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  1. Thats really nice, lovely to see the machinery and some textiles and equipment there too. I enjoyed this report
  2. Thats nice mate, some nice detailed shots too. what a sorry state those motors are in though
  3. ooohhh Geoff thats nice! Glad you finally got around to going, worthwhile from what I can see Lovely pics and the write up was good too
  4. Nice clean shots mate, the place still looks in mint condition.
  5. Not one to fail to impress my dear This is awesome! Some real cracking pics there and I love that shot with the bed and the walls look like they are bleeding. Really nice!
  6. Looks nice, welcome to the forum It reminds me a little of a prison. Thanks for posting
  7. Really nice to see this place pop up again, I have vivid memories of lurking around and walking for ages of this place ? Its like a nice cheddar, matures nicely with age. She still has a lot going on and kudos for persevering I love the contrast between those marble pillars and that wood. nice work Damo
  8. Really like that last shot and the staircase. Nicely shit, pics are lovely
  9. Welcome to the forum Nice to see the 'then and now' pics, thanks for sharing
  10. All I wanted was the morgue, would have been nice but hey ho you win some you lose some..
  11. Never in a millions years did I expect what was on the inside to be on the inside judging from the outside. Nice
  12. Some nice bits of club memorabilia left over Thanks for sharing
  13. Wow thats quite something, I love that tiled green bathroom shot. So much to see here and although it was a 7 hour journey doesn't it make it more meaningful when you really have to go the distance. That spiral staircase is super nice. Cracking
  14. Really nice! Loving the decay here, nice and matured enjoyed your write up too
  15. The lights lovely in pic 4, really like that one really nice report