manor house, great architecture, the light was amazing, i loved it! Hope you enjoy the set
  5. Naaseavus habedere dasd' auch mal hier rein schaugst is ja scho echt wos.. Und dann wieder bei einem Beitrag rumhängen, tsts For the english speaking guys: welcome to the forum tourmate, i hope that you will be a little more active in here then i am
  6. Thank you all for the positive feedback Unfortunately it isn't that big, only a few rooms :/
  7. A very nice place with a sad past: an abandoned crematorium
  8. Thank you all! Yeah, some shots got lost, don't know why, here they are:
  9. A place to relax, enjoy the fresh air and taking a bath in the thermal springs.
  10. Very nice small farmhouse somewhere in the nowwhere. Nearly got caught there...
  11. Thank you all! Nice to hear such positive feedback Never seen it like that but you're right, now i see it too! Crazy...
  12. Spent some hours in that nice hotel shooting, unfortunately the housekeeper wouldn't let us shoot in some parts of this location like the nice saloon or the expensive rooms... My pictures: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9:
  13. Just a quick hello from the german south (Munich) I was in your facebook group for a few months and now had the idea to join this forum. So, i'm urbexing for 3 years now, mainly in germany, austria, italy, poland, belgium and france. I think i already seen some known faces here from flickr, facebook or otherwhere At all, my english is not the best, i'm sorry, i hope you can understand it... Some of my pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/schraeglage-urbex/