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  1. Some of your pics aren't showing for me either (the first 6). Have you edited the pics at all since uploading them here or changed the location? If you are having trouble updating the thread then please let one of us know who can help :)

    Its nice to see this place pop up again. This is one of my favourite explores and from the pics I can see reminds me of why I visited. :) 


  2. On 6/16/2018 at 12:08 PM, SuZyQue said:

    Fond memories of these old explores, so long ago since I did my first explore.  11 years ago I started exploring. Still look at abandoned buildings exactly the same but a old lady now lol at 62. In my head I am 40 but the rest sais otherwise.  Great to see this site again and all the explores, well done all of you for the work you do.  Happy exploring xx



    Its nice to see you back on here :)