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Found 36 results

  1. While in the area with the so'cc krew we visited this little but cool place. Founded in 1871 at the Black Horse Inn in Lancaster, this brewery moved to the Central Brewery in 1880. In 1984 moved to the current site that was vacated by the Thwaites take over and closure of Yates and Jackson. Announced on 3rd June 1999 that they were to cease brewing in mid July with the loss of 8 jobs. Brewing stopped 7th July and the range of beers stocked by the pubs has been revealed as a poor choice of National brewers beers, for instance Tetley Bitter, Boddingtons Bitter, Courage Directors.
  2. ...Mitchells Brewery, Lancaster... After much mooching around Lancashire, me n me besty NK fancied a bit of libation, so headed off to see if there was any ale left in this lovely old brewery... There wasn't so we just took some photographs!! A nice end to an epic days splorin... "History: They made booze ere!!!" As always... Ta for lookin'
  3. Well, after getting my hands on my new Olympus OMD EM-5 and a 17mm f1.8 I've been trying to get out and give it a go for the last few weeks and finaly managed to finish at work in time to call at Kimberley on the way home. I was just squeezing into the old woody bit when a very angry man lobbed his big angry alsation in the building (off its lead as well cheeky bugger) and started shouting and swearing, duly escorted of the site where I bumped into another one of our sort lurking at the main gates Anyway, managed to grab some pics before Mr Angry and it was a pleasure to not be lugging the DSLR kit about, the OMD's a little beut
  4. This was the last stop on my epic week-long Belgian adventure and it's fair to say by this time we were very very weary and worn out, having done 24 locations this was to be the 25th and final stop before heading home. A small brewery in a small village in the middle of nowhere which has thankfully spared it much chav attention but the weather is taking a far worse toll on this place - especially looking at it from the outside and seeing a huge concrete floor slab tilted at near on 45 degrees at the top of one of the buildings, if that comes crashing down it'll be bye-bye most of the brewery! More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157633074060332/
  5. done this site 3 or 4 times as of recent, its not a bad explore in the centre of lancaster, done with various different people over the last month or so. not go an external as the place was covered in scaffolding. designed by W A Deighton in 1901, Mitchell's of Lancaster is a well established family owned pub and hotel company. Established for over 140 years, the company was founded by William Mitchell and is now run by the founder's great-great-grandchildren. The story goes that a chance meeting with a friend provided the money William needed to build his own brewery. Once the brewery was built, William went on to build a number of large hotels and inns, strategically sited within the Lancaster and Morecambe area. The company no longer brews its own beer. brewing tanks abandoned brewing tank? this one was through a doorway behind a new tank, but it was a squeeze to get in there img]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8099/8554905029_c2d380d15a_z.jpg a record playing ghetto blaster!! yep it played LP's and weighed a ton lancaster castle at night from the roof lancaster at night
  6. Part of our Brummy adventures took us here..very iconic in its day but rather a state now and development has started..but it was the end of a great day with PS and we passed her so thought it rude not too really probably the best part of it was being shocked by a massive security man hiding in the undergrowth...who very kindly escorted usthrough the gates.how releived was i! the thought of the 10ft wall was not appealing and PS starting to worry about another kick on the swede from me was dawning in his eyes...not many pics but if stuck at a loose end worth a peep...
  7. Great pics, nice bit of history, looks very atmospheric !
  8. Explored a few locations in Hertfordshire in the very good company of Nelly & Trog. Clock of 1829 by Moore & Son, Clerkenwell, and restored by them 1891. Time for the interior ] Thanks for looking in was a great splore guys
  9. If you want to visit this fine brewery then don't hang about as so much of it has gone already Another fantastic explore with Skeleton Key and Troglodyte The History Peter McMullen, a Master Cooper by profession, started the business in 1827. He made barrels and casks selling them to the ten small brewing companies that were established in Hertford town at that time. He soon decided to go into brewing, starting in an outhouse adjacent to his cooperage before building and moving to a full scale commercial brewery known as the Mill Bridge Brewery less than three years later. In those early days, Peter sold his beer to many pubs and individuals. It was not until Boxing Day 1836 that he bought his first pub, the Greyhound at Bengeo. The deal included three cottages on four acres of land at a consideration of £481. In 1891 a new Brewery was built in the centre of Hertford along with a Artesian well to supply natural water which was ‘sunk’ to a depth of 140 feet. It took nine days to complete the job and cost £93-18s-8d! This was followed by two more wells each going down some 250 feet, The Company operates 135 pubs, all located in the northern Home Counties, from central London to Chelmsford in the East, to Windsor in the West and to Cambridge in the North. Mc Mullen moved to their new brewery just across the road in 2006 and this building was then brought by Sainsburys Thanks for looking, there's more photos on my FB page Nelly x
  10. This had been somewhere I wanted to go since I set eyes on the first set of pics from it a few months back. Visited 2 weekends ago with Obscurity and Frosty. A little bit of History. The Berkshire Brewery opened its doors in 1979, and at the time was cutting edge with the technology and materials used. Right up until its closure it was still regarded as one of the most modern and efficient breweries in the UK, as most are significantly older than this place. Unfortunitely since the time of its opening, beer sales have steadily fallen meaning a brewery which was built to produce 6 million litres of beer was running at only half that capacity. On 12 February 2008, Scottish & Newcastle announced its intention to close its Berkshire Brewery Operations by early 2010. Fast forward 2 years, and the place closed its doors for the last time on 2 April 2010. It was a simple question of economics at the end of the day which forced the site to close, a brewery running at half capacity is just not economic to run, couple that with the higher than average wages for the berkshire area and it was obvious what its fate would be. If you like industrial sites full of pipes and big shiny metal things, then this place is like heaven for you. It's absolutely pristine on the inside which you would expect really given it's only been closed 5 months. It also has that smell that you only get in a brewery, which was just brilliant! Unfortunitely our visit was cut short after 40mins as we literally opened a door right as a security guard was going to open the same door from the other side. Totally bad luck and bugger all we could do except leg it out of there. Was a fun explore for the time we were there. And here our short but sweet explore of this place ended, just up the corridor from this plant room was where we got spotted. We know there's lots more to see, so we shall return at some point.
  11. Visited with Shadow, Frosty and Muffie. This place has been in my mind for years, but it's only recently since moving to Faversham that I went and checked it out, and today being snowbound a local explore was called for. I expected the remaining buildings to be totally stripped, which they pretty much were except for one end of the back building which still housed some of the origenal equipment and thus makes it worth posting. Firstly a little history. Founded in the early 1700s by Edward Rigden. Registered in 1902. Merged with George Beer & Co (Canterbury) in 1922 to form George Beer & Rigden Ltd, when the Canterbury brewery was closed and brewing was then concentrated at Faversham. George Beer & Rigden was then acquired by Fremlins Ltd (Maidstone) in 1948. Brewing ceased at Faversham in 1954, but was resumed in 1961 to meet increased demand. Following the takeover of Fremlins by Whitbread in 1967, Fremlins' Maidstone brewery was closed. Finally, Whitbread closed the Faversham brewery in 1990 and transferred brewing to Cheltenham. A large portion of the buildings were converted to a Tescos supermarket in 1996, but there's still 2 or 3 buildings left un-used which we were able to have a peek at. (History from http://www.breweryhistory.com) Outside Shot. The building housing Tescos is to the Right of this building. Inside shot, a majority of the buildings look like this, lots of structural re-enforcement. I understand from a friend one of the clauses when Tescos converted the first building into a supermarket was that they made the other buildings safe and re-enforced the structure. Just behind that blockwork wall is the Tescos cafe. Success, there's just about enough left to make it worthwhile. At one end is this dodgey as staircase, but it's worth climbing. Top of the stairs Right up in the top of roofspace. So there we go, not the most amazing place in the world, but another one ticked off the list. Maniac.