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  1. I think know the way in, I still wanna get in. Stanley Dock; what's it like sec. wise? Best time to visit?
  2. Yeah I was walking past Le Bateau and the door was open with builders inside so I have given up on that place, I also had my eye on the Joseph Heaps Rice Mill near the waterfront and after 20 - 30 minutes of scouring the outside of the building I found no easy entry. Again willing participants needed to help with this as I'd like to get in before they finally tear the place down. I was in the grounds early on this morning (23/07/2014) and this is one of a few pictures I took whilst there. Trolley I haven't quite worked how to do the image embed on here so you will have to follow the link to my Flickr sorry.
  3. I'm on my mobile, is it up for auction or something?
  4. La Bateau has been closed for a few months, coming on a year, the front looks like shit and they have recently put scaffolding up in order to begin refurbishment of the entire pub/venue. The scaffolding will make it so easy to gain entry as there is open windows on the second and third floors of the building so it would just be a case of gaining access without passersby noticing, maybe get in at dawn and start shooting? If anyone else has any info/previous entries/wants to come with I'd love to get my first explore under my belt!!! La Bateau, Duke St, Liverpool, U.K.