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  1. I’m sure you’ll have loads around. I just had a look at your Flickr LA is hustle and bustle, any small suburb is going to be a bit like that. Some of those shots reminded me of Gas Lamp Quarter in San Diego actually. Nice to have you on board 👍
  2. Hey, welcome to the forum Where about in Cali are you? Have you managed to get out somewhere yet?
  3. Thats really cool, can just imagine how busy that would have been in it's prime. Really like the conveyor covered in moss
  4. Thats a shame, hope the weather is better this weekend
  5. As much as it looks like nothing much to a passer by its a nice little snippet of history
  6. Don't you find yourself immersed in their 'life' when the house is full. I get so lost with time trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
  7. Im pretty sure Im not alone with sharing failures of this place but really nice to see it pop up again. I love 13 Andy and those mosaic tiles. Wonder what's happening with it now.
  8. What a beautiful building, I really like the curvature and the windows! Orangeries don't really have much a place today. I only found out quite recently that they are called Orangeries because they used to protect Orange and fruit trees in the winter, who'd have thought?! Basically a posh conservatory! There is an old Asylum in Lincoln where they had one, it was completely taken apart and moved, it now houses crocodiles or alligators at a nearby wildlife park. Lets hope they save it and it can be a massive something 🤣
  9. I quite like it. Pigeon crap galore but I like that little office and those old wooden sliding doors. Nice mate
  10. Bit of a mass of empty space, what are they doing with it? landie, pic 4 isn't showing my end, can you check its showing yours?
  11. Places like this are really interesting, makes you wonder about what the owner was like especially with everything they left behind. Thanks for sharing, I like how the bedroom is laid out
  12. What a shame its in that state eh. Not bad prices judging by the price list too. Thanks for sharing
  13. Interesting little place that, even the graffiti is cool
  14. Thats not bad considering you came across it on google! Quite like that entrance hall, decay is lovely. Who's have thought that shade of blue would look so good decayed haha! Nice damo :comp:
  15. How that light in the first shot survived Ill never know, looks like its made of glass. Im in complete awe of the fabrics and wallpapers in this place! Its like 50's heaven 🤣 Thanks for sharing, really liked it