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  1. that's really nicer, love the ceilings and those pillars are pretty nice too! Great find
  2. Some really interesting things left in there. Some of those murals are pretty funky! Thanks for sharing
  3. Some really nice pics mate, especially the chair with the cobwebs I like the dated pics as well That is one hell of a prize isn't it!! Lucky them!
  4. I really like that! Like your detailed shots. Isnt it rewarding when you finally get to explore somewhere you've wanted to.. so many really nice features left but I do like the whole place and the detail on the balcony
  5. What a shame to see all of those personal photo's and possessions strewn around like that. Sadly its the norm in most places nowadays. Looks like it would have been a fine place in its day! Thanks for sharing
  6. I love how those bookshelves are bowing so much and still standing! Like this, very photogenic despite its decay
  7. Thats really nice mate, think the black and white really captures the place as it should be. Really surprised how much this has gone downhill ? Such a shame. Corridor shots are awesome
  8. Thats real nice mate! I really love the wallpaper in the first few shots! a bit wacky eh. the stairs shot with the piano is nice too. Looks like you covered it well
  9. Really like this, a bit different from what we are used to seeing and surprised that there is almost everything still there except the pigs. The shockers are a bit of a reminder of the inhumanity, not something you see everyday.
  10. Im quite a big fan of pools and I quite like this. I love how the outside of the building looks tiled too. Thanks for sharing
  11. I like both parts too, especially those toilets. I did think for a minute hmm interesting but can now see where the cubicles would have stood around them.
  12. Thats really nice, I especially like pic 2 and the doors. Love seeing all of that old furniture too Nicely covered
  13. thanks for sharing, I haven't seen this before either