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  1. This is the old fire station in Brive. It was derelict all the time I lived in France & whilst I was there it was occupied by Gipsies for about 2 years. I don't think they left with good grace so the place is rather trashed. The roof felt like a trampoline so I didn't explore that much plus the fact it was pissing down when I arrived....... Pics Always wary of fluid coming out of old toilet areas. Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157654929313545 Thanks for looking.
  2. On the way back to Dunkirk I happened across this in a little town/village called Verberie. It looked like an old derelict church & vicarage but once inside it became clear that at some stage it was an Antiques warehouse. The pictures on Google Earth show it inhabited but it's not like that anymore. There were other buildings on the plot but they were too overgrown with brambles which become like razor wire in the warmer weather. Pics Ornate gate to an inaccessible house. Clutter Inside the church the 1st floor was done in chipboard which now constituted the floor at ground level. Old spiral staircase in corner. Inside the Vicarage. Interesting ornament on the fire surround. Upstairs was mostly cleaned out. And through the door to... Not going up there. Out buildings Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157654286344958 Thanks for looking.
  3. If you look at this write up from the Daily Fail Goussainville: Inside the French ghost town abandoned 40 YEARS AGO | Daily Mail Online Goussainville looks like a good explore. Since the Tupolev Tu-144 fell out of the sky onto the village it has been slowly depopulating, or so the article makes out. However I roll up after a long drive to find more cars than the M25 at 8.30 on a wet Monday morning. Cars are parked everywhere - not exactly deserted then. So I find the old mansion house, walk up the steps and look in. Don't know if this has ever happened to anyone else on this forum but I simply couldn't be arsed to climb in. Crap everywhere and mindless graff over every available and even hard to reach surface. Go round the back and was just as nonplussed & this is why people have moved on. Approx every 3 minutes.. So I'm here now might as well look at the rest of the village. Here's an interesting door of a kind that seems to be repeated many,many times Courtyard & bookseller Just round the corner I got into a rambling smashed up house. Room after wrecked room with discarded clothes & assorted garbage. Then upstairs I found a photo album of an African family, all in bright colours looking at the camera like startled rabbits. Why would anyone carry that all the way from Africa to France and leave it on the floor of some shit hole. I'd had enough. I couldn't take any pictures, the camera never came out of it's bag. Decay - fine, abject misery - sorry no thanks................. Rant over.
  4. YA ne ponimayu, effekt Chernobylya - eto Infrakrasnaya fotografiya. Eto to, chto ya delayu. YA schitayu, pryamyye vystrely tsvet skuchnym.
  5. More or less a total ruin but the cellars were interesting. I thought something was down there with me 'till I saw it properly & realised it was a bat. Quite a few of them down there. So I didn't shove my camera in any of their faces & didn't wake any of the others up. History - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piercefield_House Pictures Cellars I find the soot signatures from 1983 & 89 particularly creepy. Main sewer I think. Whats left of the central heating. Stables Folly Little cave - tried to get to the end & almost got stuck..... Giants cave - once had a giant statue above it but it either fell off or was purloined. Thanks for looking.
  6. Allt-y-Cefn Tunnel on the former Carmarthan & Cardigan Railway: 167 yards, opened 1864, closed 1973. As far as I know mine are the only internal pictures - may be wrong though! Left the flash in the car so this is all light painted with my head torch....... not my best. Pics & this is the bridge on the run up to the east end of the tunnel. Thanks for looking. Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157652092878872/
  7. On the Merthyr Tredegar & Abergavenny Railway line. It has 2 bores - one sort of pedestrianised & the other closed off. Pics First conduit had footprints in but I didn't fancy it. Second is waterlogged & has a metal grill over it. Looks like a tractor has been through here at some point Closed bore - a lot wetter. On the way to the entrance I saw the exit to this tunnel off to the right in the valley below & was wondering how to climb down to it when I found the entrance. Inside. Unlike the rail tunnel it runs down at an angle and could have been real fun if it had have been slippery. & out the end. Thanks for looking.
  8. Wonderful graff from before the age of aerosol arseholes
  9. Ah baldness is the beginning of the slippery slope to forgetting where you put the blue pills. Think the sacks may have been for mushrooms - no lights for the other crop...........Brilliant set I love underground places.
  10. Nice. it's 20 minutes away from me & always wondered what it was like. It's owned by the Christian lot who have the converted cinema - suppose that's why Marylin Manson played here in the summer ha
  11. Figured out how to photograph behind the red doors but it's nothing amazing I'm afraid. Quality isn't great 'cause I used a small camera on the end of a pole for the colour & my small Canon I/R through a gap above the door for the other.
  12. Sorry about 4th pic - re edited on Flickr & checked it was OK on my browser obviously not universally! Now should be fixed.
  13. Those two red doors have big, heavy padlocks on and the one marked flammable smelt of fuel oil. Date added.
  14. Sywell is a private Aerodrome that still is in use. It opened in 1928 and during the Second World War as RAF Sywell it was used as a training facility (Tiger Moths) and later an important centre for the repair of Wellington bombers and extensive sheds from this time still remain on the site. So these look like RAF structures to me - but what do I know? Last used as some kind of joinery business - newspapers on floor date to 1999. Visited Feb 2015. pics As you can see they are well hidden even though a road runs right past. Gotta have one of these There are 2 of these, both heavily secured with large padlocks. This is the Hotel & bar now running on the site Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157650262018557/ Thanks for looking!
  15. Photos are a combination of 2 visits - one in April 2013 & one recently. It's an old garage/vehicle repair site though it's so overgrown you would never know... pics Then Car Now Manta Then DCV Now Back Seat Driver Then Parked Now Jag Then Bits Now Gubbins Then Going Nowhere Now Workshop Then Tyres Now Same tyres Then Rolls Now Engine Rest is stuff only photographed once Bootiful Barf Mpty Where's the Sat Nav? Tank Office? Loft Thanks for looking.