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  1. Some of your pics aren't showing for me either (the first 6). Have you edited the pics at all since uploading them here or changed the location? If you are having trouble updating the thread then please let one of us know who can help Its nice to see this place pop up again. This is one of my favourite explores and from the pics I can see reminds me of why I visited.
  2. What a cool spectator spot for the ring huh! Love how that wooden floor has gone. Thanks for sharing
  3. Such a sad state of affairs when Toys R Us closed. Since that happened, I have always had this misconception that there would one lonely stuffed toy sat on the shelf with no home. I guess not 🤣 Thanks for sharing none the less
  4. thanks for sharing, haven't heard of this place before
  5. Thanks for sharing still some nice bits there, would like to see more of this place if you have more photo's? Those windows are lovely and I like the external architecture
  6. Reminds me of an old school, not a lot of character at all sadly but still like you say, one to tick off the list
  7. This place has really taken a battering over the last few years. Nice to see an update on the place all the same. Thanks for posting
  8. Thats pretty cool, Nice to see something a little different Thanks for sharing
  9. Its dudette Thanks, did you get around to going?
  10. @nightcrawler they were only taken in April mate. Still there and surrounded by a new housing estate. Well worth it in my opinion but I have heard that Police have been called on occasion
  11. Nice bit of history to that mate and really liking shot 2 :comp:
  12. Hi & welcome! look forward to seeing some of your explores and if theres anything you need any help with feel free to ask
  13. Looks pretty cool, I love how decayed it is and the colours photograph well
  14. Like the detailed shot of the handle Is it in the middle of a forest? Looks like its been out of action for some time but still nice to get a few pics