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  1. One of the most random places Ive seen, that TV set is bizarre
  2. Looks like you got some nice views from up there, like the night shots too
  3. You covered this really well & I enjoyed reading up on the history I like it, theres lots left there with some random machines and textiles etc. Those old signs are pretty cool too. I like the fireplace, looks really clean too. The parquet flooring is looking old but still has such a nice effect not to mention its probably worth a fortune! Well done on this mate
  4. thats pretty cool mate! Nice clear, crisp shots as well. I like how the pool is one level and no deep end. Don't find many like that. The giant chess set is pretty random, but reminds me of the time I played giant chess in the states one time. I get the feel that someone just locked up and left one day, never to return. like pic 4, bed still looks sleepable! nice work mate
  5. Thats real nice Andy, REALLY like the first shot! Also like the mummification you found there! Its like he just laid down to die. Looks like a really nice place and the decay has set in nicely
  6. Welcome to the forum, I would agree with @jones-y-gog google is great for finding stuff out, whether thats research or even using the maps to pinpoint locations. I have moved this thread to the welcome section
  7. Thats really nice Andy, like your detailed shots and how plain the place is but with that added grandeur. The bed is pretty spesh!
  8. Thats real nice chick! I love those columns in pic 2. Got a real nice look to it. Like the decay and love that the furniture is still there. Enormous amount of craftsmanship in there, the wood carvings, balustrade & stair are just WOW! Nice
  9. I like that ceiling in the last shot, those green curtains are ace as well
  10. Well, if at first you dont succeed, try and try again
  11. Im pretty sure one of them is called the 'eternal' corridor it goes on so long. I really liked the murals and its nice to see they are still there
  12. That’s really nice Youve got a great set of pics there. Really photogenic place, especially those beds!
  13. Haven’t seen this pop up for a while. Actually looks no different from when I went about 3 years ago. Literally, a bit more decay. I thought they were renovating it? Shame you got caught but nice pics
  14. Some of your pics aren't showing for me either (the first 6). Have you edited the pics at all since uploading them here or changed the location? If you are having trouble updating the thread then please let one of us know who can help Its nice to see this place pop up again. This is one of my favourite explores and from the pics I can see reminds me of why I visited.