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  1. Every time ive been to the RIng, ive never thought to go check this place out, but that last shot being so close to the track will make me go there next time
  2. Your photos are awesome and always well thought out, lovely
  3. Cracking selection of photos. Not seen most of those places before, but do recognize afew of them
  4. Liking this a lot, very nice to see some parked trains I need another paris metro trip
  5. For that being in slough, its not really vandelised, and im shocked. ( I know what that area is like haha) Nice one Landie_Man
  6. Fantastic photos yet again of a good looking state hospital
  7. That's awesome, would love to see it for myself. The Morgue looks great too
  8. Shame about the £150 repair mate. Haha, what did they say about the waders then? Nice set of pics
  9. Seen pics from this place before, that control room is epic even in the state its in. Nice one