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  1. It is indeed, I think there are a couple of names going round. I've only heard it called this, but if it needs changing then thats cool
  2. This place, despite a lot going missing inbetween this report and previous ones is still such an incredible place to visit. I could easily have spent a day here as there is so much to look at, and photograph. I also had a rather fustrating moment when I got home after a 2 hour drive to realise that I had been shooting the entire day in JPEG, and not RAW, so my editing leaves a little to be desired. Visited with Sentinel, hide_and_seek, and Secretdoor. History There is not a lot known about this, except it was a small freeholding that was owned by an USAF serviceman whilst he was based over here. He may have had family living with him, but it is not certain. There are various artifacts around the place with his name and service number written on them, and from this and a quick google search, it appears the gentleman in question may have recently passed away back in the states, as I did find an obitury listing for someone with the same name, and relatives of the same initials. I did try and contact the RAF base that he was stationed at over here to see if I could find a bit more information out about him, but only recieved a polite F off! The photos Standard 'I forgot' outside shot at the end Tonnes of spiders in here - Don't look up! I just fell in love with this bread bin. I wonder if this still works?! It looked like it might. Could be worth a trip back with a couple of LPs This was my favourite room in the house. Things get moved around a lot here, but this looked as though the occupant had upped and left, leaving everything behind. A close up of the hat and suitcase. Back to the living room! A keen cyclist? One of the two bikes there. One of my personal favourites from this trip, and the second cycle! I love how the light falls on the tv screens in this photo! Plenty of framed pictures just, hanging, around (please excuse the pun!) I'm a poor excuse for the stereotypical male as I know nothing about cars, but it looked awesome in the undergrowth. In the back of one of the vans And finally, inside the cherry on the top of this place. A wonderful car, looks incredible, and still to this day smells absolutely amazing! A really rich leathery smell, I could have sat in there for hours had it not been for the absolutely huge spiders hanging around!! Thanks for looking!
  3. History In 1870, a small 26-bed hospital was opened here & known as North-Eastern Hospital and Dispensary.In 1893, a new building fund began, this allowed the Hackney Road site to be expanded and new ward accommodation to be added. In 1942 it amalgamated with the Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children, Shadwell to become The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. In 1948, the hospital became part of the newly created NHS and in 1967 was amalgamated with Great Ormond Street Hospital.In 1996 the hospital became part of The Royal Hospitals Trust, now Barts and The London NHS Trust. In 1992, Michael Jackson was greeted by 2000 cheering fans as he landed at Haggerston Park in a helicopter with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse where he visited the children at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. In 1997, the services of the hospital were relocated to The Royal London Hospital, where they retain their historical identity through their current name, The Queen Elizabeth Children's Service a title granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The hospital had one of the country's most important pathological laboratories for the investigation of child diseases. Despite English Heritage advising the Council that proposed demolition would involve the loss of historic fabric that had potential to provide historical information on the development of healthcare in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries all but the façade of the Hospital will be swept away in order to build two six storey residential blocks which will accommodate 188 flats. The Explore Visited with Sentinal, and a very drunk The_Raw. This was a stupidly early start for myself. Woke up at 3.30am to get to Sentinel's house for 5am. We scoped out the access point that The_Raw had reccy'd but as we were about to go in we noticed a camera pointing straight at us. After an on-the-fly descision that was far too risky for my liking we were in. Unfortunately the demo team have been in and stripped most of the rooms, but there were a few small gems still remaining. As we were coming to the end of the explore down in one of the basement rooms, The_Raw runs into the room me and Sentinal were in and just says, we have to hide, there are people in the building. We rushed to the nearest open door that was furthest away from where he had spotted 2 people in suits that appeared to be actively looking around and knew where they were going. We can only assume they were fairly high up in chain of the demo company and were doing a quick survey. But it meant that all 3 of us ended up crammed into a shower cubicle in this bathroom for about half an hour and waiting for them to leave. After a quick peek round the corner we swiftly legged it. The photos It's very easy to walk round these places and completely forget that they were places of work or in this case sadness and most likely suffering. So it is this sight that quickly bought up a lot of emotions to see some height markings on a wall from some of the patients there. We never did find the mortuary as with most hospitals they are a bit of a maze, but if we did come across it, its been stripped and you wouldn't have known. It's not a proper derp without a wheelchair making an appearance! And it's not a Bassboyjoe report without a high contrast black and white image! What's left of one of the operating theatres, with a rather creepy saying on the wall. 'Everyday is a holiday' Anaesthetist's notes for a patient Scenes like this really hit home. The whole place is covered with murals and paintings like this, but this room had more in one place than anywhere else in the hospital Still a few remaining gems, but you have to search them out! And finally, the find of the day!
  4. History The Millennium Mills is a derelict turn of 20th century flour mill in West Silvertown on the south side of the Royal Victoria Dock, between the Thames Barrier and the ExCel exhibition centre alongside the newly built Britannia village, in Newham, London, England. Along with Millennium Mills, there remains a small section of the now destroyed Rank Hovis Premier Mill and a restored grade II listed grain silo, labelled the ‘D’ silo. Described as a "decaying industrial anachronism standing defiant and alone in the surrounding subtopia", the Millennium Mills has become a well-loved icon of post-industrial Britain and has made its way into many aspects of popular culture. Visited with The_Raw, Sentinel and 5RINK5, and a few non-members. We also bumped into Gabe inside and a couple of others. We spent 10 hours in there fence to fence. It was a great day with many laughs! Standard external shot. Used my phone for this because I didn't want to get my camera out in case we had to get out of sight in a hurry. Tried to find a different angle to photograph the iconic table set up. This little patch of foliage struck out to me because although we were standing in a massive industrial unit, I found it incredible how nature can always find a way to reclaim growing space. Finally a relax on the building of Rank Hovis to unwind after a hectic day!
  5. The business that became Cliff Brewery was started in 1723 ( in Kings Quay Street, Harwich) by Thomas Cobbold and is believed to be the second oldest independent brewery in England. It stood above the quays of the River Orwell at Ipswich, since 1746. Cobbold merged with local rival, Tollemache Breweries in 1957 to form Tolly Cobbold. The brewery ceased operations in 2002, when the Tolly Cobbold company merged with Ridley's brewery. Gave this a shot as were were heading to Sevs, but had to wait for someone to finish work before we could go. The place is part demolished, but theres still plenty of gems, and cool bits to wander round. It's mostly a shell, but still a pretty cool place, and an easy in, so it was a nice start to the day. Visited with Sentinel, The_Raw, and 5PR1NK5. Be sure to check out their reports when they go up! I know they have some great photos! This was one of my favourite rooms because of the blue glass in the roof. It gave this awesome tint, but the light coming from the windows below was normal so it gave this very cool contrast. This is what I liked to call the pidgeon graveyard. Its a real shame that these birds get in, then can't find a way out. Most seemed to congregate in this room, and as such eventually die, either from flying into walls, or I guess starving. I counted at least 12 carcasses in here, and there were more around. This is personally my favourite shot from this site, and not one I had seen before.