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  1. Commode = Dodgy Vinderloo Any odd socks kicking about the place??? Jokes aside, its great to see something different. Keep up the good work
  2. Love the report and the images Nobby. One of my all time top places and makes me want to go again
  3. You did the site justice and even though its trashed, smashed and piky'ed it still looks a good 'splore
  4. Superb work there feller!!! Looking forward to seeing your next adventure:thumb
  5. Nice one Trev and quality shots!!! Got my eye on this site too
  6. Images like that you should not give it up, it would be a real waste if you did. I know what you mean though, I nearly did myself earlier this year, but realised that its in the blood as well. Keep it up :thumb:thumb
  7. Lovin the images! Looking forward to Day 3 "Bostin" :thumb:thumb
  8. What kept ya glad your over here now. Just dont ask me to go to Barking with you haha
  9. Great report and great images too. :thumb:thumb
  10. Amazing!!! Great write up and images too. You have now set the benchmark for us all to aspire to. Looking forward to reading the next one :thumb:thumb
  11. I remember spending a good evening on a friends stag night when it was up and working. Didn't win anything though Looks like the trip was a winner though and an adventure. Rough with the smooth haha. I remember SK went back at Santa Stock to look for one of our party who got nabbed, thats SK all over, a real top man:thumb.
  12. Love the title Sounds like a 80's game on the home computers of the day "Greedy Granny's" lol Jokes aside, that is a great find and lovin the images too. Especially seeing the solarized print on the dressing table.
  13. Very nice indeed. Having a good laugh amongst like minded friends whilst doing what we do is all part of the day. A win win all round:thumb
  14. Architecture and photogenic for sure but history is the wrong sort. Sadly the site is more known as infamous rather than anything positive. You got a great set on pictures on show and glad it all went well. Did this one back in early summer and we have a great story to tell, perhaps one day
  15. One never tires of this site. You have done the "Old Girl" proud