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  1. Brillaint read! Hope one day to go there and see it for myself Theres also Vladimir Shevchenko filming of the disaster on youtube.
  2. What a beautiful villa! cracking photos, the staircase/hallways is the best shot
  3. Might be do-able now Need to get you down to Wilshire an Dover asap!!
  4. Visited with RJ & Shadow History can be found http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/d/draycott_cross_colliery/index2.shtml Looking deep into the tunnel, about half way down Compresser/pump of some sort...? 16 & 18 tubs, narrow gauge track in deep mud 28 tubs No road + 2 drill bits Looking up a small side air shaft Sand pilled to the roof and an earth mover Looking back towards the sand mound. metal hoops, many of which are now badly distorted. Pulley on the cable haulage system blocked adit Behind blocked off adits Looking down to the flooded adit Some of my other photo's can be viewed http://s68.beta.photobucket.com/user/Zoot337/library/Urbex/Dray Thanks for looking
  5. The second Carrock Tungsten Mine photo, looks just like part of rake spar. anyways very very nice, me ol'fruit
  6. Real nice photos, mate Are the head stocks still accessable?
  7. Yeah bro!! Love it!
  8. Need to get back there soon than!!
  9. Seems the chap has had to weld the access shut mr jesus
  10. really nice piccys mate theres still so much for me to see in dover!
  11. Very nice! Need to get me down to this before it gets any worst