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Found 210 results

  1. Visited this amazing place with Host (permission) as part of a short visit to Hungary When Kelenfold Power Plant started generating electricity in 1914, it was one of the most advanced plants of its day-though it was modernized and expanded several times since then to serve the changing energy demands of the surrounding districts.The buildings, designed and built by Kalman Reichl and Virgil Borbiro (Bierbauer) between 1927 and 1929, are protected by law, which means they'll never be demolished. Sadly, in this case this means that they aren't being touched at all, even for basic maintenance, so their condition has clearly worsened during the past few years. Only production companies benefit from this kind of perpetual decay with several apocalyptic movie scenes and music videos have been filmed at Kelenfold. Pics.............. Cheers for looking
  2. As you may have noticed i'm not big on doing reports anymore. Probably though no other fact that i can't be arsed half the time and that it takes me so long to edit the shots that by the time im done several thousand people have already seen it, bought the t-shirt etc, etc. Anyhow's, here we are again. June 2012 saw the tourists hit Belgium and France (briefly)and did it the only way a tourist would, by seeing everything that everyone else has already seen As much as we failed, we succeeded. Dodgy sat nav's bad co-ordinates and a close encounter with France's finest couldn't stop us rolling across this fine country on our quest to boldly go where everyone one else has been. These places don't need any introduction and i don't intend to start now, so sit back, put your feet up and i hope you enjoy the pics. Cheers for looking
  3. If this is a repost of stuff...forgive me. For I am majorly bored having not been on an explore since the beginning of July for various reasons As an aside to my usual digital photography I also own a Canon T70 which I picked up last year for a bargain price, one of the best purchases I've ever made as it's such an easy film camera to use. I've shot a few rolls of film on it and sometimes get it out on explores - although a few times I have gotten so engrossed in a place and focused on shooting digitally it has sinfully never left my bag! Anyway here are some images I have made over the last year or so. I don't pretend to be an expert, I'd never seriously picked up a proper film camera once in my life before I started using the T70 so it's all a learning experience, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. All shot on bargain poundland film as well! Excuse the dodgy cropping on the first lot, they were scanned in by myself as I didn't get a disc with them on....
  4. A recent visit to Hungary in search of derps saw myself and Host visit this rather cool location, basically a very large abandoned loco shed full of rusty trains including some monstrous communist era steam trains. The site itself is part of a live railway depo, guarded and crawling with workers during the day we weren't put of and managed access easy enough. It's a really photogenic place, the roof has collapsed in places, it's dark and nature has returned. Everything was going pretty well until after about 40 mins i heard a Hungarian voice shout - "No"....."restricted area" !! Now, we had been warned before hand that Hungarian secca are pretty on top and even the shittiest derp is guarded and usually with dogs ...... this seems largely true, however on this occasion we were happy to have come across probably the friendliest secca i've ever met, we kind of explained what we were doing..... hit lit his pipe, shrugged his shoulders and said "carry on"..... Top bloke, and when we finished he took us to one side and showed us 2 carriages that had come straight from Auschwitz, ironic really as we had been hiding in the very same carriages an hour earlier Once we had finished he kindly showed us the exit and told us the trains had been left in the shed for around 40 years, we thanked him for being so understanding and we was on our way, glad we bumped into him and not some of the other sec we saw during our few days. No history i'm afraid, just pics............... Auschwitz carriages.... Cheers for looking
  5. Whilst away in Budapest myself and Host checked out this awesome Asylum/Psych Hospital, it's a huge site with a modern hospital in full use, however in the same extensive grounds remains a selection of fantastic looking grand buildings of the old hospital complex. I had only ever seen a small selection of photo's from here including a cool looking chapel, and shots through a window of a morgue with 2 sweet looking slabs We had no info to go off but after finding the location we went for a wander, first thing we found was 3 guards at the main gate, and a big ass german shepard feasting on human remains.....hmmm maybe it wasn't going to be as straightforward as we hoped. Elsewhere we managed to find access onto the site and our way into one of the outer buildings, some nice corridors and old secure rooms with padding still remaining, but no morgue .......... we left the site after spotting security doing their rounds as i think they go in the buildings, and neither of us fancied having our throat ripped out by the dog. We returned later in the day only to see workers everywhere and sec patrolling with the dog as the seem to do regularly, so on our last day another early morning visit and this time managed to access one of the main blocks, only a quick visit after getting spooked by sec, again no morgue or chapel but still, it was a cracking place and definitely worthy of a return as we probably only saw 20% of it and i'd love to find the best bits. "The original Psychiatric hospital was built in the 19th century and designed to care for 800 mentally ill patients. Besides the massive, four story, four-winged main building, the hospital had a 75 acres forest and park, its own lavatory, pig farm, movie theatre, chapel, swimming pool and tennis court as well as living quarters for the doctors and other staff. In 1945 patients had to move out from the hospital as the invading soviet Red Army set up their HQ in the building. The soviets left the building in 1946 leaving behind 150 mentally ill soviet soldiers. After the 2nd World War the building became the national center for treating mentally ill patients as well as an internationally recognized research center. The institute was closed suddenly around 7 years ago........... The reasons of the closure remained unknown" Pics........ .. .. .. Cheers for looking
  6. Family holiday, got a day to myself with the camera This place was huge and I know I only covered 40% ish, the site covers a few miles and in 35 degree heat I felt I had done enough in 3 hours, but maybe a return next year to cover the other bits. I honestly stripped this down from 70+ plus shots There was almost a higher ranking living area once passed the main gate the only real graffiti I saw old statue knocked down Outdoor bath for higher ranking personal Another checkpoint ? A very hot and long road to the rest of the base random buildings entrance to an underground area more underground entrances pitch black led to this directly beneath this Then I found the long tunnel !!! which became this, gotta say, I`m not a fan of underground and this was maybe 200m long with a few off shoots to the cliff sides up top I found this then the long walk back to the car Cheers THE BARON
  7. An awesome sauce place! A huge complex with a great forest nearby, rumoured to have gold buried beneath it from soldiers from the time the hospital was used in World War II Also rumours of a guy living here with a weapon, but I saw jack shit. I did however get cut to pieces via brambles and nettles, so lots of blood and scarring later I was in! Found a much easier way out! DOH! Enjoy!
  8. The weekend just gone, I spent a mad couple of days in France and Belgium with a group of four who'd never been before. Probably the most fun I have had for a long long time, it was non stop laughs and action all the way and, even though I was acting as tour guide so didn't see anything new to me, I enjoyed not shooting as much photos and just wandering around the locations soaking up the atmospheres and sounds, smells etc. We kicked off at truly stupid o'clock in France, with the plan seeing the sunrise from the top of Grands Moulins de Paris mill. However it soon became clear the cloud was stubbornly not going anywhere, but I managed to get a couple of shots from the top anyway. Three of the group didn't tackle the stairs up to the top, as it quickly became clear to me that in the intervening 14 months since my last visit the place has become even more of a massive death trap than it was before, and it won't be long until almost all of the top 2 floors is totally inaccessible. After it got a bit lighter we headed down and around the other parts, and three of us were halfway up the main tower when we heard the other two say from further down 'guys, there are four security guards walking across towards the building'. Staying put for a moment we tracked their movements and realised they were climbing into the site. Recognising the light blue shirts and dark trousers as those worn by the rozzers we quickly decided that as there were four of them, the best thing to do would be do go down to ground level and see what was up, no point running around a lethally dangerous derelict building hiding. The three of us emerged with the other two nowhere to be seen, and we spotted four of the police officers coming round towards us. We waved at them and they came over, and suddenly four more appeared from somewhere else! So we were surrounded by seven of the finest French policemen and one utter babe of a police woman who turned out to be the one who spoke the best English. Now it could have gone either way, but pretty much as soon as they saw we had camera gear and weren't going to burn the place down it was all laughter and smiles from both sides, we got the usual 'this is private and very dangerous' talk and a couple of other questions about our car etc, once the others in our group showed up we were free to leave with them following. Getting back to our car we found it boxed in by a trio of police cars with another officer standing guard taking the total to nine, which must have been nearly all the officers on duty at 5.30am that morning! After they had finished doing whatever amongst themselves they bid us farewell and we left, sadly without the total hottie's phone number.... More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634651305780/ It was then off to Doel which has a separate thread, after Doel we hit up Du Parc Stockings Factory Last that day was the Swimming Stadium, we met a small group of like-minded people in here so had a good chat, it was nice to see this place not with an extra metre of water in it like it was last year! More http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634651661944/ Sunday saw us head to the awesome Villa Wallfahrt, one of my favourite Belgian residential sites. This used to be a religious hospice for terminal patients judging by the various bits of paperwork left behind and multitude of condolence cards and it closed around the mid-1990s. Sad to report though that someone has had the stuffed Pheasant away! I took a more complete set of photos back in March, this is what I got this time though. More http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634645185463/ Last stop after a change of plans was Atelier Decor, I think my group was pleasantly surprised here, it is a very photogenic location. Again, I took a much more comprehensive set of photos back in March. More http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634651715822/ The group also did Tapioca Farm and Bowling Mill but I chose to have a little sleep in the car for both of those having covered them comprehensively back in March. The other non-urbex highlights had to be accidentally taking private service road through a tunnel in Brussels emerging in a totally different tunnel, 2 of the group walking down the Dunkirk beachfront promenade wearing Cyberman and Gorilla masks, crashing into the side of the Eurotunnel train and just general messing about the whole way...how a trip should be!
  9. People say this often to protect places, but I have literally given up on finding any info about this place! Even harder when it's overseas. Hopefully now you can see my photography is better.. and I don't post shit all the time Just been trying to hold back on posting anything! It could of been a hospital, perhaps a camp, even a school. Literally no ideas! Very strange place, but so damn beautiful!!! Great fun playing with my new lens too
  10. When I got my fisheye, and as I am from Norfolk one of the first photos I took with it was a tractor! I was quite pleased with the results so I thought I would have a wander about this site. All are processed from 3 handheld bracketed images. I know a bit lazy. Sorry there seems to be a bit of a formula to the images but I hope you enjoy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13