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Found 91 results

  1. If, like me, you like extremes of decay well you're in for a treat. Chateau Congo is the name given to a huge Chateau in a tiny village in deepest darkest Belgium. I first saw it a year or so ago on a Belgian forum and instantly knew I wanted to see it, however finding it turned out to be very tricky because only a handful of people have actually posted it online - probably because it's just too far gone for most people! Anyway fastforward a year or so and I was pointed in the right direction by a Belgian contact. Me and the group roll up before dawn and park nearby, and after half an hour of waiting for enough light to be able to see sort of where we were going we found our way in. The Chateau is in a seriously bad state, the only floor that is properly accessible is the ground floor and even that has some totally impassable parts. Half of the upstairs floors of the chateau have totally collapsed inside and the other half have rotten floors which are now sadly too dodgy to even think of walking across. As such getting around on the ground floor is made even trickier having to dodge large areas of debris from collapses and drops into the basement. It's such a shame this place is in such a bad way, you can sense how amazing the interiors must have been when it was all intact 20-something years ago when it was first abandoned. I spent about 15 minutes sat in the first room watching the sun come up, one of the most peaceful moments of my whole urbex career. The hole in the ceiling has slowly grown from about two foot square a year ago to the monster it is now so this room doesn't have long left either. Despite how totally utterly ruined it is it's one of my all-time favourites. More photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157638474948614/
  2. On a crisp friday 3 men and a little lady (mysellf and members proj3ctm4yh3m, Mr Dystopia and Lowri Jen 37) boarded a ferry from Newcastle heading to Amsterdam. The start of an epic 3 days of exploring with 8 locations done and no fails We met some brilliant folk and had an absolute scream, really really enjoyed this trip, havent laughed so hard for ages. After a heavy night on the boat we arrived at Amsterdam, and proceeded with the 2 and bit hours drive to our first location Chateau Gramophone. Outside we met up with the great explorer Luc De Cock, where, after scaring the crap out of us in his black security uniform , we made our way in. Stunning building with a surreal interior, one of the most intact/untouched places I`ve had the pleasure to be in. onto processing report 2, my favourite explore ever !!!
  3. 'Chateau Gramaphone' This was actually the last visit of our '1100 Belgium Tour' but we couldn't wait any longer to share it with you!! It wasn't on our list to begin with, but a chance meeting with a fellow moocher at the 'Dentorium' (thanks again fella!!) and we had the location and worked out that if we went all out foot to the floor we'd have just enough time to do her and make it back to the ferry!! So off we shot... Only to realise that its a bit of a bugger to get into unless you 'know'... Luckily for us though a group were already in there and heard our attempts at entry and kindly let us in (thanks again guys!!) A PROPER beauty this one!! Just wish that we'd had more time... Heres some pics... Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!! Mine and NKs pics up together as usual... Well there it is and that's only half of it!! The other half is inaccessible!! Lots more to come from The NKPS 1100 Belgium Tour!! Thanks for lookin all!!
  4. This was a beautiful place to explore. Amazing building and grounds. This castle was built in the 1930′s by the owner of a nearby textile company. It was in his possession till the 1990′s when the castle and it’s domain was sold to a wealthy couple. They completely redecorated the place for which they spent a little fortune. After some time the couple got arrested for some reason and the castle was sold to a bank who wants to gain some of their money back which they lost to the couple. Unfortunately it is for sale already for some years, and with it’s price being around the € 3 million. Thanks for looking.
  5. Another report from that long roadtrip weekend in July - actually this was the first successful place we got in but it is almost one of the last to be produced by me. I think I got 'writer's block' in processing the pictures since July.... Visited with space invader, wevsky and sx-riffraff and another classic entrance by wevsky! Not too sure about this place, seems like a chapel that was attached to some manor house or hotel judging by what was found but can't really find much information on the internet. Pictures:
  6. This was day one of our trip away,after heavy rain to the point we didnt get out the car for quite a while earlier dring the day we ended up here! After a decidedly dodgy slippery route towards the building it turned out there was a safer way to get to the site whichthe others took after watching me make a tit of myself! Visted with SpaceInvader,sx-riffraff and thecrazyfool There is many more locations we visited but to be honest ill probably lump most of them into one report as they dont warrant a full report! On with some pics That was that..rather an odd place if im honest but well worth the time..
  7. Evening all, For those who are on Facebook OS page, then you may have seen some of these popping up. This place was nicknamed "Chateau De La Police" due to the security and locals who keep a very close eye on this place and usually ends up with explorers arrests and car searches so we weren't taking any chances here and adopting the old stealth moves in and out. The weather was glorious with mean't harsh lighting but we coped I think. This place is in Royal hands and is under challenge for future heritage and legacy by over 50 different heirs and no one can come to an agreement after the old guy died and nothing has been done to it for a long time. This place is sealed tight like they want people kept out and as you will see from the photos, is full of beautiful rooms and items. I have a stack more to edit before upload but here are the majority of the photos I've uploaded to Flickr and OS Facebook, etc so far. I have about another 30 from here to process and edit yet. They will appear on my Flickr photostream.
  8. Hi all, Another set finished and ready to report. Needs no introduction as you could say its a tourist one but a necessary one regardless of what you think. Everyone has to do this at some stage as its a fantastic place. Usually you don't see many other shots from here bar the carpet and "that balcony" but on closer inspection, there are some other photos to be had here. We arrived here in the dead of night after eating in a small pizza restaurant on the outsskirts and in the rain and with our entrance, got slightly soaked. Thankfully, a change of clothes and was quite a warm night so no real issues in freezing or being uncomfortable for an overnight sleep. The guys who were here a week before us had the pleasure of a Saturday morning with about 20 others, everyone was queuing to do the same shots and the place was rife with explorers. We were expecting the same on a rainy Saturday morning when we got up around 5:30 but thankfully, had the place to ourselves for the few hours we had here. As I said before, its been done and done and then done again by a lot of people but still has to be done while it remains in this condition. On with a few photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 Thanks for looking in.
  9. Chateau des Singes 04/2013 A wicked location of the beaten track only took a few shots here spent most of time chillin and having a beer ........looks like another location that has had work undertaken but not completed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. thanks for looking Oldskool & Cloaked Up
  10. Evening all, Another set more or less finished. No history to this and was a late addition to the game. Got this sorted day before we left so I only saw a few photos from here. A more or less bare chateau in pretty good condition from the outside but a bit rotten and a lot of supports to hold many floors up. Could say it was a little rickety in places so we proceeded with caution here. Was good for an hour or so. On with a few photos #1 'Grand Descension' #2 'Elegance' (EXPLORED) #3 'Beauty of emptiness' #4 'Staircase' #5 'Sinking feeling' #6 'Blue windows' #7 'Impressive architecture' #8 'Kitchen' #9 'Thats some landing' #10 'Grandiose' #11 'Steps' Thanks for looking in.
  11. Evening all, First post in a while as I usually come back from tour and bounce around from one location to another so never finish a set more or less straight away. I tend to edit as I go and only upload a few everyday. This place was the last stop of the tour before we flew home. Deep out in Luxembourg and following some dodgy co-ords we managed to get here thanks to some help from fellow explorers. It was worth the 80 mile diversion just to get into this place. Not to mention walking through deep forest and in hot afternoon sun the day before. We gave up first time while gathering some info and spent the night close by in the hotel with the plan to do this as the last and 12th stop of the tour. We had over 2 hours left to do this so the three of us systematically went from room to room and revisited bits until we finished just in time to leave and drive the 40 miles to Luxembourg airport. Without giving away any details, I can't really comment on this place as I know no history. Anyway, on with the photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 There are a few more to be added via the usual channels but these were the main ones I wanted to share on this particular report.... Thanks for looking in.
  12. Seven of us left England very early in the morning! Still cannot believe we got seven blokes, camera gear and “overnight bags†into a Zaffira ! A race across France and into Belgium..suspiciously eyeing the weather after each kilometre..yes there was snow on the ground.. Armed with many satellite navigational aids “Google Maps†managed to deliver us to our destination..well..almost..it was the hill on the other side of the valley! After a hysterical climb up the hill and then down it and then up the other side we finally managed to spot the tower of the Chateau through the trees. A quick walk round the building and we found our entry point..albeit a little smelly..clearly the custodian of Noisy does not want people in there..the rotting carcass of a dead deer is a little much on the stomach even for a bunch of seasoned explorers. Still we were in! Briefly ! After rattling off a couple of shots of the main staircase the lunatic gamekeeper trolled up in his Landover and started unlocking the main front door..we scarpered up onto the first floor landing whilst some of our party headed back for the basement!...the dam dogs sniffed us out and then the fun really began! There is a video of the on-going embarrassing escort off the premises somewhere on the web… He never found the rest of the crew hiding in the basement or the Germans hiding in the upper parts! Our first explore in Belgium…what a welcome! I mainly just got pics of the fabulous staircase..or what's left of it ! The Main Staircase.. Nothing like a good erect column ! Such beauty in decay.. You should never forgot to look up when exploring ! That's one very cool ceiling (apologies for the "urbex ghosts" in the pic ) As I said..one very brief visit..never even got a pic of the outside
  13. Like I said before, sometimes you want to do a nice write-up on a location, but you simply can't, as it would instantly give away the location. This is one of those locations. It has quite an amazing history, but I can't say to much about it. This chateau has been empty for over 10 years now, but strangely enough, power water and gas are still turned on. Which is a bit weird, as the alarm itself is disabled... As far as I can tell, I've only been the second person who actually managed to explore this one and it simply was an amazing explore. Let's go on with the pic's, as there's not much more i can share in terms of history: 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 12# 13# 14# 15# 16# 17# 18# 19# Thanks for watching and comments will be appreciated, as always!! :tr The rest of the set can be found on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbexosaurus/sets/72157633098175558/
  14. Right before I get to bed, heres a small set from last trip to Belgium. Nice people left the door of this magnificent place wide open, what was inside was a shame as I've seen better photos of this place in the past and its definately gone to ground. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Thanks for looking in.
  15. After a long 3 hour drive from Luxembourg, we arrived... she was stunning after a long walk the wrong a way, a little slippy getting in and a few funny stories to pot we where in..... Sadly no history to this glorious place, but from what i can see, it was quite a rich family with possibly a couple of servants, with a coach house which possibly where used for the horses and carriages, with a small workshop/garage in the basement of the building along side a wine cellar, but the main feature of this building is the oval skylight, which dominates the main hallway and lights up all 3 floors and the light bounces around the marble features, creating a light and airy feel to this grand building. Anyway, enough words i'll let you make your own decisions with the pictures as followed; Click here for more! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mperryphot ... 034499415/
  16. Another from the Belgium tour Loved this place, so picturesque !