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Found 26 results

  1. I think this was the most scariest thing i have ever done. A late night splore on a Russian sub. It involved knee deep mud and a dingy ride with one and a half oars. But Trog and SK done an amazing job. The sub itself was amazing, im glad i didn't bottle it but inside was so claustrophobic, i really dont know how people stay down there for so long. Splored with SK, Trog and peaches. Thanks for looking
  2. The ruins of coal mines on the slopes of Mount Schmidt and the settlement "Ugolny Ruchei" ( "Coal creek" - from russian) near Norilsk were abandoned in 70's, when mining became unprofitable.
  3. Alykel - former military town near Norilsk, Russia.
  4. How to post a report using Flickr Flickr seems to change every time the wind changes direction so here's a quick guide on how to use it to post a report... Step 1 - Explore and take pictures Step 2 - Upload your chosen pictures to Flickr like this.. Step 3 - Once your images are successfully uploaded to flickr choose a category for the location that you have visited... Step 4 - Then "Start New Topic".. You will then see this screen... Step 5 - Now you are ready to add the image "links", known as "BBcodes", which allow your images to display correctly on forums.. Step 6 - Then click "select" followed by "view on photo page".. Now select "Share" shown below.. Step 7-13 - You will then see this screen... Just repeat those steps for each image until you're happy with your report and click "submit topic"! You can edit your report for 24 hours after posting to correct errors. If you notice a mistake outside of this window contact a moderator and they will happily rectify the problem for you
  5. Hello once again! I'm used to write texts with much more details about location shared but here I don't know If It's be possible for me because of the language;) But I wanna show you my favourite place ever and say some words about it. It's an abandoned steel works in Nyzhnij Tagil, Sverdlovsk region. The first blast furnace here was started in 1725. It provided the whole cycle of metal smelting and was the largest company of the famous Demidovs' family. The smelting process was carried out in the blast furnaces the walls of which were quickly burnt through and had to be repared frequently. The factory was rebuilt many times but you can still find the original foundaments of the oldest furnaces here. Besides the furnaces there were a brick manufacture and a sawmill here. Over a long period many progressive technologies were used here. During the Second World War they produced ferrochromium and ferromanganese in need of aviation. But nothing's eternal, and technology didn't need big furnaces to make big amount of metal. In 1987 it was stopped. It was turned into a museum. But there's a great problem in Russia, and its name is lack of money. Nobody cares about historical places being demolished because nobody has money to help. Now the factory stays derilict without any protection. The top height is about 40-50 metres. You can climb the top without any fear, although the metal sheets are very old. But they were made to serve for centuries. It's not only the gigant of the epoch. The shops were not only convinient but had aesthetic beauty. A runabout from the blast-furnace shop. Look at me and compare the scale. The factory has its own dam which is still working. You have to spend some says to watch everything here. I feel like at home here. I admire industry, and metallurgy is the Queen of industry obviously! And some photos from my previous trip. It's a stand for a copper in which melted metal was cooled. Thank you for attention and sorry for so many photos! But I can't delete some of them from the post because impression won't be full! Have a good weekend!
  6. Hi! This is one of our air raid shelters, it's situated under the city center and has modern filling in it. That's all, have nice trips!
  7. Hi! Now there's for you a piece of Sverdlovsk machine-building factory, now conserved. Thanks for looking!
  8. I'll not write a lot, but enjoy photos The abandoned castle in Moscow, where have been russian queen Ekaterina II Nowdays there is a scientifically research institute here, but this is not work. As far as a wrote rarely, I with my best friend will travel around the Europe this August. We will be in France, Belgium and other countries. The full list is: Barcelona, Spain - Paris, France - Brussels, Belgium (and around) - Amsterdam, Niderlands - Germany (something around by the road to Austria) - and Austria We have not a car and will travel with the blablacar or busses/trains or smth else We will be HAPPY if somebody wants to enter russian explorers OR if somebody wants to explore with us in Belgium or in France I have not a facebook, but I can contact by the instagram direct or WhatsUp. Thank you for reading and for replies!!!
  9. Hello everybody! I'm newly arrived at this forum. At first, I do not know English very well, but I try to write something about some of Russian locations. Unfot Today we would speak about abandoned railvay station on the Volga river. This place locates near the small town Volgsky and become abandoned because of low attendance of this town at the river-crouisers and ships. This place inspire me a lot. The building of riverside station include: The station hole, restaurant, undeground bomb-shelter Some pics of station hole: Bomb-shelter: This was well closed. On the rooftop: And to the end, there was a funny room with the champagne bottles under the building By the way, I with my best friend will travel around the Europe this August. We will be in France, Belgium and other countries. The full list is: Barcelona, Spain - Paris, France - Brussels, Belgium (and around) - Amsterdam, Niderlands - Germany (something around by the road to Austria) - and Austria We have not a car and will travel with the blablacar or busses/trains or smth else We will be HAPPY if somebody wants to enter russian explorers OR if somebody wants to explore with us in Belgium or in France I have not a facebook, but I can contact by the instagram direct or WhatsUp. Thank you for reading and for replies!!!
  10. Hi! In my city there's a metallurgical plant that occupies the fourth place in CIS by size. For three years we had a dream to climb its blast furnaces. And in 2013 we did it and celebrated there the birthday of a friend of mine:) We were on the top of this torch as well. Thanks for looking!
  11. Hi! I said that I love blast furnaces and I have a lot of them. Here it is a furnace from Nizhnij Tagil's steelworks, the second biggest steelworks in CIS. In time of second world war the factory made steel for tanks. On the top. So, that's all, I have some more furnaces, but not yet:D Thank you for your attention!
  12. Hi! I'm here not very often and frankly speaking sometimes I don't understand how the forum works:) But when I'm here I wanna show you places that are different from the norm you used to. Of cause in my country almost everything is quite different from Europe but maybe the greatest difference turns up in cultural locations. In the times of USSR our country rejected god. Churches were used like warehouses or schools, icons were painted over or burnt as well as religious books. I'm an atheist but would never understand that blasphemy. A lot of things with historical and antiquarian value were destroyed. Now the country tries to restore respect to religion but still. Many churches are demolished and even more are abandoned in a very sad state. Amounts of them are situated in small villages that don't have money to restore them. Here you can see some pictures of such churches. Find a man on the photo:) The year 1949 (!!!), the church was already abandoned! Well it looks empty and almost broken but maybe it'll be interesting for you! PS. Mates, maybe in some months I will move to live to another country and won't have an opportunity to white and read the forum. If you are really interested I can spend some more time to show you the places I already visited;)
  13. Hi! I think that our air raid shelters are quite different from yours. Just take a look! The first is in Ufa. And another two from Clelyabinsk. Thanks for looking!
  14. Hey people! Unfortunately I don't have enough time to read all posts here and to chat with people as much as I want. But I hope you excuse me! Today I show you unfinished metro tunnels in my city. The project was started in 80s, but later was frozen because of lack of money. I don't believe that we will ever use our subway. Some years ago it was easy to penetrate in the tunnels. But now there is some activity here, it became almost impossible to get in. The consequences of fail may be really heavy. But we never say impossible. The tablet says "to the surface". Very big door to the collection of them:p The lift to the future station. And some more photos from the flooded shaft. And the look of my camera... It's very very dirty! Can you share some "dirty" stories and funny situations in which your equipment or you look the same? Thank you for attention!
  15. Hi! The favorite pastime of our company is visiting working factories. Unofficially of course. And some days ago we visited Chelyabinsk Electro-Metallurgical Plant. Thanx for looking!
  16. Hi! Decided to post old photos of our factory. Unknown what's here now, maybe all that doesn't exist. It was a factory for making lorries and details for them. After the collapse of the USSR the factory felt into decay as many other ones. Some shops are still working but many are conserved in hope of better life. Offices. In the workshop. And some more photos from another day and another workshop. Sorry for so many photos and no text. Wish you good locations!
  17. Hi! We have so many factories that I always don't know what to write. This is one of our working factories, it produces trucks and details for it. We visit it really often because security stuff here is really lazy:D During the Second World War the factory produced tanks, and exactly because of it our city is called Tankograd that means the city of tanks. On the roof. Tubes look like female legs:lol: Thanks for looking, have a nice week:rolleyes:
  18. One more big factory in Chelyabinsk. In the workshop. On the roof. The biggest underground system in the city. In the tubes flow acids. Using multicoloured flashlights;) Thank you for attention!
  19. Hi! Some days ago we visited half-working quartz mine. And now I have beg you some help. I plan to visit Europe in summer and need help in making a route. I mean I'll be very grateful If smb would tell me some locations. I'm interested in industrial places and underground most of all. Countries to visit: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, maybe France and the Czech Republic. I know that in Russia such a request would cause a lot of negative, and nobody would help. But I hope you are more responsive! Thank you in advance! Have a good time!
  20. Hi people! I wasn't there for a long time but I promise it was the last time:) Today I wanna share with you some photoes from a factory where big autos were built but now there're only dry plants there. Thanx for attention and good luck!
  21. Without many words... The only advice: never, you hear, never go to an abandoned mine without gumboots or smth like that. Unless you'll be wet to the skin like me in this day. Scary? Look down. Warm greeting from cold Russia:thumb
  22. Some months ago we visited the working gold mine in Sverdlovsk region. We climbed down 162 metres by old wooden stairs under the heavy rain of underground water. It was really hard but worth time and energy. It's foggy here. Here we had some rest, drunk tea near the heater. After that the rotten man way with cold shower waited for us:p Wish your infiltrations would be more pleasant!
  23. Hello! I write here for the first time. I'm an explorer from Russia and I'd like to communicate with people all over the world;) I hope It would be interesting for you to watch some places in Russia. I'm keen on not only abandoned places but working industry as well. Sorry I'm not so exellent in photography and English;) Today I wanna show you the siderite mine in Chelyabinsk region. Actually It's not abandoned but some drifts are not in use. We climbed down the minus 80 horizont and walked though the tunnel. We met friendly miners there. At first they were scared because we could get into troubles (there were blasting in this drift) but then they allowed us to take photos of their electric locomotive and the process of loading it with ore. After that we walked to the abandoned shaft-sinking set. Then we had some rest in this room and climbed back;) This is the ventilation pile driver where we penetrated into the mine. I hope I did everything right because It's difficult for me to understand the site sometimes:D Thank you!