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  1. Nice one mate! Some nice corridors there
  2. @John Think hamtagger would probably enjoy detailed shots of the toilets haha
  3. Great shots there fella thanks for sharing, the first 3 of the operating theatre light are ace! Looks pretty grim but would like to do somewhere like this at some point
  4. Great find man! Looks like a an interesting explore with plenty to see. Love all the little ornaments and the teeth!
  5. Yeah the layout is pretty confusing in there mate
  6. Yeah there's plenty of fecking breezeblocks in there but will give you a shout next week mate...
  7. Will give you a shout next week if you're up for it? Never quite cracked the nurses quarters despite having about 20 odd visits... Nice one Lavino, glad you got to see it Reckon there will still be some good bits, there's some cool stuff hidden away but it involves squeezing through ridiculous gaps to find them, a bit too much effort for the local chavs/emo kids to get to. Did you get on either of the roof bits, or the water logged corridor?
  8. Nice one fella! This looks ace, definitely going on 'the list' Thanks for posting.
  9. Great stuff mate! Like how some of the building looks pretty 'fresh' and some is really decaying, good work
  10. Nice one mate, yeah this will be in my top 5 for quite a while i reckon. Looks like you did better with the lighting, or lack of lighting than i did. They're all good but loving #13 that is a quality photo!
  11. Nice one fella, looks good! Photos are ace, thanks for posting