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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, My first exploration : a sugar beet distillery closed since more than 40 years. Inside is empty except one piece of furniture down the stairs. I haven't climbed to the floors, holes in the roof since years ago and wooden floors dissuaded me. (PS : i hope my english is comprehensible) 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/
  2. no prefix for Majorca so went with Spain my annual family holiday wouldnt be the same without some kind of explore. Got in about 7am but by 8am the sun was so bright its blowing out a lot of the window shots (must get up earlier !!!) Lovely place and very different to anything I`ve done of late Cheers The Baron
  3. One of my favourite explores despite it's small size (we could only get in to one of the buildings). Visited with Revelation_Space back in July 2010. This place was demolished earlier this year and I believe they are building a new distillery on the site. "Just as the existing distilleries along the Spey helped justify the building of a railway, the building of a railway in turn helped justify the development of more distilleries. in 1897 land on the north bank of the river next to the existing Carron Station was used to build the ambitious Imperial Distillery, which also came complete with its own railway sidings. Imperial was expanded in 1965, but closed twenty years later in 1985. It then reopened in 1989, before being mothballed in 1998. Last time we visited, in mid-2005, the distillery had signs suggesting it was for sale as a development site. Imperial's problems were always its very large stills, meaning that it could not be operated very flexibly. It could either produce in large quantities or not at all: and sadly, it looks as though in future it will not be producing at all." Still had that lovely distillery smell in the building! Once again I forgot to take an external shot of the building. Couldnt resist checking out the Stills first. Fat Bottomed Under the stills had some nice lighting and some lovely Valve Handles Moving on to the other part of the building, came across this thing not sure what it was but i liked it. And some controls for the Mash Tun and inside the Mash Tun itself, I had a fear of this turning on whilst being in it! There wasn't much else to see so here's a picture of some playing cards and dead bats in a sink in the Kitchen.