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  1. Stunning pics! Really nice place and the decay is 👌
  2. Thats amazing!! I love everything about it and really like your detailed shots Its not often you come across a church so cluttered with decoration but so beautiful. And jesus has shit on his head 😕 If it is jesus? .. Really lovely
  3. You did an alright job with a phone mate! Looks really interesting and I really like the randomness of that that croc/alligator thing.
  4. Thats really quite nice, when you look past the small amount of damage from twats the ceiling and upper walls are nicely detailed. I love how old it all is, furniture and all. Like this, thanks for posting
  5. I concur with @The_Raw always one I wanted to see. The architecture was lovely, nice
  6. love this, especially the chairs with their own stencilled number on them
  7. Nice to see this place pop up again, some nice detailed shots
  8. Thats really cool Mikey Lots to see here, liking the little medical room and the military graveyard. Nice work, enjoyed your write up too
  9. Hi Matteo, welcome to the forum Your english is pretty good actually, unless you have used a translator? I look forward to seeing some reports from you on here. You tube isn't something Im really in to but Im sure someone will be interested
  10. Some cool stuff left in there, looks like a nice little explore. The exterior of the place looks lovely too
  11. Agree with @AndyK!, looks lovely from the outside. A lot of water damage on the inside which is a shame, still hope for the place yet i suppose.
  12. The architecture is really quite something isn't it. Those panelled & mural led walls are a bit special! Really nicely shot mate and thanks for sharing