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  1. Visited this one with @AndyK! and @darbians as the first real stop on a big week-long derp bonanza of some sort, after two fails the day before this (after a 12+ hour drive). We had checked it out the night before, without much luck, so as it was getting late, and we were all suffering massive sleep deprivation, we decided to turn in for the night. But before leaving town in the morning for the next few stops, we decided to have another try with the help of daylight, and it sure paid off. I can't find a lot of history on this place, it seems to be quite the 'ghost' online, but it does boast some pretty epic vintage machines. What's interesting here is that it is all preserved so well, yet there are no signs of potential conversion into event space or something similar, which is something that happens a lot with these kinds of places. Photos - Cheers 馃槑
  2. First report from the latest trip abroad! This old mansion sits in a small village, the gates are wide open and the locals don't seem to even care about it. The highlight here was definitely the grand entrance hall, surrounded by pillars, red carpet, grand staircase, and a lumiere-esque balcony above it. There were also some pretty nice side rooms too. From what I can gather the last use this building had was as a hotel, judging by the slight modernization of some areas. A nice relaxed explore with @AndyK! and Kriegaffe9. Featuring: My tripod because I'm too lazy to shop it out. Cheers
  3. This small hydroelectric power station originally powered the neighboring Crespi textiles factory that closed some time ago. Before we came here we were aware that the building was possibly alarmed, but determined to see the industrial deliciousness inside, we carried on. On our approach we were hiding in the woods, dodging dog walkers and cyclists, but it was SO worth it.. Even if I did only manage about 3 photos after setting of the alarm Visited with @PROJ3CTM4YH3M, Kriegaffe9 and @AndyK! Not a lot of information here I know.. But hopefully these will make up for it -
  4. Visited this one a year ago on the way to Scotland with @AndyK! The mortuary sits just on the edge of the Maiden Law hospital site, where there a few other derpy looking buildings and a live nursing home at the back of the site. Not really a lot to say about this one. It's a pretty nice morgue with a great amount of derp, and a tasty porcelain slab. Enjoy! Pics - Cheers
  5. Peppermint Powerplant - The plant was purpose built to aid a neighboring paper mill, which closed at the same time as the power plant. It contains a single Siemens set, which looks great in peppermint green. This was a fairly quick walk around because the place is so small, I didn't even take many photos, although it's a really nice little power station. Visited with @AndyK! and @Kriegaffe9 Cheers
  6. A Little History - The NSRIs roots go back to a dispensary which opened in 1804, the first public hospital in North Staffordshire. The dispensary allowed sick patients to get diagnosis and treatment, and provided vaccination for smallpox, eventually the hospital grew to facilitate fever patients and new facilities were put in place to treat general and accident patients. The hospital expanded further, due to an increase in sick patients and accidents in the local pottery and mining industries. The hospital then relocated to another site and employed a small team of staff, this site was surrounded by factories and other industry and became unsuitable due to new ideas about infection control at the time, so the site was relocated again. The hospital was then moved to its current location in Hartshill, as the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary (fast forward) then later merged with the City General Hospital to form the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Our Visit - Our first visit here was very much a sort of a 'I'm bored, wanna see if that hospital is any good?' kind of trip. We found it fairly easy to get around and navigate around the maze of padlocked doors that fills this place, visiting the operating theatres and anything else we could snap before it got dark. Once outside we fancied our chances at some other buildings (i.e. mortuary), but security night shift had just rocked up and got us out of there. Fast forward a week and we're ready to try again with a few different tactics in mind. This time around everything went fairly smooth, minus a few cuts and bruises. We did however find that security had been heightened a bit, there's now three guards on at a time and the main building is a fair bit more secure than before. However, well worth it for dem slabz.. Visited with @AndyK! Main Building, Corridors, Stuff - [ Main Operating Theatres - Chapel - A&E Operating Theatres - The rest of the A&E department was completely stripped with almost no photographic value, so we headed straight for these. Mortuary, Pathology and Haematology - Cheers for taking the time to look through
  7. Another backlog report here. Visited with @AndyK! and @Jamie_P in the pouring rain and as night was approaching, so the photos were a little difficult to process. Quite a nice castle though, completely white on the outside with four massive turrets. Inside there isn't much left aside from some typical french architecture, which was pretty nice to see, but difficult to capture in the fading light. Hope my photos can do some justice, try your best to ignore the noise - Cheers.
  8. Another tasty french chateau today. Really enjoyed this place, and I had wanted to go back here for a while as last year we were only able to access one room It's a bit of an interesting one, as each room seems to be set in a different style from one another, and this provides for an interesting walk around, and varied photo opportunities. The two main things I wanted to see here were the library and the chapel, and they didn't disappoint at all. Some great architecture and some left over items to see here Visited with @AndyK! and Kriegaffe9. Entrance Hall: Nice Rooms: Library: Chapel: Cheeers
  9. These two old power stations sit on the edge of a live steelworks site. There is some really impressive old industry to see here, including a massive old gas engine hall which still contains one huge engine, which was actually the biggest of its kind in the world. All that's left of the other smaller power station are the boilers and a couple of small control rooms, no turbines But it's still impressive to see some dated industry. Visited with @AndyK! and Kriegaffe9. The first building we entered was the smaller station: After a while walking around on giant suspended pipes and through asbestos we find this compressor room: Gas engine hall: One of two more modern turbines inside the hall: Cheers
  10. I have held back on posting this place for quite a while, but it seems everyone knows about it now and all of the contents of these rooms has since been removed. This one may be quite graphic or disturbing for some, and I understand that. These were found inside a live university building, tucked away on one of the top floors, behind a locked door and somehow forgotten about. There were a few bits in this building that had been unused for quite some time, including another room full of organs, and two autopsy rooms hidden away in the basement. It seems that some of these areas may have been open to the public at one point, judging by various information posters on the walls. This place was really interesting to see, incredibly surreal when close up and in person. Visited with Val and @AndyK!. Organs - The "Little Miracles" - It seems as though these were previously part of some sort of exhibition, at a sort of museum the medical school had in house at some point, perhaps? Pretty dark stuff. One of the autopsy rooms - Complete with tools and a porcelain table. Hope posting this here is OK. Thanks for looking.
  11. Woah Jamie, these are proper nice! Enjoyed this one, good day out
  12. Chapelle des Pelotes Visited this one with @AndyK! and @Jamie_P. First location on our long and tiring France trip which involved around 38 hours of driving and forcing our eyes open, along with 7 hours of sleeping, Win! This chapel was part of an old seminary, which also looked great,but we didn't visit that part unfortunately. This chapel was well worth the trip however, kept us occupied for a good couple of hours before heading to the next. Upon arriving we parked up in the sort of small village where you immediately draw attention to yourself, because you're driving around in the only English vehicle for miles We walked up to our decided entry point into the grounds which was not too difficult, although it required some mission impossible style rolling to avoid the eagle eyes of the locals A car drove past whilst one of us were getting into the grounds, stopped and began to reverse, but within the short time between stopping and reversing, we were straight out of sight, danger roll win! Anyway, enough rambling.. Cheers
  13. On the second day of our three day Germany trip last year, we decided we'd hit this castle after seeing a few friends photos online. We were hoping to turn up and bump into someone and ask to take some photos, but it had turned out there was already a tour organised for some other photographers, so we jumped at the opportunity. Visited with AndyK, Val and RobinDK.
  14. Hey OS. Been meaning to get this one up for a while. Visited on a long weekend away with AndyK, Vals Dark Room and Robin Decay. After seeing a few pictures pop up we thought it was time to go and capture it ourselves, and who doesn't enjoy a bit of tourbex when they're abroad? The turbine hall is completely empty, but the boiler house is fairly full, but difficult to shoot under low light and I was feeling pretty lazy if i'm honest Anyway, here's what I snapped: Side rooms off the turbine hall had some nice decay: The Main Attraction.. Quick group shot.. Cheers, SM
  15. Some Manicomio di Porno
  16. Thought it was worth going back here to get some new pictures. It was really worth it as some more decay has set in and my photography skills I feel have improved somewhat I was oop north hanging out with Jamie_P for a bit and we decided it'd be a good idea to go and get some explores done, so we contacted Mr de Kay and sorted a plan We did three locations in all and had an awesome time and a very successful day. Photos: Cheers, SM
  17. Haha, cheers man. Felt weird shooting with a Canon all day!
  18. I'd forgotten about this set for quite a while First location on the big ass bergwerk trip. No history sadly, sometimes it's hard to get the information on these euro sites. Proper nice church though, it's a shame all the pews are smashed up. I have seen some pictures from 2013 and everything was in place. The pictures here are older so they may not be as up to scratch as recent Here they are: cheers
  19. Another Italy noms report from me, this place is seriously a gem and it's a place that I had wanted to see for so long. It's last use I believe was as a casino/hotel sort of thing. There were signs of it once being a public tourist sort of place. There's some proper nice architecture in here and some great fresco paintings, the chapel is just wall to wall painting porn. Part of this site is in use so it's slightly risky, looking out a window from here you can see lights on and people inside part of the building so we all tried to stay as quiet as possible in here. Photos: Representinnn
  20. This ones a proper beauty. I'll be honest, the reason that this is currently uninhabited is because of an inheritance dispute, we were aware of this but did decide to visit and half of the places we visit are probably in this position. The house is pretty large and still choc full of interesting old furniture and other items. Architecturally it is also quite photogenic so there was a good mix here Just as a heads up, the neighbours are always watching and do call the police if they see you at all. We had to hide inside whilst the police spoke to a friend outside (who by the way, had the best acting skills I've ever seen!). Photos: Cheers, SM