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  1. Only just seen these mate, proper good pics-well moody lighting. good to see you on the day too.
  2. yeah this is proper good. I always wondered what the building was when i was in Liverpool. Funnily enough I would only be in Liverpool to visit new Littlewoods building by the airport, where the whole Shop Direct group now is. It looks amazing inside. Good stuff.
  3. A little bit of history: "In 1886 John North gifted £6,000 to open a convalescent home in memory of his daughter Ida. Chorley and Connon were the Architects, opened 10th May 1888. Robert Arthington financed a second hospital on adjacent site which opened May 1905, and took his name but was mostly referred to as ‘Cookridge’. Ida hospital is the two crescent shaped buildings. The hospital site closed in 2008 and has been left abandoned awaiting demolition ever since." We only managed one of the 2 buildings but still full of peeley paint, decay, nice colours and a few features. Visited with my usual crew + a couple of not-on-this-forum types. A good mellow-ish mooch and worth stopping in if in the area. Thanks
  4. good stuff, seems lots of folks were there this weekend gone. You captured it well.
  5. absolutely golden mate. Soooooo good in B&W and on the old OM-D.
  6. I found myself in Bristol for work this week so one evening I decided to leave my hotel and go for a quick walk around this place. Despite the workmen still on site doing something to the front building and the lurkers in one part of the building banging about it was pretty mellow. Plenty of peeley paint, corridor and stair UE porno to keep even the most perverted happy. The site is massive and although I tried to get round most of it it seems from looking at others reports i might have missed some buildings. definately worth popping in if youre in the area. A bit of history..... "Barrow Hospital (sometimes referred to as Barrow Gurney Hospital) was a psychiatric hospital in Barrow Gurney, Somerset The hospital was designed by Sir George Oatley of Bristol to the then-innovative colony plan based on detached 'villas' centred around a central cluster of service buildings. The plan called for 25 villas to house 1,200 patients, treatment centres for local authority and private patients, a chapel, recreation hall, laundry and central kitchens. The buildings were austerely constructed of red brick with pantiled mansard roofs and were situated so as to give a sense of community and privacy as well as to take advantage of the wooded surroundings which were retained and enhanced by tree-thinning and landscaping. Construction began in 1934 and although the hospital was not officially opened until 3rd May 1939, Barrow Hospital received its first patients in May 1938 with the complex still only half-built. It was intended that the rest of the planned buildings should be gradually added over the following years as funds allowed, but the outbreak of war in September 1939 halted all work on site and the architect's full vision was never realised. At the outbreak of the Second World War the hospital was commandeered by the Royal Navy and became the Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Barrow Gurney. The hospital treated seamen who had been injured during conflicts or who were suffering from psychological distress, brought in through the nearby Port of Bristol In 1940, the daily average number of patients under treatment was 356 and the medical and nursing staff numbered 215. The Naval Hospital was decommissioned and returned to civilian use in 1946. In 1960 the hospital's population reached a peak of 453. At this time it was predicted that new community-based care initiatives would lead to a decline in patient numbers to 200 by 1975 but in the event this target was not met. However, there was a noticeable decline in numbers during the 1970s and some residential wards were replaced with out-patient and community support services. In 2003 the Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust announced its intention to close Barrow Hospital by 2008. By 2004 only three residential wards remained open. A report published by Mind in 2003 found that on the issue of the hospital's closure, opinion among patients was divided with groups of patients having strong feelings both for and against. In 2005 a national survey of hospital cleanliness named Barrow as the dirtiest in Britain after inspectors found cigarette burns on floors, graffiti on walls, urine stains around a toilet and stains from bodily fluids on the bottom of a hoist chair. The report, combined with the collapse of part of the ceiling onto the head of a patient the same year saw the closure plan brought forward and the last ward closed the following year. After closure, the hospital attracted a variety of unofficial visitors including metal thieves, vandals and graffiti artists who contributed to the deterioration of the buildings." a few pictures from my visit.... More on my Flickr here.
  7. Hahaha! Sorry, honest typo. It's my fat sausage fingers.
  8. I have seen this building so many times when passing through Leicester but it wasnt until yesterday and several other fails that we gave it a go. A total fail on my behalf for not getting any externals-my bad. It seems it was once a manufacturer of textile items for C&A, Boots and other larger retailers, Im assuming closing due to overseas factories taking the contracts with cheaper labour. A total mess but still has some character inside, along with massive spiders. Visited with Skankypants, Shush, Borintomisbehave and Jammin'. Thanks
  9. I have been a bit quiet with getting out with my camera of late due to work and other commitments. Hopefully this will be the start of more reports for you lucky people [sarcasm]. Here is a little house my best mate told me about [skankypants]. I met him there and we had a look round, it was roasting hot in there like the heating was still on [but it wasnt obviously]. I think this is owned by the company that has the builders merchants next door as its pretty much on their industrial site. Deceptively big and very dark in places, it still had some interesting features. Here are my pictures, Im sure Skankypants will add some of his soon... *HDR Warning* More on my Flickr. Thanks