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  1. Ventured out again with SK and got a few feet underground as we where in the area no history on this 1 i'm afraid just had fun with it nice 1 trog will call this a mad moment And your out
  2. worth a little walk for a decent view,great shots fella.bloody handy getting let out also
  3. Love the ceilings in the 1st few shots,quality location decay wise captured it v nicely
  4. cool stuff,done well with the lighting it's pitch black in there shots came out ace
  5. Looks like it's still worth a visit, love the shots thanks for sharing
  6. lovin that health and safety announcement lol, great set Andy what a great little unseen part of CMH cheers for sharing
  7. I can see why you wanted it.....that's a lovely location, great captures PS bring on more euro lovelys
  8. takes me back a few years looks a bit like my old school, cool captures and location, as said handy to have a nice fella to allow you in thanks for the share
  9. nothing wrong there mate it's all very very right cracking captures welcome to the forum
  10. you made a profit without selling out now that is cool ,super little location 2 rooms but well worth a look, great set thanks for sharing
  11. boooootyfull lovely little location and some cracking shots there matey
  12. that's a dam fine location although I thought pyestock had been demolished appears it's relocated,lovely set of shots cheers for sharing
  13. something out of the norm like nelly said love it great set to go with a cool location:thumb
  14. That's a pretty good way to waste an hour beats mc donalds ,i quite like this place, cool pics mate cheers for sharing
  15. That's pretty dam clean I like it for a modern building, top quality shots wouldn't mind a little visit
  16. That's bloody lovely mate full of win ace location and shots, Thanks for sharing
  17. Welcome along mate, don't worry your not the only one who gets around a bit lol
  18. shame the bowling alley is wrecked, the cinema looks cool though, great set thanks for sharing
  19. That's a cracking location fella, love the shots got some very cool lighting