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  1. Yep That place is left to rot now.There was plans to do it up into apartments .
  2. Amazing place.i wonder how its just been left like this.furniture still in good condition and has its original features still intact.
  3. Any history about this amazing building.great find and pictures thanks for sharing x
  4. Nice explore .What annoys me is that there is nothing wrong with the building.It will be knocked down to make way for a new hospital or land to make room for lego land houses. thanks for sharing .
  5. Great explore there. Looks like everything has just froze in time.
  6. This place has recently been fenced off. Went to go explore it the other day and i was so gutted when i seen there was no way in. Just wondering if there has finnaly been any plans for this place ,or has it been fenced to be forgotten and let rot all the more.
  7. Really nice place this is,Love the bedroom furniture and bed frame. Thanks for sharing.
  8. amazing thanks for sharing.love the title too x
  9. What an amazing place.would love to explore something like that, the bedroom look a bit creepy. thanks for sharing.
  10. OMG ,Streatham high road is allways hectic with traffic. have they knocked down most the shops there?
  11. love the old fashioned kitchen with the shutters on the windows. loved looking at your pics. Thanks for sharing. cant wait to see the ones you put on here in the Spring
  12. ive been her about 3 years ago and there was so much more to see.Its had a couple of arson attacks since then.