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  1. Nice to see this from a few years ago, just a little less decay. Beautiful place and one of my faves.
  2. Love that 4th shot, nice views too.
  3. Loved the bit about the bull haha. Great report mate. They look cool
  4. And here she is, I love everything about this one even the derpy signs lol. That pool is awesome!! Thanks for sharing, pics are great
  5. Wow, this is awesome. Loads to see and I love all of the gauges and control panels. Some nice bright colours in there too!
  6. Looks like there is a lot to see here, the half pennies remind me of counting my grandads when I was a kid. Great first report & thanks for sharing
  7. Some really cool pics, like that 2nd from last one and I love the word Abergavenny, one of those words I have to say in a Welsh accent thanks for sharing
  8. I bet that has a few stories to tell! Great pics
  9. It is indeed, well worth going back to. I spent quite a few hours in here the last time I went. Thanks for sharing
  10. It's always nice to see this place pop up, not good about Hawai 5-O though.. Like the staircase shot, I never got to see that when I went. Great report
  11. Looks awesome although I'm a little disappointed there are no digger selfies in there. It looks too tempting! Love the empty hall shot and the roof ones! Good work!!
  12. Your not wrong SK, looking for new places always gets caught up in wanting to see what is allready 'found'. At the end of the day if people didn't share there would have been none of this place for me. It does have a very interesting history and that is part of my research too. Places have to have an appeal as they do for everyone. Thanks
  13. I know right! I was well chuffed, texted my mum through excitement and told her Id found something older than her. She wasn't impressed haha! I love finding things like this though.
  14. And did it take your weight? Haha! Great stuff!
  15. Funnily enough my mates dad used to work at a place similar to this, unsure without showing him the pics of its the same one. Nice pics mate
  16. Good to see this place, just down the road from my folks. Nice bit of decay aswell. Loving those buttons and control bits.
  17. Would love to see that exterior with no scaffolding! Looks lovely. Like the look of the inside too
  18. Thanks for coming over to the forum (I'm Tracey) , loving your pics from the FB page and can't wait to see more on here too
  19. Hello Ralf, nice to see you here. Look forward to seeing some of your explores