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Found 262 results

  1. Evening all, A very brief stop in a small village in France. Not much here but the stairs. Don't know anything about history but it was only a stop if we were close by. The full set of photos below #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Thanks for looking in.
  2. For bunker fans only really..paid a visit after doing another fag run to Belgium.. The Blockhaus d'Éperlecques is a Second World War bunker, near Saint-Omer in the northern Pas-de-Calais département of France and was built by Nazi Germany under the codename Kraftwerk Nord West (Powerplant Northwest) between March 1943 and July 1944,and was originally intended to be a launching facility for the V-2 (A-4) ballistic missile. It was designed to accommodate over 100 missiles at a time and to launch up to 36 daily. The facility would have incorporated a liquid oxygen factory and a bomb-proof train station to allow missiles and supplies to be delivered from production facilities in Germany. It was constructed using the labour of thousands of prisoners of war and forcibly conscripted workers used as slave labourers. The bunker was never completed as a result of the repeated bombing by the British and United States air forces as part of Operation Crossbow against the German V-weapons programme. The attacks caused substantial damage and rendered the bunker unusable for its original purpose.The bunkers` true purpose was not actually discovered until after the war,and is today privately owned. After a walk round a long path taking in various guns and bombs etc,we first glimpse the bunker..its huge! It certainly is a biggun eh..the slave labour used in the building of this worked 12 hour shifts round the clock The pipe ducts were to be used for the liquid oxygen facility which was housed inside the bunker When the English and Americans unleashed their Tallboy Earthquake bombs they all hit the barely set concrete of the train station..this is all that remains of one track The second track faired a little better,but the bombing rendered the Bunker almost uselesss.. This drawing kinda helps with the layout..the bunker largely escaped the Tallboys,but the wrecked Train station meant supplies were halted A smaller bomb caused a large hole which to this day still has the debris underneath in a waterlogged pit..you can see the reflections of the hole Another helpful drawing This was used to lift the concrete up onto barrows on rail track,then moved on into the bunker for pouring Train station entrance/exit..see how the roof was shattered by the bombing You can see just how the bombing collapsed the station One entrance into the service hall..guess whats next.. V2 Its reflection in the deep well below Imagine these Tallboys raining down..effective! Well,it is France.. The south side now..the control room would have been front centre facing each launch pad And finally,a V1..also quite nasty with a 160 mile range and warhead of 1,900lbs of lovelyness..not I think its safe to assume,if the Germans had gotten this monster production plant up and running,there would have been 36 V2`s winging their way to the UK per day,which may well have tilted the outcome of the War.
  3. Hello! This was the first stop on the trip. After finding this place after some research in England we had this as priority! It was a rather busy place when we was there. Great place to explore. One of a kind explore that I am sure I will never get the chance to experience again, well with a camera anyway! Bit of a heavy report but this place Thank You!
  4. Hi all, Another set finished and ready to report. Needs no introduction as you could say its a tourist one but a necessary one regardless of what you think. Everyone has to do this at some stage as its a fantastic place. Usually you don't see many other shots from here bar the carpet and "that balcony" but on closer inspection, there are some other photos to be had here. We arrived here in the dead of night after eating in a small pizza restaurant on the outsskirts and in the rain and with our entrance, got slightly soaked. Thankfully, a change of clothes and was quite a warm night so no real issues in freezing or being uncomfortable for an overnight sleep. The guys who were here a week before us had the pleasure of a Saturday morning with about 20 others, everyone was queuing to do the same shots and the place was rife with explorers. We were expecting the same on a rainy Saturday morning when we got up around 5:30 but thankfully, had the place to ourselves for the few hours we had here. As I said before, its been done and done and then done again by a lot of people but still has to be done while it remains in this condition. On with a few photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 Thanks for looking in.
  5. My take on Prison 15H and from what I gather there is going to be a fair few from this place coming to a forum near you Soon! Thanks to Phantom Bish and Camera shy for the Intel. Cheers guys. Seems we where out the same weekend as Mr Bish but missed him by a day.. Early morning start and a Euro tunnel trip purely to do this place and then home intime for tea..This is an advantage of living 45 mins from the Euro tunnel, met many euro explorers while in the place and some well kitted up graffers on the way out.,Other than that no problems where had,even the Gypo colony in the car park wasn’t an issue.. Enough bollox from me and here’s 15 of the 230 odd I took 60% of them I was happy with but no one wants to see a apic heavy report of the place!! Explored with Sx-riffraff,Obscurity,Spaceinvader and Urban Ginger
  6. Our first stop on our little wander across France and Belgium this weekend…after waking up the small village of sleeping Romanians parked in front of the place we thought we’d better make ourselves scarce! After a lovely walk in the sunshine we found our entry point! Easy this Urbex lark ! After 20 minutes of acting like a bunch of newbies ….first rule of urbex…always check to see if the bloody enormous door staring you in the face is open..we climbed rather unceremoniously in through a small window ! The place is huge! ..lots to see and lots of people to get in your shot ! It’s urbex central this place! Won’t bore you with the rest…there will be a billion reports in the next few hours! If you want to do it..then do it quick.. Here are a few of my favourite shots …hope you like them. 1 . Entrance to a Life of Hell.. 2. the penthouse wing.. 3. corridors of light 4. the showers !! 5. all along the watch tower 6. peeling paint porn 7. a quick selfie…this part was my favourite.. 8. the secure and rather small exercise yard 9. arty POV shot… Thanks for looking !
  7. Afternoon all, Another one from the Lux, France and Belgium May tour. This abandoned Sanatorium in the mountains was abandoned but still had lights and heating and the generator was keeping the place going out the back. It just looks like the patients got up one morning, left and never returned. The trip to this was crazy, we left rather nice sunny climes and headed up into the mountains only to be faced with mist and remnants of snow on the roads and 30 miles of this to get to the place. Luckily, all passed without incident and was a newish building so less decay (probably want to keep it mint for future sale? - would make a nice hotel). There were a few other buildings on site but this was the main event and almost went before finding the nice old chapel at the end of a dark corridor. On with some photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 Thanks for looking in.
  8. Evening all, Slowly processing photos from two very recent euro trips. This one was visited as part of our mad 3 man and 3 country tour - Luxembourg, France and briefly, Belgium. This place in France was an abandoned Catholic school and I don't really have any further information or history apart from, like many locations over the pond, was easy and relaxed and meant we spent a good few hours here. The light was rubbish as we briefly had rain and this made for dull light and longer exposures. For those who I have been out with, I like to keep my ISO low and aperture reasonably small even though shooting full frame Canon doesn't give much grain on a high ISO. So sometimes my longer exposure is the higher end of the scale. Luckily, we had plenty of time as it was midday so took our time. There were a lot of empty rooms and plentiful stairs so it was a reasonably small set of photos. The others can be found on Flickr. On with some photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 Thanks for looking in.
  9. Evening all, Slowly getting through the European location sets and got another to share. This is known as Bureau Central and was our first stop when we left Luxembourg. The builders are in the grounds and there is a real hive of activity going on. We found a way in and spent a few hours here. There isn't much in the way of items left behind but just a real dark, atmospheric and beautiful architectural wonder of a building with a good strong familiar smell of decay. Minimal history on this one. Central Office was built in 1892 and was expanded in 1926 through the development of the company. This huge building was abandoned in 1986 following a merger between two leading companies in the steel industry in France. Some of the photos I've processed are below. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Cheers for looking in.
  10. I try to visit Adinkirke,Belgium every couple of months to stock up on the beer n fags like you do,and most times,I like to take a walk along the beech here to see Zuydcoote,and just sit and ponder.I actually found this Fort by accident using Google Earth and put in the co-ords,and found it one day..simples eh! Originally an 18th fortification,it was naturally occupied by the Jeermans as part of the Atlantik Wall..it was however destroyed by Canadian combat engineers in 1945.Today,the fort itself,is home largely to bats and local taggers,and sits atop the dunes overlooking the Channel. The big concrete structures were 18th century and would have sat on top of the dunes They have slid down onto the edge of the beach Almost like they fell out of the sky Up on top of the dunes now The fort itself now Finishing up in what must have been a kitchen maybe Obligatory shelter So that was Zuydcoote Batterie..a nice little amble along the beach
  11. Evening all, Another set more or less finished. No history to this and was a late addition to the game. Got this sorted day before we left so I only saw a few photos from here. A more or less bare chateau in pretty good condition from the outside but a bit rotten and a lot of supports to hold many floors up. Could say it was a little rickety in places so we proceeded with caution here. Was good for an hour or so. On with a few photos #1 'Grand Descension' #2 'Elegance' (EXPLORED) #3 'Beauty of emptiness' #4 'Staircase' #5 'Sinking feeling' #6 'Blue windows' #7 'Impressive architecture' #8 'Kitchen' #9 'Thats some landing' #10 'Grandiose' #11 'Steps' Thanks for looking in.
  12. After a long 3 hour drive from Luxembourg, we arrived... she was stunning after a long walk the wrong a way, a little slippy getting in and a few funny stories to pot we where in..... Sadly no history to this glorious place, but from what i can see, it was quite a rich family with possibly a couple of servants, with a coach house which possibly where used for the horses and carriages, with a small workshop/garage in the basement of the building along side a wine cellar, but the main feature of this building is the oval skylight, which dominates the main hallway and lights up all 3 floors and the light bounces around the marble features, creating a light and airy feel to this grand building. Anyway, enough words i'll let you make your own decisions with the pictures as followed; Click here for more! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mperryphot ... 034499415/