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  1. We all have our 'things' (chair shots, toilets, ghost ads etc), well this is one of mine. Was interested in photographing dead things way before i was into exploring & as you will all know there's an abundance of dead things to be found when exploring. Mostly just dead pigeons here in the UK but hoping some folks will be able to add some more exotic things since there's people on here that explore oustside the UK. Am really interested in the different stages of decay that can be found, both St Joeys in Preston & Upholland were great for this, some would be really fresh & some were complete skeletons. St Joeys, Preston This one looks like something you would get from some of the dodgy chicken joints in Preston St Joeys, Upholland Someone's had their fun with the taxidermy stuff sure most people have met this little guy (& probably got some better snaps of him) Dead bird coming down the chimney Even managed to find something at Katie's House Have more to add but the hard drive with the rest of my pics on it isn't with me right now, hopefully others will add to the thread as well...
  2. Not quite sure what this place was, as you can probably tell from the title. Wasn't expecting much from the place but it had been bugging me for a while so wanted to get it out of the way so i could concentrate on better things. So packed my bag & set of on a rainy windy night as is my style Did try to recce it a month earlier while walking the dog but had to give it a miss & quickly realised that dogs aren't the best exploring partners (trying to get a steady shot & the dog constantly pulling on the lead because it wants to sniff everything got frustrating pretty quick). I was right to keep my expectations low as only part of it was accessible & wasn't a lot to see but was quite pleased with some of the photos i got out of it. Sorry no history as i couldn't find any, if anyone knows anything feel free to help me out. couple of dodgy externals
  3. Nice one mate! Some nice corridors there
  4. @John Think hamtagger would probably enjoy detailed shots of the toilets haha
  5. Great shots there fella thanks for sharing, the first 3 of the operating theatre light are ace! Looks pretty grim but would like to do somewhere like this at some point
  6. Great find man! Looks like a an interesting explore with plenty to see. Love all the little ornaments and the teeth!
  7. Yeah the layout is pretty confusing in there mate
  8. Yeah there's plenty of fecking breezeblocks in there but will give you a shout next week mate...
  9. Spotted the place while i was on a wander & made a mental note to go back. Wasn't expecting much but still thought i might as well have a look. Quite enjoyed some of the weird 'graff' i wasn't expecting it & some off it looks pretty old. Was a pleasant way to kill a few hours anyway. Some of the pics are better than others as they are from 2 diferent cameras. History stolen from Wikipedia, "The camp itself sprawled across the hillside overlooking the Groudle Glen Railway on the adjacent hillside and some of the chalets remain today. The camp was first developed as a male-only tented village with all accommodation being in the form of distinctive looking bell tents. In the late 19th century it caused scandal by becoming the first camp on the island available to both sexes and it was operated by the same company that ran the enormously successful Cunningham's Camp in Douglas some four miles away. During the Second World War the camp was used as a music school by the Royal Naval School of Music before returning to holiday use upon cessation of the hostilities. Latterly it was a seasonal affair and after a fire ripped through the main dining hall in 1985 it closed." and some of the 'graff'
  10. Will give you a shout next week if you're up for it? Never quite cracked the nurses quarters despite having about 20 odd visits... Nice one Lavino, glad you got to see it Reckon there will still be some good bits, there's some cool stuff hidden away but it involves squeezing through ridiculous gaps to find them, a bit too much effort for the local chavs/emo kids to get to. Did you get on either of the roof bits, or the water logged corridor?
  11. Nice one fella! This looks ace, definitely going on 'the list' Thanks for posting.
  12. Great stuff mate! Like how some of the building looks pretty 'fresh' and some is really decaying, good work
  13. Nice one mate, yeah this will be in my top 5 for quite a while i reckon. Looks like you did better with the lighting, or lack of lighting than i did. They're all good but loving #13 that is a quality photo!
  14. Nice one fella, looks good! Photos are ace, thanks for posting
  15. Nice one man, the 16th photo is a belter!
  16. Cheers mate, 'groovy!' that it reminded you of the Evil Dead glad we got them the wrong way round & finished on this one. No such thing as too much Black Metal haha. Hopefully let you know soon when am over for new year mate...
  17. Visited with Ferox, this was our last explore of the day & a nice peaceful end to an ace day exploring. Knew we were getting close when we came across an overgrown graveyard, was worth going just for that, really like graveyards so it was pretty cool. A bit sad as well thinking about the owners of the overgrown graves, some of them looked like they might still be tended to but there were a lot that had been reclaimed by nature, was a bit of a surreal wander. Would be a really atmospheric night time explore i reckon. Cheers once again to Ferox, a sound chap & spot on to explore with. History, "Built in 1787, it served its local community for more than two centuries Loxley Chapel in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was closed in 1993. It is a Grade II-listed church, once known as Loxley Methodist Church and Loxley United Reformed Church. Shropshire resident Iain Kelly has relatives buried in the chapel’s graveyard, and said he was ‘shocked’ at its state after visiting there in 2010. Mr Kelly said: ‘After a long search I was unable to identify the family graves and came away quite distressed at the total and utter neglect. Writing on Sheffield Forum, he added: ‘My horror was increased on the discovery that the burial ground is still accepting new customers, as it were." did go down here but wasn't a lot going on a nice dark photo to end with
  18. Nice one mate, looks alright this, might have to have a look next time am over
  19. The last pic is ace! Looks a good explore, thank for posting
  20. Had a look at Pye Bank with Ferox but it was in a really dodgy area in the middle of the day & didn't fancy leaving Ferox's car parked around there, just giving you a heads up, don't park right outside & be wary of the locals (I grew up on a scottish council estate & i thought it was bad haha.). Also i may be thinking of somewhere else but think i heard about an explorer getting his car robbed while they were exploring Pye Bank, may be getting confused but pretty sure it was there.
  21. Some lovely shots there, really like the last one, thanks for posting
  22. Great stuff fella, keep them coming! Yeah i was thinking Pye Bank but only seen the place from the outside so not sure