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  1. Welcome to the forum nice to see something new and i agree with Andy, I like those older style machines. I look forward to seeing some more posts from you
  2. i really like this, aside from the fact that the ceiling has been wallpapered in one room which impressed me loads haha I love it. I am in awe of the decor and the dinginess I particularly like number 3 , great pics Andy
  3. Oh wow! this is amazing Michelle! I love everything about this place, the exterior is very 'workhousey' like we get over here. The body fridge is a bit retro, I am absolutely loving that Must have been humungous with a capacity like that. Im pleasantly surprised with how well preserved the chapel is considering the decay of the rest of the place. What surprises me more is the length of time it was open, not very long really but hey, I am not complaining! Relatively intact and vandalism free as well. The handprinted sign is nice, I bet the place is littered with those. This is like hospital porn for me. i could actually go on for days but I won't haha! Love it, really love it! nice work lovely
  4. I love number 6 mate nice bit of history and what fantastic views!
  5. pretty impressive that mate
  6. I can imagine, not a nice experience at all.
  7. This is a clear testament to how trashed somewhere so lovely gets in a short space of time. I have seen loads on this place what a load of little shits trashing it like this. Nice to be updated of the place though
  8. Some really cool bits and pieces left behind here Nice work mate I particuarly like number 3
  9. There was no expense spared when building this place was there, reminds me a litle of Stormont in NI from the outside. I like those leather clad seats as well. At least the effort getting in was well worth it and you have that set of pics to show for it
  10. What a strange history and quite personal from what you say. Its always nice to have a bit of a connection to somewhere we explore. The old lady probably died a lonely death after her husband. Quite sad really, Thanks for the post, pretty interesting
  11. Surprises me that something so sacred has been left so unkempt and disrespected. What saddens me is that those bones have been chucked about like rubbish from people probably looking for some valuables. Such a same but amazing photo'sal the same. Not something you get to see every day
  12. Its always nice to see an update and it doesnt look like much has changed exterior wise since I visited in 206 except for the fact that there is now someone selling entry through the backdoors for pics inside I have removed the last pic as some people can get a bit funny about themselves being put on the internet without their permission. Could cause problems for ya mate
  13. Thats really quite special, places like this always are and your pics have really done the place justice I love the old bingo shelves, the architecture around the private boxes and the little bingo member request. Really nice colection of pics
  14. I dont know what you mean about being not too impressive, I really like it Does look like some form of body trolley with some bmx style wheels on it haha! Some really cool stuff here. Good work Damo
  15. Quite like that as bare as it is I guess the whole reason your put in jail in the first place isnt for pleasure. Some really nice peely too
  16. Oh I do like a nice pool! Great shots
  17. Really nice Andy, literally just finished looking through your album on FB for this one. I love that green in number 19! Really like those paintings? On the wall in 11 too.
  18. Its mad that this is all that's left if the place! Those walls could tell some stories I'm sure. Nice little place thanks for sharing
  19. That's stunning! The exterior is nice and never expected to see that lovely dome area. Really nice. I'm liking all the curves to this place and the tiles are nice! Nice bit of history too, was interesting to read
  20. Really nice, I like those detailed shots. That bath tub is nice as well. The place is amazing, lovely set of pics
  21. That's a bit nice! Loving the second shot some really nice architecture and the decay is nice too quite a bit left too, nice work!