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Found 3,494 results

  1. It was a brilliant find by Trench and gave me a chance to try and improve my photographic skills. Oh and I remembered to take a tripod on this explore (This post has previously been posted on KUE and was in reply to Trench's post on the tunnels) Trench by silhouette I really enjoyed trying to take these silhouettes, but it was my first attempt. Since the visit Ive been able to brush up on my photographic skills, but any more tips are greatly welcome This tunnel was only about 40 foot long but was in good condition and in a brilliant location. Thanks Trench for dragging me through a rain soaked cornfield and beach to find it
  2. Visited with Swamp Donkey and Maniac Amazing frozen swimming pool!!! - Maniac has some great videos of us playing there haha I think it was Hawkhurst, I can't really remember hah so correct me if I'm wrong, does anyone have any history on this place?
  3. bit of a random find not really sure about the history of this place so if anyone noes let me no and ill add it in
  4. Well it was a pretty foolish decision to try this one really, but it was just too tempting since the rumors of it being wide open and security not giving a damn just made it too tempting to try, and we desperately wanted to see inside this place before it gets stripped by pikies or burnt to the ground, which is probably what will end up happening unless something drastic is done to keep people out the building. It was about 9:30 in the evening when Fluff, Ryda and Impact arrived at my house. From there we took the supercav to Buckmore, which was surprisingly deserted - there wasn't a soul around. So we grab our stuff, and walk through a gaping great big hole in the fence up one of the main tracks towards the deserted leisure complex. We had a few heart stopping moments on the way up the track which turned out to people racing up and down the road outside, so we pushed on towards to complex, all of us a little bit on edge and uncertain of what we would find at the other end. Slowly the building loomed out of the darkness. Still nothing, no security, no lights just an eerie stillness. We quickly start walking round the building looking for an entrance point, we didn't have to look long at there are loads of them, smashed windows, forced doors, open fire exits - the place has more holes in it than swiss cheese. In we go, we ended up in the climbing wall area. No sooner had we got into the building when we heard noises, then saw torches. Shit, we can't be busted already surely? Luckily (or un-luckily as it will pan out) it turned out to be some people from Essex, infact it turned out to be quite a few people from essex, about 20 of them in total just wondering around being far to noisey for my liking. This did two things 1. it made us a little more relaxed as if there's 20 of them in the building and they've not been busted, if there are any security they can't be doing a very good job. But it also made us a tad nervous since these people wern't your typical urban explorer type, I think Essex boys and girls sums it up nicely, and they were doing a nice job of smashing every beer bottle they came across, and breaking the remainder of the windows Essex People The main hall where the rave was At this point we contemplated leaving after only taking a few photos, as the essex boys and girls were becoming a liability, but we hadn't come all this way to just give up, oh no! So we lay low for a bit in one of the smaller rooms, took a few photos of corridors and had a cup of coffee (cheers ryda ) The noise had subsided, it was safe to come out, so we did, and started doing what we do best. Remember this place was absolutely mint just a week ago. At this point we managed to get split up, and try though we might we just couldn't find fluff and impact anywhere, so me and ryda just carried on looking round the building trying to find the swimming pool area, which we managed to do just in time to see headlights coming up the main road leading to the centre. Fuck, security - duck down, so we hid behind the small pool while security shone lights though the windows round the pool area. Boy are there a lot of windows in that pool area. After what felt like hours, they had got far enough away for us to make a dash back into the changing rooms, where we hastily packed away our camera gear in preparation for possibly making a run for it. We still had no idea where fluff and impact were at this point, although we had seen them through a window earlier being lit up by security so we knew people were onto us. We sat in the changing rooms for a bit before hearing a shout 'come on out, we know you're there' from outside in the corridor. This corridor was the only exit, so we decided to just give ourselves up in the hope that they'd just give us a ticking off and let us walk off site. Little did we know at that point that half of medways finest were already on site looking for us, they had dogs, vans the lot. The other half of medways finest were still on their way, in total at it's height there were about 20 police personnel on site. We just went quietly, not a lot else we could do, although I did protest a little at being arrested for buglary, afterall we wern't stealing anything. We still didn't know where fluff and impact were at this point. We were later re-united at the police station. I have to say the police were very professional at the way they handled the situation, and once we were back at the police station (They took us all the way to Tonbridge because the nik at Medway had a powecut ) they were actually quite friendly and seemed to show an interest in what we were doing. We were held in the cells for the rest of the night, and were all interviewed this morning, then the entire thing was dropped as we were expecting. We were then left with a problem, how the hek to we get back to the car? The police arn't that well known for providing a taxi service. Lady luck must have been smiling down upon us today however, because the officer who interviewed us managed to get the go ahead to drive us back to where the car was. Thank you very much officer, you saved us a fortune in taxi fayres. All in all a very eventful night that none of us will be forgetting in a long while. All's well that ends well, no harm was done and we even got to keep our pictures. The irritating thing about the whole thing is if it hadn't been for the other group of people on site, we wouldn't have been in so much trouble. Apparently the police were called because of a large number of vehicles being seen around the area. Fearing another rave or simelar kicking off they scrambled all available cars to the area, just to arrest the 4 of us as the people they really wanted were long gone. One last word. Stay away from buckmore, you will end up in a shite load of trouble if you're caught. They are going to be locking the building up tight, we all said at interview how easy it was to get in, and it needs to be sealed up. The officer in charge is going to see that this happens. I know it's a shame that we won't be able to explore it, but that's £15 million of building there just getting slowly more and more trashed. It's not beyond saving quite yet, but given a few more weeks of abuse it very soon could be. Many thanks for reading Maniac.
  5. During the 80 3 bunkers were built by southern water this one was built but never fitted or used due to ease of the cold war and the collapse of the soviet union explored with 12 gauge weird place as the electric still runs #
  6. Awesome place with perfect weather, another place I haven't seen before so it was good to have a look around Hope you like the pics
  7. Location - BAE Systems, Rochester, Kent Date Visted: February 2008 Curent Status: Has now been demolished Future Plans: Redevelopment. BAE systems Rochester was primerily involved in the manufacture of Electronics and Integrated solutions. The buildings form part of Rochester Airport, and were used by an RAF flying school and the Shorts Brothers prior to being used by BAE systems. History The older part of the complex dates from the 1930's and was probably built when No 23 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School took over use of the site in 1938. The newer part was probably built in when GEC (comprising Marconi and instrument makers Elliot Automation) took over use of the site in 1979. BAE aquired both of these companies in the following years, and continued operations a Rochester until the site was vacated in 2004. Future Rochester airport itself is now run on a care and maintenance basis by a group of entusiasts, who are currently negotiating with Medway council over a long term lease for the site. The buildings ajoining Maidstone Road are the ones we visted; they are currently being demolished and the land is set for redevelopment. As you can see there's not a lot left, but it was still interesting to look round none the less. If you have an electric panel fetish, then this is the place for you. Roof Space Thanks for looking Maniac.
  8. Location - Crest Packaging, Gillingham Date Visited - January 2008 Present Status - Demolition in progress Future Plans - Proposed Distribution Centre Site History Crest packaging was origenally known as Bowaters packaging. The origenal factory and admin block were built in the late 50's/early 60's, the factories primary purpose was the manufacture of flexible packaging primerily for the food industry. Bowaters packaging was brought out by the Crest group in 1985, and the factory traded as Crest packaging from then until it closed in 2003 following the collapse of the Crest group, leaving opver 200 people out of work. The Future The site has now been demolished and rhumor has it a large distribution centre is due to be built there. There's not a great deal to show what the place did, as all assets were sold off when the company collapsed, however it was still a good explore and there were lots of interesting bits in the admin block. Enjoy the photos, and I apologise for the quality as they were taken on a very old fujifilm camera. Factory Floor, Completely stripped bare Bridge linking factory to Admin block. Apologies for poor photo, handheld shot on an old camera. Folders Missing government data Comms Wiring Obligatory phone shot Stair way The admin block is set out over 4 floors, mostly empty boring offices, until you get to the basement levels. Electric panels Amazing walk in safe Safe within the walk in safe. You could say it was a safe safe. Store room, I think they stored samples of all their packaging in the woodern draws, as there was some still in them Really old franking machine. I wish I'd saved this, it was an amazing piece of engineering. Up in the roof space. Lift motor. 1950's origenal lift controller I'm the king of the world!! Kinda had to be done One last one, looking at the factory from thr roof of the admin block. Unfortunitely this place is now rubble, but it was a pretty decent explore while it was standing. Thanks for looking Maniac.
  9. small bunker just off the road near cliffe fort explored with miss vanishing days sealed of at the end tho continues round the corner
  10. The Northern entrance in dover is one of the most interesting access ways ive done thanks to solar p truly an amazing place would be great to see these places back in there better days but on with the pics the draw bridge guestbook
  11. Visited the famous Cane hill last year after going to St' Ebbas with StEaLtH, Lynton and Rachael, we ended up in the woods in the middle of the night dodging security and they were going around in a van every half hour, after a nerve-racking wait eventually made it in, heard so much about this place and the furry doggies lol, anyway in we go and we got a few pics, then saw a torch at the fence, and my heart was in my mouth, we laid in the grass and skirted around and made a quick exit, to be confronted by a woman security guard at 4.30am in the morning, it was dark asking us what we were doing, and StEaLtH said we were out for a walk, I was trying not to laugh, a walk at that hour with what we were wearing, anyway she let us go lol. I managed to get a few pics before we made our exit, enjoy the pics. I just luv peeling wallpaper. A cane hill clock. Enjoy the pics, this was a fun explore.
  12. from one of my and solar p visits to dover love this place apart from the massive drop if u fuck up gettin in lol
  13. Wisley airfield was once an raf base but over the years all the buldings bar one have been demoed the place is now used to store farm equipment and as an emergency landing facility die die die mwhahahahah
  14. Explored with misses vanishing days weird little place great little explore Hiistory Grain Dummy Fort was built and then rebuilt in 1905 the fort was prone to subsidence and there was many problems with the construction. the fort has a ditch full of water in front of it but there is no refernce of the fort ever being in use in eiter ww1 or 2 unfortunately theres been some form of arson or fire atack by chavs. often wonderd was this the entrance to the long fabled tunnels to the tower fort theres also lots of these dotted around
  15. A few pics from multiple visits with 12 gauge and solar p This place is truly massive its so much bigger than i expected the walk out to it via the walkway just builds up the expectations truly one of the best places i have explored. bit of history Grain tower battery was constructed in 1855 the style resembles a martelo tower extra parts were added on in the later world wars in 1910 more guns and the tower was attached. in the 1940s more modifications were completed when the extra block was attached. A few artsy fartsy pictures accommodation block on we go tower top room observation post ammo loader gun turret
  16. was told this was an old brick factory stumbled accross it with miss vanishing days
  17. Dont really no much about this stumbled across it looking for cliffe fort remeber some one told me it was a gun powder factory not much of the place left climing skills came in handy
  18. my first attempt at an roc post with 12 gauge spent around an hour striipping the folage back was cool to see tho
  19. another roc post capped with a lump of concrete no access
  20. Visited this place last year with my daughter Miss CSI, we borrowed a car and off we went, had a lot of fun dodging security and diving in bushes, I believe this place has been demolished or it's on it's way. On with the pics. The Admin Building. Funky chair. The famous clock-tower. Some of the artwork on the outside of the admin building. One of the many nurses blocks, this site is huge. The famous car. The main hall, this was in a state with rubbish everywhere. The hall even had a bed in there. Behind the stage. This funky seat was in the cafe alongside the hairdressers. The floors in this place were well dodgy. I took so many pics of this place, security drive around regularly, but lucky for us we avoided them. It was a great day. Enjoy the pics.
  21. Found Landrover setting up their DAF XF mobile test hill in the middle of Battersea powerstation to test / showcase the new freelanders stop / start system. Setting up the course. On the way up. At the top. That's all I've got. lol.
  22. Visited this place last year with StEaLtH and Lynton and Rachael and a few others, it was fantastic. Enjoy the pics. From the filmset, this was fantastic inside. This was one of the best places I've explored, Enjoy the pics.
  23. I had a few hours spare this afternoon so I decided to take a look at RAF Lympne's huts and some of the bunkers. Here are my pics.... One of the bunkers: This little chap made the strangest rasping noise when he opened his wings to warn me off: The grate of death: Something did not make it: The sheds: Not so pukka now: Camping anyone? Hauled its last load: Who go's there: Do you think I upset him? Anyone know what this place is? maybe a refuelling tank and pump house: Pipes leading from hut in the direction of the runway:
  24. I cannot give the location of this site out, as amazingly, it is under my friends cellar in his house! Lucky lad! I popped down today to take some pictures, it has been covered on underground kent, but rather boringly, so I thought id jazz the place up a little, and it was good practise for me haha the tunnel itself is entered by some steps from the cellar, then you have a tunnel running to your left and right, about 7 metres each side. At the end of the right side however, there is a small hole in the top of the tunnel that leads up to the garden, this has been covered with some thin plastic, because its hidden in the bushes so nobody will fall down it! Straight ahead of you is a chalk tunnel that leads down the the well, which is approx 260ft deep. Standing on the well grille and looking up you can see that it would have met ground height, but the owners have now capped the top. I played with long exposure A LOT, im sorry... im learning Entrance these used to drain water down into the well These markins were apparently found here &&&& here is the beast... Can you notice a small hole a few metres down?? hmm Looking back up, capped off at surface level Back into the cellar, can anyone think why there is a clear arch in the bricks Its taken me fooking ages to set all this up so if i might have forgotten anything, if you want to check here my photobucket http://s485.photobucket.com/albums/rr220/Ry_Da/secret/
  25. This was on the way back from the garden centre, I persuaded my mate to stop by and after climbing through brambles, mud etc we were in, these are fantastic up close, enjoy the pics. This was taken from the car on the way there. Finally they came into view after a muddy and long walk. Up close wow. Inside some control room. My mate standing next to one of those towers, its huge. A old helicopter, this place was used for paintballing. The helicopter controls. Couldn't resist a pic of this on the way in, thats all of the pics I got as my battery died on me, enjoy the pics, it was fun with a nice pub lunch and drink afterwards, got absolutely filthy but great fun.