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  1. Stunning, thanks for sharing
  2. Wow, i think this is the best set ive seen from here, love this place
  3. Love that first shot, thanks for sharing
  4. Oh thats has been bashed about a bit, nice shots though
  5. Love this, those windows are gorgeous, and i want ferns growing in my walls now!!
  6. Wow, thats amazing and so different, thanks for sharing
  7. Very nice, love a bit of rust
  8. Cant believe this place has burnt down, they use to do epic breakfasts here
  9. Hello and welcome to OS, look forward to seeing your stuff and if you need any help, give one of us a shout
  10. Love that first and second shot, thanks for sharing
  11. Bloody brilliant that, love the before and after shots
  12. Liking the look of this, cracking shots, shame about the fire though