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  1. Thats really nice, lovely to see the machinery and some textiles and equipment there too. I enjoyed this report
  2. Thats nice mate, some nice detailed shots too. what a sorry state those motors are in though
  3. ooohhh Geoff thats nice! Glad you finally got around to going, worthwhile from what I can see Lovely pics and the write up was good too
  4. Nice clean shots mate, the place still looks in mint condition.
  5. Not one to fail to impress my dear This is awesome! Some real cracking pics there and I love that shot with the bed and the walls look like they are bleeding. Really nice!
  6. Looks nice, welcome to the forum It reminds me a little of a prison. Thanks for posting
  7. Really nice to see this place pop up again, I have vivid memories of lurking around and walking for ages of this place ? Its like a nice cheddar, matures nicely with age. She still has a lot going on and kudos for persevering I love the contrast between those marble pillars and that wood. nice work Damo
  8. Really like that last shot and the staircase. Nicely shit, pics are lovely
  9. I am a big fan of a dial as some of you might know.. Here's a few of mine
  10. Welcome to the forum Nice to see the 'then and now' pics, thanks for sharing
  11. All I wanted was the morgue, would have been nice but hey ho you win some you lose some..
  12. Never in a millions years did I expect what was on the inside to be on the inside judging from the outside. Nice
  13. Some nice bits of club memorabilia left over Thanks for sharing
  14. Wow thats quite something, I love that tiled green bathroom shot. So much to see here and although it was a 7 hour journey doesn't it make it more meaningful when you really have to go the distance. That spiral staircase is super nice. Cracking
  15. Really nice! Loving the decay here, nice and matured enjoyed your write up too
  16. The lights lovely in pic 4, really like that one really nice report
  17. Love love love 3 & 7! Nice crisp shots mate, building is decaying beautifully. What an amazing place
  18. History Brampton Park Officers' Mess is a former country house, then used by RAF Support Command at RAF Brampton. Brampton Park dates back to the 12th century and the house, known as the Grange, was built in 1821-22 to designs by Thomas Stedman Whitewell. It was altered in 1825 by John Buonarotti Papworth. The main part of the house burned down in 1907 and was rebuilt and extended on the east side in red brick to form a symmetrical design. The south facade is constructed from yellow brick and the roof is tiled. The north front of the house incorporates one of the surviving 19th Century wings as its west end and the 19th Century Pump Room survives on the first floor of the north-west wing. During the First World War, the house was used to house German prisoners. At the beginning of the Second World War it was used as the 'Sun Babies Nursery', to house about 100 infants evacuated from North London. In 1942 the house was taken over by the United States Army Corps (HQ 1st Air Division) until 1945-6. In late Spring 1945, Headquarters Technical Training Command moved to Brampton from Shinfield Park. The Grange became the headquarters and the personnel were billeted in the Park. The house was used as the headquarters of various RAF Command and Group Headquarters from 1955 onwards. In 1982 the upper floor of the building was damaged in a fire and in 1987 a refurbishment programme was carried out on the house, completed in 1988. In 2012 RAF Brampton was put for disposal by the Ministry of Defence. The Explore Visited with @hamtagger this had been one we had wanted to visit for a little while and not too far from us either. Pleasantly surprised about the location, still had a RAF feel to it especially over the back of the area where the married quarters are still lived in but the vast majority of the site has been demo'd with masses of new houses built on site to replace the old MOD buildings. What is left is enough though with quite a lot of the features retained, as you will see from the above history part of it burnt down some time ago so I would guess thats why half of it is relatively modern in design. This was one of the most leisurely explores I have had. Having heard that people have had the police rung and escorted off, locals keeping their eyes open for people coming and going we were pretty lucky. In and out unnoticed, just how I like it! Anyway, the pics. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Thanks for looking!
  19. Cheers, very enjoyable Thanks Andy, some very nice bits there Cheers mate ? Cheers Damo, worth a look Cheers
  20. backlog or no backlog, its always nice to see a returning member posting and sharing their explores
  21. same here, that nice curved bit at the front adds a lot of character to the place
  22. Welcome to OS Look forward to seeing some more from you, you sound interesting
  23. Nor would I ? a good polish up and I could eat my dinner off that! happens a bit though doesn't it, most people follow the trail of photo's that have been taken before them so nice to see something different we have seen the rest of for so long