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  1. A bit more from our recent German tour in the form of this lovely town house... No idea how it got the nickname? I was half expecting it to be covered in pigeon shite! ...Villa Muc... ... As always you lot, thanks for lookin'
  2. An abandoned kids holiday camp/ski hostel tucked away in the hills in the German countryside... EXCELLENT amount of decay in here! Proper derp!! ... As always... Thanks for looking
  3. Superbly decayed! Another one of my Italian faves
  4. Right up my street this is! Shame that street is so fookin far away!!
  5. YES!! Love this place!! Highlight of our recent euro jaunt
  6. Well... We couldn't go to Germany without a visit to Dr Annas... A bit worse for wear for sure, but still worth a look ...Dr Annas House... ... ... As always, thanks for lookin'
  7. Missed out on this on our last German trip... Bloody car broke down!! Still lookin great!!