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  1. The owner started renovation when he faced problems with government and neighbourhood. He went to court, won his case but in meanwhile he got out of money, leaving his site like I saw today
  2. More then 12.000 visitors a year, but non since 2010
  3. Two Fast Patrol Boats of the Royal Danish Navy, SØHESTEN (Sea Horse) P513 (1966-1990) and SØHUNDEN (Sea Dog) P514 (1966-1990), are floating somewhere in Belgium. Today: abandoned ...In their glory: Propulsion: 3 Rolls Royce Marine Gas Turbines - 12,750 Hps. 2 General Motors Diesel Engines - 460 Hps. 3 Propellers Speed : 54 knots (gas turbines) 10 knots (diesel engines) Armament : 1-2 ea 40 mm Machine Gun Mk M/48 LvSa (2x1) 2-4 ea 533 mm Torpedo Tubes (4x1) 2 ea Illumination Rocket Launcher (on forward gun) 10 ea mines could be carried in stead of the torpedo tubes After the mid 1980's, the aft 40 mm was permanently replaced by: 1 ea 20 mm Machine Gun Mk M/42 LvSa Complement: 27 men (5 officers and 22 ratings and enlisted) The FPB could be equipped as a torpedo boat with one forward gun and four torpedo tubes, or as a gun boat with two guns (forward and aft) and only two torpedo tubes.
  4. question, if tou want to add a thread, or place where you've been to but it already exsist, do you have to post it in that thread or can you make a new one
  5. Hi from Belgium, kinde new here and green in the urbex world
  6. In my backyard, and I love it there. You should try the attic.