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Found 3,548 results

  1. Just found these photo's on my lappy These photo's are from a second visit to the Military Training Centre with Shadz an Jesus, not many to show. Uploaded these to my PB, So heres the link to check out the rest:) http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i18/Zoot337/Urbex/?start=0
  2. Stupid bloody spur of the moment explores...Gotta love em. Whilst walking back from doing a quick site visit with a dodgy kodak compact from work, I spotted an open door, what good fortune Only got a few pics cos I was due back at work, should hopefully revisit soon, I hope the door is still open Peace, Out Shadow
  3. explored with solar p dont no anything about these but solar p said they were to do with the mod severly trashed and dangerous bit of a boring one really
  4. MIss vd found this one not quite sure on what it is maybe a store of some form if anyone could shed some light on it please do my personal fav
  5. Explored with solar p guilford stairs lead to the castle and at the top was mr english heritage the angry guy from the trip before but managed to avoid him found this round the corner but was sealed up any ideas
  6. Southforelands Deep Shelter not in to bad condition tho
  7. Explored with solar p in quite a bad state but made for some cool pictures the barn in to the house
  8. Thanks to Trench and Powersurge for arranging this fun explore to the 1880 Channel tunnel attempt, when it was said to wear cloths you don't mind getting dirty and boots, it was no understatement. It is one very wet and dirty hole, but also beautiful in a dirt wet hole kind of way. So on a cold and windy day Trench, Powersurge, Scrimshady, Littlewide, D60 and myself took a long walk by the sea. As Trench and Powersurge guarded the entrance in case of snow drifts, we went in. The first section of tunnels is strange, starting with a low sleeper lined tunnel leading to a lined low arched section then back to sleepers again. The sleepers on the floor are like sponge in some areas and make a strange squelching noise under foot due to the water running under them. Once you enter the main bore the going is good to start, most of the sleepers on the floor are good and protect you from the stream running below your feet. As you progress it just gets muddier and the water gets deeper. It gets to a stage that without boots you can go no further, so as the others decide not to go on, I put my boots on. I start going in a little more and after about 50 ft it get to deep for even for boots, annoying really as I could see what looked like a larger chamber up ahead but just could not reach it. I think the next visit should deliver a more extensive explore as scrim is going to bring his waders and I am going to suit up in my dry suit. Here are some of the pics D60 took. Thanks again to Trench and Powersurge. The trip back was a little cold.
  9. Managed to pursuade Jesus (for the first time in fooking aaaaaages) and BravoZeRo to join me on a winter wonder round the former RAF base, saw a few new sites today but got spooked by chavs sporting balaclavas who later turned out to probably be fellow UE'ers Anyhoo, on with pics, usual entry point so a few of the houses first... BravoZeRo Always a good sign, but this is the point where the footpath conveniently disappears into nothingness Right onto some parts of the base that are right in the heart of security territory... After wondering around the heart of the base we then decided to have a lookie at a building I have never seen covered in any reports, mainly due to the fact it is directly behind the security hut and is pretty much constantly watched, on the way round to it we didnt notice the secondary security hut for the live section of the base that we pretty much walked straight past, and god knows how they didn't notice us.. Rather large building, although unfortunately not accessible at the moment. Might as well try....nope....locked At another entrance to the base, bit of a contrast to the opposite section of the site. Some random shots on the way back to the car Just before we were about to leave, while sitting in the car at the usual layby the group who we were previously being wary of turned up and one of them sorting woodland combats gave us a couple of knowing nods as we drove past, leading us to conclude that they had spotting our camera kit slung across our backs and realised that we were probably fellow UE'ers. Cheers for looking at the pics, most of em came out really grainy as I only looked at my ISO in the car on the way back and realising it was still on Ho.3 from the previous nights experiments
  10. I know there have already been a couple of posts on this place but I really love this place (must be something to do with my job ) With me on this visit where The Daddy, Trench (No relation to me ) Oldie68 and Ryda It was a lovely (if slightly cold) night for the visit. The stars where really noticeable The sidings and rolling stock at Shepherdswell That starry sky again The Daddy in his element. We had to physically drag him away Thanks to Oldie68 and Ryda for the information they gave us. It was nice to meet you both
  11. the upper and lower oil mills are a horse shoue shape and have had many usages built before 19th century they were used to store oil in and as air rade shelters in the war this report is for both upper and lower as i took so many pictures i cant differetiate between them guestbook
  12. visitited with solar p im not to sure of history on this place ill leave to solar p to tell you all but heres my pics probably the worst fence ever good place for lightpainting incase u hadnt noticed
  13. Moley PM'd me asking for this to be posted privately, so here it is even if he can't see it
  14. some more pics of myn and solarpowered trip to dover heres one of the plotting rooms in dover was amazed at the ventalation machinery still being inside. heres lots of pictures of the machiney the filter equipment still in good nick
  15. heres my pictures from my trip to shorn mead fort great explore and found the tunnels underneath but due to water level being to high had to stop part way! i love this grafiti i no its sad this guys dancing lol some more great grafiti these are the tunnels i nead some waders
  16. here the pictures from my trip to dunkirk i coudnt find the bofors tower were abouts is it as i coudnt find it let me no if u no please heres the pics
  17. heres a report on this place from what i can understand it was a derpartment store like alders. ot closed and was used by the theatre supposidly. explored with solarpower if anyone noes anything about the history let me no! exterior interior
  18. this place is just outside of totton near southampton seems to be an old farm house sorry for the quality of the pics but was using my phone. drive past this old house two but some one actually lives here
  19. Visited with hood_mad and guided round by captain slow. I've wanted to do this for ages because it's basically right on my doorstep. The history has been done many times before, so I'll just add my photos to the list. The main room. Strip light. Backup light. Gauge. Air vent. Lock for vent. Siren box. Thanks to CS for showing us around. J.
  20. This was posted on BB but I forgot to copy it before it died, as its ghost has appeared from the past for some reason. Here it is again. Just had a little look around an Old gate house. I have driven past it loads of times, so I decided to have a little look. This is my first attempt at taking photos on an explore so sorry if their a bit crap. Very dilapidated, roof is falling in and most of the rooms have lost their floors. Front door Side view Rear Some shots from inside (someone should tell the vegetation that) I love the pattern created by the roof Out the back is a small shed type thing. And be careful in the woods, stupidly I touched the fence before I found this...dam that is surprisingly painful
  21. I was on a walkabout in Margate last year and ventured into the Dreamland site, heavy security presence at the time, did try the female charm to get nearer for better pics but it was a no-go, as you are all probably aware this lovely historic railway was damaged badly by fire earlier in the year, anyway on with the pics I did get. Dreamland opened in 1920 and is a Grade II listed, the park has the oldest roller coaster in the uk, the link below gives more history and info. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreamland_Margate They left a door open for me lol, security and there cat were right next to this in there hut. Looking through the window. Did manage to get around back on top of car-park and get a few pics. Enjoy the pics.
  22. After a very successful previous visit it was decided to return to these beautiful old loco sheds and test out some of photographic skills some of you guys had passed onto us. As well as me and my exploring partner in crime Trench, we were also accompanied by KUE members The Daddy and new guy kenwilson. Once again thanks to Network Rail for letting us enter these old buildings. I personally can’t get enough of these sheds and had to be dragged away by the team so as we could get home An old Train Coupler (I Think) Im very happy with the following pics The Team shot I really enjoyed returning to these sheds. And it was brilliant to be able to be in them as it got darker. Thanks to Trench, The Daddy and kenwilson for coming along for the ride
  23. Not the most inspiring of places, but it's quite remarkable because of how quickly it got trashed. It closed in june that year, and by ocotber it was royally trashed. It's now been flattened and the land is still for sale. The weird thing about this place was remembering it from when I was a kid, was sad seeing it so trashed. Cheers Maniac.
  24. That was an awesome explore, had some fun until the scum turned up. Here's some of mine, bear in mind it was getting dark whilst we were there so the pics are poor. Bible found under the floor Hood_mad going up the bell tower Looking down Up to the second floor Me on the way up Waterfall at the outdoor pool Fire on the gym that was already burning when we got there (I think we disturbed someone) A good, but very surreal experience.
  25. I went for a wonder over to the Officers mess at RAF hawkinge for a little look see, unfortunately the mist was pretty thick so most of my pictures are pretty crap. Love the murals on the walls. Over all the place is a death trap, the roof is gone in the most part, entire rooms have collapsed into a big pile, fire damage and vandalism everywhere. The basement is flooded and easy to fall into as there is an open manhole in one of the dark rooms, which I almost fell down. From outside the fence Not sure what this is maybe a boiler house. There are also some huts outside, very dilapidated. One of the murals. This is one of the good ones I did venture up these but a few to many noises for my liking. The other mural. The hole to the basement, nearly went down Another entrance to the basement. A room with a sofa