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Found 44 results

  1. A small chapel built in a small park. Just behind it is a steel gate and stairs leading to the crypt. In the middle, cool, quiet ... dark. A lit torch reveals the secret of the crypt. Stacked coffins, side by side. Judging by the size, adults buried there ... and between them ... between them two small coffins, probably they were babies. Seven family members buried in a common crypt ... (Translated in a translator)
  2. The hospital was closed less than three years ago. The facility has functioned, among others orthopedics and traumatology, rheumatology, pulmonology and surgery. The total area of the facility is about 2.38 ha. As of today, little souvenirs remain in the middle. The only thing left was the lamps in the operating rooms and some glass equipment somewhere in the attic. Despite everything, the hospital has an amazing atmosphere ... until you want to walk the long corridors. The hospital is not haunted, it has no ghosts ... it is guarded ... motion detectors, cameras and a dog make the entrance into the wild border with a miracle. Thanks to this the building is in very good condition .... (Sorry, translator)
  3. This place was part of a giant complex where they used to build trains for the national railroad company. Most of the site was already demolished by the time we got here, but the lab itself was still worth the visit. It's been abandoned since 2010, which is sort of surprising, if you look at the amount of decay, but well, I'm not complaining about that at all... Actually took 2 visits to get in. First attempt was on a thursday afternoon. Entered the site, walked to the particular building and said to my girl: "what's that noise?!" Peeked inside the building and got instantly spotted by demolition workers... Took a run and returned a few days later in the weekend. More luck that time. Have to say, definitely worth it... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Thanks for looking!!
  4. One of the objects located in the campsite. Why a house is bad. When I was inside, alone ... there was a squeaky door from everywhere and the cracking of the boards against each other. The blame for all this is borne by the wind and frost ... however, when you sit in such an object yourself, different thoughts come to mind. In fact, I was not alone ... my friend was outside ... but the distance between us (at a given moment and situation) was comparable to the width of the Vistula (in fact it was enough to just walk out the window). Great property, amazing atmosphere ... great rooms .... (Translator...sorry)
  5. Closed German thermal gym.
  6. I have long dreamed of visiting an abandoned school. From what I was able to read on the internet, the school was closed in 2003. After a few years, the facility was reactivated, an environmental center was created. Unfortunately, the plan did not work out. So the little kids marched to another school. The old facility stands and waits ... thousands of people take a course on it like believers on Jasna Góra. It is probably the most recognizable school in Poland, of course those abandoned. My only regret is that only now I managed to come here. You can see traces of demolition ... in the sleeping area where the youngest ones were napping, you can see traces of alcoholic libations. Crosses turned upside down, I personally am not a believer, but I put most of the crosses as it should be. Very childish play, although even the children probably would not do it, because for what. If any of you have plans to visit a school ... do not postpone it for later ... because there is no reason to go. The school has an amazing atmosphere. (Translator....sorry )
  7. When I die, honey when I part with the sun and I will be a long rather sad thing will you take care of me then? you will embrace your arms and you'll fix what broke cruel fate ...
  8. Everything left as if the hotel's owners left it with the thought that they will come back in a moment. Or maybe the contrary, with the thought that they can not go back there anymore. We know that they did not come back. We do not know why. At the bottom, aprons, cups, the inscription "Welcome wedding guests". Upstairs furniture, appliances, personal items, books. Everything is abandoned, not packed, segregated, as in the planned move. No. Abandoned and destroyed. Scattered. Maybe by a vandal who accidentally got there and could not respect the place and things that belonged to someone. Or maybe by someone who did it with the deliberation that was looking for something.
  9. Al reet kids...........first location hse testing plant up in them there hills ya know.........and it was snowing Visited with explore the darkness and many more 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 Shot on a different day / night ......set out to this location with Host & Hidden Shadow i was told it wasnt an empty ware house.....some one lied 1. That was me .....meh.......meh.......empty f--ckin warehouse , on our exit i ask the question "Whats in that building" ??? After a small climb we were in and not disappointed..... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Then this cropped up round the corner i havent got a clue what it is .........but it put a smile on my face 9. 10. Now Now then...........!!!!!! onto this weekend up @ 3am,meet Rusty @4am, surrounded by 7 Polish farm workers @6.50am, arrested @7.00am,de-arrested @7.10am ,Meet Andre @ 8.00am, train & tune to London central for epic fail .........9.00am GGRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH............. On a positive note we did get to do this spot on our way home visited with Rusty & Andre ...a quickie little number ...after a 20min clean up we managed to recover some sense of what was a tragic day .......you win some you loose some The Tiled Manor 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Thanks for spending you precious time to read my bullshit .....Oldskool
  10. Powerful plant, foundry, machinery park. Incredible climate. Three years ago people were working there. Today, everything is gradually exported ... casts for scrap .. part of machines for other plants, the rest for deletion.
  11. There was an intoxicating smell of chemicals in the air and a smell of ubiquitous mold. Ampoules and glass beakers, volumetric flasks ... broken ... crashed throughout the room. It is best not to touch anything. Just being in this room led the airways to rage
  12. In the middle of the city ... the entire ground floor is flooded ... mold ... demolition .... Sports and medical clinic connected to the hotel. Another building written down for losses. Probably soon will be razed to the ground ... especially that in its vicinity grow new residential buildings. One can only imagine what sport stars were in this object. Have a look at the photos that remained inside ... (TRANSLATOR...sorry)
  13. It looks as if someone closed the cinema yesterday after the screening ... cinema room untouched ... projectors in their place, ready to work ... amazing atmosphere.
  14. Closed glassworks. The office building looks like they closed it yesterday. There is not even a trace of dust. The room in which there are samples of what they made there - amazing. Rows of glass lamps ... until you do not want to leave. I'm sorry that it's all waiting ... just for what. Fortunately, the object is well guarded ... probably because it looks like it looks.
  15. Incredible climate. Several work halls, in one stand drills, lathes, milling machines ... right next to carriages and goods wagons. Everything is gently sunk in the green eaves ... Some 150 skilled workers used to work in these halls. Today there is silence. (translated in a translator)
  16. Najbardziej dołujące miejsce, jakie udało mi się zwiedzić do tej pory. Mały stół sekcyjny, kapliczka z miejscem na trumienkę...chłodnia...cokolwiek bym nie robił, jakkolwiek bym nie ustawiał przedmiotów znajdujących w obiekcie...nic nie odda klimatu jaki panuje w środku...i ta myśl, że tu ostatnie swoje chwile spędzali ci najmłodsi... . The most depressing place that I have been able to visit so far. A small sectional table, a chapel with a place for a coffin ... a cold store ... whatever I would not do, however much I would not set objects in the object ... nothing will reflect the climate that prevails ... and the idea that the last one Your little ones spent their time ....
  17. It is a civil defense hall in a large plant that remembers the times of the Polish People's Republic... it was rather ... because the plant liquidated the room In the event of an armed attack, it would protect the civilian population. The room is falling apart. The equipment is rotting. Nobody cares about it anymore. Fortunately, at the last moment I got a tip and I was able to visit and take pictures. Some of the pictures are directed, but only so I could show the entire contents of this room. Translated in a translator
  18. Ok, sometimes you pass a location that may not completely deserve a report on it's own, but well, since you're there, you decide to quickly take some snaps. Located only a few hundred meters from "The Chapel" in a tiny village with only 400 people we found this place by accident. A bit of history; In 1744 a wooden church was build for the evangelic community of Alt Jäschwitz. For some reason, in 1842 the wooden church was replaced by a new concrete church and was converted into a Lutheran church. They finished building the new church in 1844. In 1945, after the war, the church was abandoned simply because the Polish people that moved back into this area were catholic and didn't want to pray in a German church. Nowadays it's in a state beyond repair, but some tiny details inside still give you the impression that it once must have been a nice place. It's on the list of monuments in Poland, but it's unlikely it will ever get restored to it's former glory. Below two pictures taken in 1917 & 1919, showing the church and it's former beauty; Ok, definitely not my best set of images, but well, here we go; 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 13# 14# Thanks for watching!
  19. A state-of-the-art manufacturer of pipes and fittings, once fully owned by the state, went bankrupt under suspicious circumstances, just before it’s 50th birthday. Only a year before the 50th anniversary, the state sold 85% of the shares in the company to a private investment firm for roughly 300K (GBP). (the remaining 15% remained with the state.) Shortly after that, the employees (while enjoying their christmas holiday), received a letter stating the company filled for bankruptcy. Almost 400 workers lost their job and numerous attempts were made to reboot or sell the company. Unfortunately none of them successful. A few years later, questions were raised about the initial transaction, from state to private investor, as the remaining assets of the company were estimated at a total value of 5M (GBP). (Roughly 17x the original investment of the investment firm.) A short while ago, the site has been sold to a new owner and is currently being repurposed/renovated in order to house a production facility for a local company, potentially creating 200 new jobs. Anyhow, enough history for today, so on with the shots; 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Thanks for looking!
  20. After having been offline for months, it was time to work on some pics again. Yeah, cool… 1 set down. 500+ to go…. Brief history; In 1913 this rather pretty brick church was build. Back in the day it belonged to Russia or Ukraine, not sure. After the 2nd WW, it was given back to Poland and wasn't used as a church after that time. Until 1990 it served it’s purpose as storage space/warehouse and was abandoned after that time, in desperate need for repair. Even though there’s nothing left inside, it was still a nice place to spent an hour and take some snaps. The murals are in exceptional condition, considering it’s been left to rot for many years. Hopefully one day it’ll be restored to its full glory, although I doubt it ever will be. So on with the shots; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thanks for looking... Cheers!
  21. First Explores Since Moving Both airports were explored with a non-member (the Missus). As some of you know I moved to Poland a little under three weeks ago. About 10 days after I arrived, I got the cravings for a splore so I decided to check out some of the local mooches... Sunday is definitely the day to explore here - it's traditionally a day of prayer and rest, so the towns, villages and back roads are virtually deserted, which makes for some pleasurable driving and wandering! It's certainly refreshing from the 24/7 hustle and bustle of the crowded South East of England. I'd known of these sites for a long time, but I never got a chance to take a look in the past because I didn't have a vehicle here... Scroll forward to the present and I managed to drag my aged wagon here, albeit with a few difficulties passing through Belgium, but I somehow got here in one piece and with a working car! Bring on the Eastern Bloc concrete!!!... The first airport is Chojna (pronounced 'Hoy-nah')... This one felt smaller, with less extant buildings and was much easier to navigate. I was shocked I was able to just drive onto it! There aren't many derelict airfields in the UK thanks to a shortage of land, let alone ones you can drive on! I found that both sites were used by locals as a makeshift drift/race track. When they were hooning it down the runway in Audis and what not I made sure to keep well clear I also noticed that half the buildings were being re-used as storage here. The blast proof hangars make excellent warehouses I'd imagine. There was a Nazi presence here during the war, training pilots. The Krauts blew the place up as they retreated from the pursuing Russians. Then the Soviets took over and did the place up, flying Sukhoi and Mig fighters from here. We got into town and noticed this old building. My girlfriend said to me "You shouldn't go in there - it says not to go in there - don't go in there!". This was her second explore with me. I sometimes think she has no idea what I actually get up to when I go out Clock tower. Some of this building was sort of half-renovated. The Poles often do that - they'll re-glaze, paint and render a set of barracks from the middle and just leave the other half falling to bits The writing on the door roughly translates to "No trespassing. Danger of death". Inside it was obvious the locals had been using it as a place to drink. People often sit outside garages or village shops and just knock back vodka, so why not in a derp I suppose. There are dozens of blast proof hangars dotted about the place, which would have been for protecting the planes. The doors on them sit on rails. They must have had some sort of massive system of gears to open them, they were about 5ft thick! I thought it would be hilarious to stick my car in one of them. There's a fair bit of Russian written on the walls. Russian was part of the school curriculum during the Communist era. Inside one of the bigger hangars. The scale of these things is just epic. The second airport is Kluczewo (pronounced 'Clootch-ay-voh')... This one had way more buildings and was x3 more overgrown. I'm sure I missed a lot, including a concrete block with Lenin's head on it, an accommodation building, a bunker and more. This one was also originally a Nazi airfield and was taken over and done up by the Reds. Like the previous spot, this one has been abandoned since the early 90s. There were a few people mooching about on the air field here too. I think I may well come back here with the crew in Winter when the vegetation has died off. There are derp buildings everywhere. Blink whilst rolling past and you'll miss something. An alley of semi-buried hangars. Control tower. The inside of the control tower had collapsed in many places. This made access to the upper level not possible. There are small dugouts here and there too. On the runway I returned in November and got a few more shots of some things I missed... Shooting range. Fuelling area. The sign says "No smoking". GRANIT bunker for the storage of nuclear warheads. "Telephone". Video Overall a couple of ace mooches! Very different to what the UK has to offer. I don't have the time now that I used to, but hopefully will be checking out more spots when I have the chance. Thanks for looking!
  22. How to post a report using Flickr Flickr seems to change every time the wind changes direction so here's a quick guide on how to use it to post a report... Step 1 - Explore and take pictures Step 2 - Upload your chosen pictures to Flickr like this.. Step 3 - Once your images are successfully uploaded to flickr choose a category for the location that you have visited... Step 4 - Then "Start New Topic".. You will then see this screen... Step 5 - Now you are ready to add the image "links", known as "BBcodes", which allow your images to display correctly on forums.. Step 6 - Then click "select" followed by "view on photo page".. Now select "Share" shown below.. Step 7-13 - You will then see this screen... Just repeat those steps for each image until you're happy with your report and click "submit topic"! You can edit your report for 24 hours after posting to correct errors. If you notice a mistake outside of this window contact a moderator and they will happily rectify the problem for you
  23. HISTORY: The church was built to a design of architect Carl Gotthard Langhans author of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Built in 1796 until 1797 in an elliptical shape with dimensions of about 20x30 meters. Bell tower has been added later in 1872 with a design of local architect Peter Gansel. This church was (and it still is) unique in the global scale. It was used by local Evangelical community up to 1945. After the departure of the German inhabitants the church remained in good condition, but has not been used as intended: - It has been used as a sheepfold, then fell into disrepair what lead to complete ruin, - Local residents treated the church as a source of building materials. To protect it from total disaster all entrances and windows has been walled. PRESENT: In July 17, 2013 the Warsaw foundation "Your Heritage" acquired it from the municipality church and cemetery and began efforts to obtain funds for the reconstruction of decaying monument. January 31, 2014 obtained the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the amount of 200 000 zloty, ( you can by a flat for that ammount of money, it's about 50.000 pounds ) which made it possible to start reconstruction work on 24 June 2014. EXPLORE: I visited this Church with some colleagues in 2013, during our trip to South-East Germany. Explore was easy, you just have to squeeze thru small hole in the wall and that's it. No security, no warning signs, no cctv... So that's how it was, since then it's now foundation property, and the first thing they do is to repair the roof. If anyone want's to help with reconstruction you can do this by entering this site: http://www.twojedziedzictwo.pl/eng/index.html and donating some money. This church is no longer available to public, however i saw some pictures from 2015 so maybe it's possible to get inside after getting permission. PHOTOS: If you got that far please check this short HDR timelapse video https://vimeo.com/16414140 , made by Patrick Kizny you will be amazed ! That's my first report on this forum, hope you guys enjoyed it ! Regards from Bristol
  24. I don’t know even how to start. … not because I don’t know what to write but just because there are so many photos from this location that I took. So many buildings I visited that now it’s a bit hard to keep just a logical narration. But I’ll try to do my best. First of all you remember maybe a story about the library, archive, laboratory ? Well if so … this is a part of the story. The industrial complex. Here I will just give you a sneak peek of the best photos I took. Rest can be found on my flicrk/facebook profiles. The repair facilities The industrial repairing complex was established somewhere in 1870 in one of the cities in Poland. It’s first role was to repair different kind of trains and railway vehicles. In the peak moment there was something like 5k or more people working in different repair halls. The terrain is enormous. I knew from a long time that the facilities started to have some financial problems. Bad management led to suspending the activity and the lack of maintenance led to decay. Now the complex is in liquidation and the bankruptcy trustee is trying to get as much money as possible from the buildings. Removing old installation, machines. Now after one year of activity they are slowly starting to remove all valuable that is left. But first things first. I have been vising this location many times during last year. First the building were full of different machines. In some case access to some parts of the complex was impossible at some period of time and because of that some buildings are in better condition. Its still an active place and a visit for a full day is not enough. So what do we have here: The grate tall hall in which they used to dismantle locomotives. Their engines, gear boxes, alternators, and other parts were moved to other halls in the complex. The hall was big and allowed many locomotives to be dismantled at the same time. Somewhere on the other side was the oldest of the buildings. Here the engines were repaired. Not much is left from the infrastructure here because this one was really close to the fence and different scrap collectors could break in. Even now scrap metal collectors try to enter and remove any kind of metal that is still available for them. The security doesn’t care here that much anymore. There is not that much left anyway. When the first hall was big and enormous this one is just … antique. All those pillars supporting the roof. What I liked most is the color of the walls and different stairs to the top floor of the hall. There were also many offices here. Bathrooms, changing rooms for workers. Maybe those are not that much divested as the main halls But the best that you could see was in the middle of the industrial complex. One big hall in which they used to repair diesel locomotives. It was used till the same end. It was really hard to get in and at that point when I have seen it for the first time was full of all the goods you could think of. And now … this is just a glimpse of its greatness. The hall was composed of … 3 regions. Office part (not covered here – maybe I’ll make a separate post once, workshops and big dismantling part. So … the first one I saw was the Big dismantling part: Just enormous in size. You could put 5 football fields in this one with ease. All this machines, part on the floor. All was in such condition as if they were hoping to turn it back on just within days And then there was a workshop part. Here it became a bit tricky. Someone noticed the potential and wanted to get some money out from those machines. Also enormous in size (length). The workshops speeded for almost one kilometer. And here … there were all the goods: Someone started to collect all the valuable things … Some machines were used till the late end of the factory/repair facilities …. So this is just a glimpse. If you want more you would have to dig into my facebook fanpage or flickr profile. There is still a lot to cover and still a lot of photos that need to be developed and posted.