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  1. KGi

    Belgium Un Vieux francais

    I have a few more pics indeed....I will process some more
  2. or in English "an old frenchman" found this beauty by accident so I had to stop to take this picture...the sun was almost gone but it made the sky look great
  3. this manor (mansion) was abandoned for over 8 years because the only daughter of the artist died renovation has started earlier 2014, so this is an old explore... full album on my website thx for watching ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  4. Indeed one of the best location we had the last years..
  5. KGi

    Belgium Hh87

    thx all for the comments, indeed this one is sealed up well in the meantime...I guess we were very lucky that day
  6. thx all for the warm welcome.. It took me a while to make my first post, but it is done ! hoper you like it... cheers
  7. KGi

    Belgium Hh87

    Bij het krieken van de dag toekomen, een dik half uur lopen zoeken naar een ingang, poort over, zoeken ... zoeken, voelen, hier en daar, links rechts, weer de poort over, verder zoeken, ondertussen wegduiken voor de man in de straat die naar zijn werk moet, een vuilniswagen die tergend traag voorbij rijdt, nog een paar wandelaars, nog maar eens je veter knopen, doen alsof je aan het bellen bent, iedereen kent het vast dat gevoel.. en dan leun je plots tegen een raam en valt die toch wel open zeker We were on the spot "early bird" and didn't find any entrance, we search over 30 min... we climbed fences, went underground..in the meantime people start waking up and crosses the street. And just when we were about to gave up and leave, we found one window that could be pushed open... :-) 1 2 3 4
  8. I'll keep it in mind and will post first pics soon, my website is new and just try to find my way into WP ... more adventures soon thx for teh welcome
  9. Hi all ! I am Kurt, male, 41 years young and living in west flanders Belgium Being on the road to catpure the beauty of decay since summer 2011 looking forward to share pictures and stories My nickname is KGi and my project is named "Lost & Abandoned Places" nice to meet