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  1. That looks so nice inside now. Me and @hamtagger tried this a few years back but was heavily overlooked by the drivers at the kebab shop so gave up, never did go back. Kinda wish we did now. Pics are nice mate, lovely old building isn’t it
  2. That’s nice, I too have never seen a morgue table like that. Do you know what material is it made from? The body fridge is cool, ultimate in space saving that is! Liking that chair too and the lights.
  3. Blimey that has gone down hill, saying that it looks far more photogenic with the increasing decay! Nice shots just sounds like it’s not being very well looked after at all.
  4. Those floors look a bit ropey! The tiles are class though! Such a shame but liking the go kart track inside!
  5. There’s always a bad point to eating meat and as much as this place does look pretty grey in terms of what went on I’m happy to say it won’t stop me eating it. interesting though
  6. You wouldn’t miss hat really would you. Looks massive.. and red! Haha! Liking the pics though, thanks
  7. Nice that mate. Not many left in that condition, that’s for sure. Really like the old writing on the front.
  8. That’s literally like time stood still! Surprised there is even equiptment still there. Building looks nice and imposing I’ve not seen this before, and how it’s been empty for 20 years! Love the green tiles. Hang on a minute are they human bones?
  9. That’s real nice Damo! Love the pic of the beds. Got a nice aged feel to it. The whole place looks mint! That last shot really shows the architecture in its worth
  10. that's really nicer, love the ceilings and those pillars are pretty nice too! Great find
  11. That looks huge from the outside, I like the tiling on the floor
  12. Some really interesting things left in there. Some of those murals are pretty funky! Thanks for sharing
  13. Some really nice pics mate, especially the chair with the cobwebs I like the dated pics as well That is one hell of a prize isn't it!! Lucky them!
  14. I really like that! Like your detailed shots. Isnt it rewarding when you finally get to explore somewhere you've wanted to.. so many really nice features left but I do like the whole place and the detail on the balcony