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  1. I think this was the most scariest thing i have ever done. A late night splore on a Russian sub. It involved knee deep mud and a dingy ride with one and a half oars. But Trog and SK done an amazing job. The sub itself was amazing, im glad i didn't bottle it but inside was so claustrophobic, i really dont know how people stay down there for so long. Splored with SK, Trog and peaches. Thanks for looking
  2. I got the chance to see this place with SK, and it was amazing. With the most gorgeous chimney's and fire places i have ever seen. I could have just moved right in. Thanks SK for the external shot Thanks for looking
  3. That’s a stunning report, nice one!
  4. Very nice looking place that
  5. That's flipping lovely, some nice detail there
  6. Wow, blast from the past! Loved it here, nice shots of the place
  7. Looks like there could be alsorts in there
  8. @The_Raw I have a list of places and this is one of them!
  9. Beautiful shots, that's lovely!
  10. That has defiantly been got at, such a shame. Nice report though
  11. This looks a gorgeous place and lovely shots
  12. Liking this, some lovely bits in there