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Found 61 results

  1. Deserted around 2008 judging by the calenders scattered around the kitchen area this former cottage lies within a small farm area, the name come from the several letters found inside addressed to a Ted Bear which were often signed off with your puss cat At a guess Ted Bear worked abroad judging by the paper work left.Slowly this place is getting vandalised by those who are local and are aware of the buildings existence. Visited with Dystopia, Stussy,projectmayhem
  2. A forlorn little place this. Built by the water board as part of a sewage works, which is no longer there. The last occupier probably lived there for quite some time and the house was put to auction in 2011 'needing complete modernisation'. Sold and caught fire within a week.
  3. ive been rather intrigued by this littleone for a long time..ide wander past several times last summer and have a little peek but could never really figure the place out...was some one living in it or not?? A closer peep a few weeks ago had me spinning on my head ( well you know what i mean ) Time to grab my besty PS and pay her a little more closer attention...we decided on the time and the was no stopping us...snow up to the top of my wellies my road blocked and it was truley perishing out... but the was no keepin PS in... i heard the familiar PEEP PEEP " get up T**T its splore time.. grin from ear to ear " and a barage of bashes on my door..it was four am and im pearing out the door at knee high snow hmmmm:) "Lets go!"!! Whoop! so here she is..... The seamstress's Cottage.... Over to PS now.....
  4. My weekend solo adventure consisted of around 12 reccys of various sites, so hopefully a couple new reports heading this way in the near future! I did manage to take a couple shots and this was a nice little surprise I've had my eye on for a while. This little row of two cottages sit on a busy main road, only managed to get pics of one cottage in the meantime, the second one was much more overgrown and will require a lot more protection from the bramble and rose bushes surrounding it. I did try but I was becoming concerned by blood loss Quickly got a external before being run over The little cottage consisted of only 4 rooms and a outhouse, so mostly just detail shots of some of the cool things I saw inside! I really like the plain old doors, almost simplistic The standard poodle Quite a few intersting bit n bobs left on the window sills Nice old bicycle Not entirely sure what this was, but its a Sobell Festival, and some fabulous wallpaper!! Bonny tiles for a kitchen, sadly these never got fitted Esquire Vacuum cleaner, was told once buy a cleaner these were fantastic! Bit of gardening anyone?? Hackney Carriages, not sure what this could have come from? Was really intrigued by this record player but have no idea of any maker or anything Thought it was bad luck to hang horse shoes, triple for this home Was a really pretty path and burn right behind the cottages that went round a nearby wood. Thanks for looking, I will be back again to find out what next door contains!!
  5. Hellooo... this was the second mad dash location explore I did on the Lincolnshire run a few weeks ago. I was solo unfortunately which means my imagination switches into overdrive when I hear every sound and I end up rushing around to get gone lol! Its been done pleanty before, started life as Tavern Black, converted into residential at some point during the 1970's I believe then formed part of the small holding and Farm Foods shop which is still on site. Other than that I dont have much in the way of history sorry. Thanks for looking.
  6. We slipped upon this little beauty while heading back from another explore, and Im glad we stopped the car, It another little treasure that was full of someones belongings, The building was literally crumbling beneath our feet
  7. Im sticking this up here because I loved it. Its gone now so dont get excited. This was one that myself and BIAA went nuts trying to find when it popped up, when BIAA did find it off her own back it was only a few miles from my mums house so I quickly arranged a visit down south. It was tiny in there, but full of character and trinkets-really sad that someones life was left behind. If you managed to see this then you were some of the very lucky ones. One of my all-time favourite explores. The pictures: Thanks for looking.
  8. Diary Keepers Cottage... Still cant quite believe I stumbled upon this little gem of a place!! Splored, as ever, with NK... Ill let the pix do the talking for this one... Thanks for lookin'
  9. Visited with one non member Hidden away in a country lane is this little gem full to the brim with personal treasures and memories. I spent hours looking through stuff and reading old letters from the 1920's onwards Some of the letters were so sad i shed a tear
  10. I nicknamed this "Squeal Like A Pig Cottage" because it seriously reminded me of a set from Deliverance A nice relaxed mooch with Skeleton Key, Bobo and J.R.Hartley
  11. The Diary Keepers Cottage.. Memories of my life has been Written upon pages of books, and the odd sheets of paper that I've scattered about To gather dust through the years. Thoughts that have great meaning To me; history that I share with humanity... all that I was and why; perhaps, all that I've become 'til now. Deeds in words come from my soul, With heartfelt expressions of my creativity... I share a moment of laughter...tear stains This portrait, I've painted unto an open diary...... A beautiful house left with nothing but its memories inside...Trunks and trunks full of diaries and sheets of paper all bound in brown paper and tied with string..diaries of a life time.. Splored with perjury saint..thumbs up for this one ide say, brilliant little find and throughly enjoyed..Hope you enjoy her as we did..... Trunks scattered here and there ..holding up beds..piled in corners..containing diaries of a womans life... no bearing on loaction just loved the writing...