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  1. Nice photos Yeah, I went in Feb and the chair was at the bottom of the stairs of the black and white tiled floor. So its been moved. Awesome place! Wanted to explore more, but until that point (after 3 hours) we were unaware there was security until we walked up the path straight unto the security block... managed not to get spotted tho
  2. Hello I've been looking at all your photos on the Facebook group for a while but finally got my ass in gear and join the forum. Ive been urbexing on and off for about 5 years now, my first find being West Park. This led me to look online to find more and came to the realisation that there were hundreds of other people who do this and post photos! Lately I've been travelling around a bit trying to find new stuff but its hard! Loved going to europe, they seem to have more derelict sites than any around me... everything gets built up too quickly around here. Thanks all for sharing your photos. I love flicking through them and reading your reports. I'm on Facebook as Steph UE also. Nice to meet ya