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  1. There is some crackers among that lot @Andy brilliant shots too
  2. That's a lovely look place mate. I like all the bits that you can come across in these type of places. Loads to see in here
  3. Another interesting place bud. The strange shaped corridors remain me of that Latvian bungalow we went to 😃 Good to see you still have an eye for the dead things. I came across a dead cat on a recent explore. You would have loved it 😃
  4. Looks a good one mate. Remember you telling me about this spot a while ago. Glad you got to see it and its cool to see you back posting again I should take inspiration and get some stuff up myself 😃
  5. What no dildos. This ones off the list then ? Nice pics mate, looks like there is still a bit to see
  6. Nice work there mate. Looks like a tense one?
  7. Awesome report that mate. Really like the misty externals and the last pic is fantastic
  8. Bloody hell. What a mad place. Cool find mate
  9. Thanks mate The lovely light on the day helped.
  10. Yep, was fucked mate. There is a handy crutch hanging in the last pic in case of any mishaps ?
  11. Fantastic mate. Hell of a place this one. We failed here last year. I was gutted for about a month ?
  12. Nice report mate. Looks well worth a look. Cool share
  13. Lol, Thought the same myself bud ? A right state now, still a few bits to have a look at though.
  14. Thanks for looking lads. Yep, worth a look if your in the area.